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Default Looking for free resources
I am starting to get into designing female clothing with stencils on and want to use some custom materials. I cannot for the life of me find any royalty free or watermark free seamless textures. Every time I google for these I end up with shutterstock or similar images covered in watermarks.

Surely there must be some free resources for designers?

HELP !! :D
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Cgelves has many very realistic and beautiful seamless fabric textures. They're all made from images of real fabrics and tile perfectly.
They have cotton textures, floral textures, batiks, burlap, denim, camouflage, lace etc.
You can download them totally for free. Some even come with seamless fabric weave normal maps.

Download the textures here:
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You could always check out the variations of sites that we have here, it's also being checked for TOU reasons, so they should all be non-commercial friendly!
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