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#101 Old 21st Apr 2021 at 2:48 PM
Let's start in downtown.

Now that Lara Rodrigo is growing up, her parents (Isabel & Antonio) realize they must save up to buy a house, or at least rent a larger apartment. This one-bedroom one won't be enough very soon!
Fortunately Antonio just got promoted and they are saving up enough money for a little house.

Cute new couple in the main hood: Carmiña Blanco and Francisco Barroso.

So much for birthdays in the Rojas family: Rigoberto grew up, and so did Sara and Raquel.
The twins will leave the family house in the beginning of the next rotation, and since their relation is extremely good it makes sense they'll share a house.

Btw Raquel does not get along with Diana Pardo. And I have no idea why!

Another birthday: Salomón Herrera is a handsome green teenager.

And his father go abducted - again. But this time he did not return pregnant!
(Apparently nothing happened, which is one of the settings for BO mod, but for some reason also the saucer did not leave...)

Since the Rubio family is doing better, Ezequiel decided it's time to retire. Anyway he'll be helping Carlos & Mila with the business, so it's not a full retirement I guess.
Jana also got promoted, which means more money is coming in, so they'll be doing a-ok.

And Carlos just grew up - oh, that sweater!

Also I'm not entirely sure what happened between Rafael Rojas and his wife Josefa Santos.
He apparently feel out of love with that townie, she slapped the townie, and then they both were giggling like teenagers. Kinda crazy if you ask me.

And this is Daniel Miranda and Lidia Blanco, who are becoming good friends.

Yen Pardo & family bought a larger house!

And last but not least the Heredia family welcomes baby Elsa!
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#102 Old 1st May 2021 at 4:00 PM
Let's start with the Blanco family, there is so much happening there in this rotation!

Inés has so many lovers already that it was just natural that some of them got mad at her flirting habits - some slapping was to be expected!
Luckily for her, her husband was nowhere to be seen.

But if that lover won't enjoy my company anyomre, I will give a call to yet another one

Her father Ezequiel is quite a flirt too, and understands that life is not long enough for all the lovers they would like to meet - that is, unless you become a vampire!!!
So that's the two of them now.

In the meantime Lidia, the first of her three daughters, grew up. She decided she won't go to college, and she'll me moving out of home in the next rotation.
Her clothes style is so different but somehow I do like them for her.

But in such a house the night is anything but uneventful - and Inés' husband's abduction is just the sherry on top.
He returned pregnant - so we are expecting more children in this family afterwards!!

I finally decided to roll Ezequiel's LTW again. His dates are getting a bit boring, to be honest, so I decided it was time due to reroll so he will get a career related LTW and maybe leave his vampire state.

Next household: the Rojas family.
The twins left the house and took a bit of the family money. That was enough to buy them a little house, and they are living together there.
Because they both have works in their LTW careers, they'll probably focus on that for a while.

Back at the family home, both Rafael and Josefa grew up.
Rafael is also sick, let's see if he manages to get cured or gets worse.

Filomena Herrera grew up.

The Rubio family had a fire accident at their business, but even so the hard work they are doing is paying off.

Another birthday: Milagros Pardo is a teenager, and her T-shirt matches her eyes.
She's getting glasses though, hereditary eye issue.

And this young man is her cousin Hugo Roca.

And this are Lidia Barroso and Salomón Herrera, on a date. It wasn't terrific, but this may be an start?

Bad news for Yen Pardo, who got fired
At least her husband has a good job, but he's not getting any younger and they have a toddler now...

And three birthdays in the last household, the Hereday family: Antón & Josefa became children, Elsa a toddler.

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#103 Old 2nd May 2021 at 4:38 PM
In downtown, the Rodrigo family is doing quite well - Isabel even got a promotion - but the 1-bedroom apartment is definetely too small.
Little Lara is almost a child now, and Isabel would like to have another children... So they are getting everything ready so they can buy a house in the main hood.

Daniel Rubio and Dolores Pardo also live in downtown, in a larger and more luxurious apartment (with one main bedroom and a hidden study).
I thought they'd remain childless, but Daniel is having second thoughts (rolled a want) which means the situation might change.

First thing in the morning, Lidia Blanco left the family house and rented an apartment in downtown.

She has a decent job, but still it seemed that getting a roommate was a good idea. Funny though, he grew up into an elder in the very same day.

And once she's settled, why not have some fun? Oh, yeah, let's get serious with one of the guys she knows (I think his name is Javier).

Back in he Blanco house, Alfredo gave birth to not one but two alien children. Their names are Eligio and Carmelo.
Because the family tree would be rather complicated if Inés adopted them (they would be brothers of their own grandfather) they decided to keep it simple (for a lack of a better word). That's why they are using Alfredo's surname, Blázquez.

Carmiña is about to leave the house too, but in her case it's for going to college!

Apparently the flu is spreading in the Rojas household...

Alien boys are handsome. Period. And this is Salomón Herrera showing interest in Lidia Barroso

Not much happening in the Rubio or the Pardo family.

Diana Pardo grews up. She's an elder, and so is her husband Álex.
But Hugo is still a child, so it might get a little complicated for him in the future...

Francisco Barroso dating Sonia Rubio.

And his siblings Carlota and Christian growing up. They are all very handsome!

But they are not the only ones. Daddy is growing up too.
I had expected Juan to become a womanizer of sorts, but he's definetely been quite a family man after all.

Yen Pardo got a new job and she seems to be doing very well, so does her husband Julio.
And little Loli is growing up very well!

More teen love! These are Daniel Miranda and Manuela Blanco.

And the Rojas twins are having fun living on their own, but so far no romance on the near future.
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#104 Old 9th May 2021 at 11:15 AM
And finally the first college student of this generation.
Carmiña Blanco moved into a dorm, which is good for her social life, but as soon as she saves some money she'll be renting a little house.

This is Lara Rodrigo, growing up.
Her family lives in a 1-bedroom apartment, but now it's definetely not enough for the three of them. And since they have some money, they'll be moving into the main hood in the next rotation.

Also in downtown, Lidia Blanco lives happily on her own. Which does not mean she's always alone

Dolores Pardo and Daniel Rubio used to not care about children, but as they grew up they reconsidered it. And now they are trying - but no luck yet!

Now that Lidia and Carmiña Blanco left the family house, one would expect young Manuela to be her parents pet.
But maybe she won't, because of her two lovely twin half-brothers: Carmelo and Eligio are so cute!

The twins are also half-brothers of grandpa Ezequiel, but since he apparently means to remain young forever maybe they will eventually be as old as him

Rafael Rojas took a day off, and he stayed home with little Rigoberto - both sick with a fly which happily got cured in this rotation.

But not so happily it was time to say goodbye to grandma Paula Rojas.

Promotions abound in the Herrera family.
Salomón reached top level of the teen career in his LTW, which means he may choose to not got to college.

Marta also got a promotion, but it came at the price of an extreme exhaustion!

The Pardo family found yet another way to have fun in family

Jorge is doing very well, and he's about to go to college too. He's not the only one, Sonia Rubio (no pics) will go too, and they are likely to move into the same dorm as Carmiña.

His father, Joaquín Rubio, grew up just as he arrived from work - now he's an elder.

Prof. Álex Roca died of old age.

Her wife Diana Pardo is also an elder, and she just received a huge §60k bonus, so she decided it's time to retire and spend time with their young son Hugo. Before it's too late.

The Barroso family is doing quite well, both Mercedes and Juan got promoted.
Also young Lidia decided to go steady with Salomón Herrera

Another teen couple dating: Daniel Miranda and Manuela Blanco.

The Heredia family received a quite unwelcome visit!
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