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Hi everyone !

I've purchased the Sims 2 Super Collection on the Apple Store recently because I used to play TS2 when I was younger (on PC), then I tried TS3, didn't really liked them because it was new at the time so there weren't any CC yet, then I got older and forgot about the Sims... Now I'm back into it but I have no PC with Windows anymore (and though TS2 will stay a classic, I will not be buying a PC just for this), so I was wondering if the S2CI would work on a Mac ? I've looked into both the FAQ and the manual as well as in some of these threads but I can't see any questions about this anywhere. I guess since it's kind of recent that Aspyr adapted TS2 for Mac it might not work but ehh, I'll never know without asking. Thank you all in advance !
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I believe you need something called 'Mac Unpack'. Clean Installer doesn't work on Mac's.

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