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Thank you both, encouragement is nice when my resolve to finish starts to flag after the umpteenth lot I've built.

Here's a little something I built on a whim last night:

The Noubliette (Nerd Shop)
Still a little fine tuning to be done, but this is the basic look.

And here are two more service sims:

Mike Whippet and Sunny Smythe
These two will handle repairs around town - like the others, they'll adopt this look as their work outfit, rather than the default overalls.

... and a 'dead' sim, at this stage, the only ghost inhabiting the cemetary:

The Guardian
I got this idea after I read about a ghost called the 'graveyard guardian', who was said to be the spirit of the first person buried in a particular graveyard and who protected it from evil spirits.

Heaven's Peak, my CAW WIP
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Wow, the Noubliette is extraordinary! This might be the first thing I've seen in TS3 that actually uses an octagon (or in this case, "stellated octagon") to good effect. The exterior and roof lines, and the glass-and-black look, are really strong and make it a kind of Temple of Geekdom. Also the interior looks like it will be Sim-friendly, with good space to play and to move around. This building would make a splendid upload on its own. It does for neighborhood game arcades what the USAF Cadet Chapel in Colorado Springs does for military chapels.
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Awe! The Noubliette! How adorable!

I personally love all the sims you've been creating. All very fitting for their roles and the stories you've made for them. The outfits and the looks you capture are awesome It's all starting to fall into place dear. All your extremely hard work is coming together! I'm SO excited for you!
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So now, continuing with lots and sims being built, here is what I've done in the last day or so:

Fallowmere Ranch
Fallowmere Ranch used to be the heart of the community when horse ranching was the focus of the town. Nowadays, it's little more than a ruin slated to be knocked down and replaced with another pretentious modern home on Stony Ridge. It's just the right size for the smaller equestrian center rabbithole though (you need moveobjects on to place it, but once you do, it's completely usable), so if anyone were to decide that horse ranching was going to make a comeback, they have a site to get them started ...

Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro runs the barista at Old Man Evergreen's market and is good friends with both Red and Dean. He's known as an exceptional cook and almost as well known for making passes at whoever happens to catch his eye.

Dana Packett
Ruler of the Noubliette, Dana is the town seer on all that is nerdy, geeky or beyond the ken of socially 'normal' people to comprehend.

Heaven's Peak, my CAW WIP
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These places and people are lovely. Janet is into coffee all of a sudden for some reason.
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