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Default Recategorizing wallpaper for "Wall Set" category
This may be a minor and silly issue, but I've been struggling with recategorizing some of the wallpapers from Dragon Valley (the greenish grimy ones) into the "Wall Sets" catalog category.
I cloned one of the castle mural bits that came with Generations, whose CWAL states that it's included in the Miscellaneous_Miscellaneous and WallSets_CeilingTile categories.
Another Late Night wallpaper that similarly appears under "Wall Sets" has the WallSets_CeilingTile flag enabled.

Yet, changing the flags to WallSets_CeilingTile (or both that and Misc_Misc) for the Dragon Valley wallpaper only makes it visible in the "Miscellaneous" category in the catalog.

Are there any other flags that need to be changed, or any other things that should be modified? I know I could just clone a wallpaper and replace the images, but I'm lazy to do all that curious why this is happening Any ideas?

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