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Default Chapter 2.05: Again - Reception Continued

"Moving on, that guy right there, is Agnes', the blonde we just talked about, ex boyfriend."
Holly laughed, "He didn't cheat on her or anything, just kinda broke her trust."
"What he do?"
"Oh let's just say he indirectly caused this wedding today," she laughed.
"And the cute red head?"
"She is Frida Goth, the sister of Gunther Goth, she's new she just arrived in Bridgeport. That's all she'd be known for if it wasn't for that certain scandal. You could say she's the principle reason why Gunther is in jail."

"Ah my grandparents, well that's my grandpa and that's my step... step grandmother."
"She's Nancy's step mom."
"Oh okay, the two of them look happy also."
"Between you and me, if Sal never married Elena, and she never married Chester and now dating Malcolm Senior, they would totally get together."
"Seriously," he laughed.
"Yeah, I love them though, best grandparents."

"Last but not least, Parker and this mystery girl," said Jonathan.
"That mystery girl is my cousin, Jennifer Van Lue, she's the daughter of my uncle Angelo and some dutch model, beautiful isn't she?"
"I'm sensing... a tinge of jealousy?"
"She's the standard I was always measured by, it got really annoying very fast, and her attitude doesn't help much either..."
"And now she's dancing with Parker, the guy you like..."
"I don't know what to say, we just admitted our feelings for one another and then she just strolls in and mucks everything up, apparently she was the one he met while he was in Europe, small world, and while he says he doesn't feel much for her, she certainly doesn't think that."
"So what are you going to do?"
"I don't know, I wonder if it's even worth it anymore, she's here to stay, and so it's yet another thing that's keeping us apart..."

"Hey if you don't wanna talk about it it's okay."
"Yeah... why would you want to hear me talk about Parker and Jennifer anyways," she chuckled.
"I like hearing you talk."
He smiled at her, and she smiled back.
"Hey if it's alright with you, can I show you something?"
"Something really nice okay, just come with me."
"Were leaving the wedding?"
"Trust me... it's gonna be worth it."

"Is this what you've resorted to Vita?1 Attacking people!" exclaimed Illiana.
"She's a crazy psycho who needs to be locked up! Call the police!" screamed Sheena.
"You deserved it you two-bit scheming wretch!"
"Scheming!? Excuse you Vita but you were the one who messed with Goth Enterprises and ruined my career! If I'm guilty of anything it's revealing to everybody what a manipulative lying piece of scum you are!"
"Shut up!" Vita screamed and she lunged towards Sheena trying to attack her once more. Illiana pushed back against Vita blocking her.
"Vita! Vita stop it!" she screamed struggling to hold back Vita.
"Where is the police! I want to press charges! I want to see her behind bars!"
"Sheena that's a bit much," Illiana stated.
"A bit much?" Martin responded. "This woman attacked my wife, I don't think calling the police is a bit much I think that's the law!"

"What the hell's going on in here?!" Nick asked. "What's with all the commotion!?"
"Ask your crazy ex-wife!" spat Sheena.
"Vita? What's going on?"
"She attacked Sheena," Illiana said, after noticing Vita was not going to respond. "I came in just in time to break it up."
"What?!" Nick asked bewildered. "Vita?! What the hell is wrong with you?!"
"What's wrong with me?! What's wrong with you Nick?! Acting all high and mighty, thinking you're better than everyone!"
"She's been drinking," Nancy said.

"No Nancy I can control my business unlike you who couldn't even control her husband!"
"You lost yours stupid!" Sheena screamed.
"Okay that's enough!" Nick shouted, glaring at Sheena and Vita. "Vita! You promised you wouldn't make a scene remember! Why are you doing this!?"
"Well I broke it," she laughed. "I am the monster right? I am the lying manipulative bitch right? So why trust me? And you know what Nick you were once that type of person as well, in fact I think you still are, why I remember the days we plotted to get Nancy over there fired-"
"That was a long time ago Vita," Nick interrupted. "Things changed."
"That's right, you've managed to alienate me from the whole damn town!"
"You did that yourself Vita!" Nick yelled.
"Where is the police? Can you call them Martin?"
"Really?! I made a mistake Nick one mistake!"
"One?! You interfered with our business proposal, lied about it, kept me and Nick fighting, and then you went and leaked the fraud to the media when Nick told that to you in secret!" Nancy exclaimed.
"Stay out of this Nancy! You may be wife number two but I'm still and always will be his first! And that's what matters!"
"Don't talk to her like that Vita!"
"People make mistakes Nick! I was such a devoted wife to you I did everything to make sure you got ahead at Goth Enterprises! And what do I get out of it?! Hung out to dry by the very one I did all of this for!"
"Vita that's not-" Nick stopped halfway through his sentence, he clenched his teeth as he became very frustrated with Vita. He grabbed her by the arm and proceeded to pull her away from the group.

As Illiana watched Nick drag Vita away she turned her attention to a very flustered Nancy.
"Are you okay?" she asked.
"Yeah, yeah I... kinda was preparing for something like this to be honest."
"Why is she even here?" Illiana asked.
"Nick wanted her here, I didn't object he said she'd handle herself."
"Clearly she didn't, and I'm the one who suffered. The police should be on their way and I'm going to make sure she's behind bars, the only thing Vita has left is her job and well that's about to be ripped away, like everything else."
"Sheena she's down for the count, there's no need to continue to kick her while she's down," Nancy said.
"An eye for an eye Nancy, she took my job so I'm going to take hers."
"I'm so sorry something like this happened today Nancy, and everything was going so perfect," Illiana said.
"It's okay, I just hope she doesn't try and pull anything with Nick..." Nancy said, staring at the direction Nick and Vita went.

"This has got to stop!" Nick exclaimed quietly. "You're embarrassing yourself!"
"What does it matter to you Nick!? I'm not your wife you don't care!"
"I do care! Doesn't the fact that I invited you show that!?"
"It merely means you just want to gloat!"
Nick groaned and looked around, "What have I won Vita? What do I have to gloat about?"
"The fact you're able to move on so quickly Nick!" Vita exclaimed.
"Vita I've... loved Nancy for a very long time, and you're machinations merely helped me see that. But know this, that I didn't marry you because you came from a wealthy family or that you were a politician, I married you because I fell in love with you... and I continued to love you while we were married, I raised a daughter with you! A beautiful girl who was devastated by our divorce! But what you did... what you did hurt me so deeply... you were the only one I could trust... the only one I could share my secrets with... and you turned around and betrayed me... as if our marriage didn't even matter-"
"I did it for you!" her voice began to crack
"No you didn't Vita admit it! You did it for yourself... and because of that I just couldn't... be with you anymore, I couldn't trust you anymore! For nights Vita, for nights! I laid in my bed wondering how you could do that to me... you claimed it was for my own benefit but than why did it hurt so much...? Answer me Vita why did it hurt so much if all was for me?!"

Vita let out a sob, she closed her eyes and looked to the ground, refusing to answer.
"Vita, were broken up, but I still care about you, and watching you self-destruct like this... hurts me Vita... it hurts me! Years and years of care doesn't just go away Vita, and I don't want to see bad things happen to you! I want to see you move on, I want to see you pick up the pieces and get your life back on track I want to see the woman I fell for... re-marry and live life again, finding happiness with someone else... like I have..."
"I'm sorry," she said, opening back her eyes and looking straight into Nick's. "You're right..." she waited a few moments before composing herself. "I was selfish, I hated seeing you and Nancy working together, I wanted you to be the sole VP of Goth Enterprises so that... my image would be boosted... and it seemed as if you gave up on our fight, as if you compromised... and it was just too much..."

"I'm sorry Nick... and for so long I wanted to say that to you."
"And today?"
Vita chuckled, "I wasn't planning on fighting anyone it's just Sheena she... I'm sorry for what I said, and what I said to Nancy I was just angry and upset and I felt abandoned-"
"You're not abandoned! I may have gone a bit over board with the divorce demands but I was mad! We have a daughter so we will always be connected Vita, I'm not going to abandon you."
"Thank you... it means a lot to hear you say that..."
"Come here," Nick said and he hugged Vita. "Don't go soft on me now though, you're a character, and one of the best."
Vita did a half chuckle and half sob, some tears rolling down her cheek. She rested her head on Nick's shoulders and closed her eyes.

If you were to ask me if I believed things happened for a reason... my response would be... without a doubt... yes...

You see maybe we go through all these things that happen to us in life, so that it leads us to that one special person who will make us happy... and keep them in our lives. It may be someone we never expect, someone we do expect, someone we don't know, or someone we've known our entire life. And if asked if we'd do it all over again, if nothing was changed, what would be our answer?

We'd do it all over again, because all it takes is one change and suddenly...

You've lost it all.

"It's beautiful here..."

"Bridgeport's a beautiful city..."

"Deja vu," Holly chuckled.
"Nothing," she said with a small laugh. "It's nothing."
"Wanna sit down?" he asked turning around.

"Yeah," she responded with a smile. The both of them sat down where they were and just looked out, a few moments of silence passing them by.
"You like it?" Jonathan asked, breaking the silence.
"I do... how do you know about this spot it's... amazing..."
"I just know my way around that's all."
"Yeah but you're new here," she laughed.
"I learn fast."
They both shared a laugh.
"Thank you."
"Taking me out here, for showing me this."
"It's no problem, you looked like you needed it to tell you the truth."
"Yeah... I haven't stargazed in so long I remember my first time... it helps... you to relax and clear your mind..."
"So that making decisions aren't quite as hard anymore."
"Like this?"

"Like that," Holly laughed.

"Look, a shooting star." Holly said pointing to the starry sky.

"Make a wish."
"I did."
"What did you wish for?"
"If I tell you it won't come true," she laughed.
"You can tell me, I promise, it'll still come true, in fact I'll do whatever it takes to make sure it comes true."

"I wish... for... to be..."

"That's easy..."

"I think I'm falling for you Holly Alto."

But there's always a but...
"Mom? What is it?" Nancy asked, seeing Jesse come in through the mirror's reflection.

"First off, I just want to congratulate you, it went off without a hitch."
"Well there was a slight bump but... yeah, it was everything i dreamed."
"Good, I'm so glad to hear it... you look so stunning."
"I've heard that so many times today," she laughed.
"I know... but there's something I wanted to speak to you about."

"Nancy, Nick needs to know, he's your husband now and you can't start this marriage off on secrets."
"I know... which is why I've hired a P.I."
"A P.I?"
"He's going to find him, and I'm going to find out where he is."
"What are you going to do when you find him?"
"I don't know mom," Nancy exclaimed. "What if he grew up in poverty? What if he had a hard life, what if he's suffering!? It'll be because of me and I can't face him if that'll be the case."
"I don't want to be apart of his life now mom... not after I abandoned him... I can't have another son hating me."
"Malcolm doesn't hate you... and I don't know what you're other son has gone through but you have to take this chance Nancy, you need to know... and so does he... When are you going to tell Nick?"
"When we find him, I don't want Nick being bothered by this so early in our marriage, he already has a lot to deal with with finding work and all, I don't want him wondering about the son he never knew about... So when the P.I finds where he is then I'm going to tell him..."

"I hope this all works out for you Nancy... I really do..."

"So do I..."

There are always those at the other end... those who look back and regret the decisions they made in the past... decisions that ruined their life... and wish they could find some way to change it...

Unfortunately for Cornelia Goth, that was impossible... and things were about to get much, much worse...

"Mrs. Goth, it is Dr. Peters."
"Oh hi, how are you?"
"I'm good, I'm sorry to be calling you so late but I felt I really needed to tell you this."
"What is it?"
"What was that?" Cornelia asked regarding the strange noise on the phone.
"I don't know, it's not on my end," the doctor responded.
"It's not important what did you find out?"
"The reason why you're not feeling well lately Cornelia is because... you're 3 months pregnant."
Cornelia's jaw dropped and she slowly turned around to look at the bottle of champagne she just drank.

The champagne isn't something you should be worried about Cornelia

It's the girl with the devil on her back that's going to do the damage...

Sorry long wait once again but I hope you enjoyed it.
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I have a good feeling that Frida is the one starting all the problems with Cornelia and Mortimer and luckily Tamara didn't show up at Nick and Nancy's wedding.
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Poor Cornelia, she is just a hot mess. Didn't surprise me that she didn't show up to the wedding because of her affair with Geoffrey and the fight that happened between Vita and Sheena as well. I can only Imagine what would have happened if Tamara showed up
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So when is the next segments coming out?
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Default Chapter 2.06: A Wolff of a Divorce
One gigantic apology, I'm sincerely sorry I've ignored this for so long.

Divorce is a nasty thing isn't it? Two people who once loved each other splitting up and battling for the things they once shared. It's hard to watch as this former coupe could be your neighbor, friend, or relative... but for the Wolff's... those watching on could only feel sadness for what they went through, and can only hope that the two of them reach an agreement in a civil and responsible manner...

"Right sorry about that," Trenton said taking a seat. "Shall we get started?"
"Took you long enough buddy," Thornton said.
"Thornton, please. What are the terms you are asking for?" Aja, Thornton's lawyer stated.

"Well my client would like a little more than half from the sale of the home in Sunset," Trenton said flipping through some papers. "And the proceeds from the artwork sold that were in the home..."
"Those were my art pieces that I bought and... I did pick out the house," Morganna interrupted.
"But you didn't pay for it!" Thornton exclaimed.
"You had no appreciation for art-!"
"Thornton please!" Aja said touching Thornton's hand. "Anything else."
"Ummm..." Trenton continued looking through papers. "The art gallery that is owned between my client and yours... my client does not wish to acquire it and can go into the possession of Mr. Wolff."
"What?!" Thornton exclaimed.
"Okay, well here are our terms," Aja said.

"Mr. Wolff takes the house, everything in it, the assets, the cars, everything."
"And what am I left with?!" Morganna asked annoyed.
"Nothing," Thornton said with glee.
"Well actually... you'd have the gallery."
"I'm not agreeing to that in fact it's worse than what I brought to the table!"
"Well Morganna I hired an accountant to look at all our financial statements and you didn't give a dime for the house or its furnishings!"
"We worked together! I was the one who had to go shopping and house hunting all by myself!"
"And what did I do?! I worked my ass off so that we could pay for all that! And then you went off and bought some useless art putting us into debt, worst you bought that art gallery that neither of us wants!"
"Okay let's all be civil here," Trenton said. "These things happen, so we have negotiations like these to... sort this all out."

"I'm taking him to court," Morganna said to her lawyer.
"What?! On what grounds!"
"Adultery! I'm divorcing you because you cheated on me Thornton!"
"What in the world... what!?"
"With Jamie Jolina."
"I actually... have on record..." Trenton said pulling up another paper. "Morganna telling me of a... Ms. Jolina... and her... dealings with Mr. Wolff."

"This is outrageous! I never cheated on her with Jamie! The only affair I did have was with Tamara Donner but me and Morganna worked that out! That was way before she decided to go through with the divorce-!"
"Okay that's enough Thornton," Aja whispered trying to get Thornton to calm down. "Mrs. Wolff... you just can't go around making these sorts of claims-"
"It's not a claim it's the truth, and Thornton knows it! That's why he doesn't want me to go to court, because he knows he'll lose, and I'll get everything."
"You are out of your mind Morganna you know that!"
"Morganna, are you sure you want to take this to court, I'm sure we can reach some form of agreement with Mr. Wolff concerning the assets."
"No Trenton, this is what I want to do. I want everything, I put so much into this marriage, and I want my hard work paid back to me in full!"
"This is un-believable!" Thornton yelled getting up from his seat. "She's lying! She's a liar!"
"Thornton please sit down," Aja said calmly.
But Thornton stormed out of the room in a rage. Aja quickly got up and followed him.
"Well that went well,"Morganna said to Trenton.

"Thornton! Thornton!"
"What?!" he yelled spinning around.
"Listen to me you need to settle down!"
"She's taking me to court Aja!"
"Over a lie!"
"Yes exactly! Over a lie! And if she goes to a judge and blabs out that lie I'll lose everything because I was the one who cheated!"
"Not without proof Thornton! What proof does she have?!"

"I dunno! I dunno what would possess her to come up with a story like that!"
"How about this Jamie Jolina? Do you think Morganna will go to her to get her to testify in court that you two had an affair?"
"First of all no because nothing happened between us... well maybe when I and Morganna separated but that doesn't count! And second Jamie hates Morganna, there's no way in hell she'd cooperate with her!"
"Then you have nothing to worry about Thornton. If she's stupid enough to take you to court with no proof of her claim it's gonna turn into a he-said she-said, and the judge will throw the case out."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm positive, Thornton, you have nothing to worry about. As long as Jamie Jolina does not testify in court, you will be fine."

But who are we kidding, things are never that way in this town.

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

"Hey guys can I get your attention! Guys, can you take a break from your game and look at me."
Blair stepped out of the washroom and jumped slightly upon looking at Stiles and Zelda Mae. Cyclone and Damian both stopped and turned around to face the duo.
"Hope you weren't vomiting in the washroom again Blair."
"Shutup Cyclone," she replied.
"Everyone I'd like you to meet our newest roommate..."

"Zelda!?" Blair exclaimed.
"Blair?" Zelda responded. "You live here too?"
"You two know each other?" Stiles asked.
"Yeah we work together at Goth Enterprises," Zelda laughed. "Wow, what a small world, my co-worker is now my newest roommate."
"Oh wow... small world indeed..."
Stiles took Zelda's hand, "Well to the other two, this is Zelda Mae, our fifth roommate. Were back to being the Roomies again," he laughed.

"Oh are you two... together?" Damian asked pointing out Stiles and Zelda's hand holding.
"Yeah well... we met when I performed at the club that night and she just loved us, even hooked us up with a guy who could get us more gigs and ever since then we've just been talking."
"And... I did leave my sister's house and I needed a place to stay and he offered that there was one vacancy here so I leaped at the opportunity."
"So you two are dating?" Blair asked.
"Yes," they both replied in a smile, they looked at each other than kissed.
"Well I'm going to show her the rest of the apartment," Stiles.
"It was nice meeting you guys, I know it's just going to be so much fun living with you guys," Zelda said enthusiastically, and her and Stiles left the room.
"It's going to be a whole lot of drama now that were back to 5 again," Cyclone mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Damian asked.
"Our previous roommate was a psycho-path, who tried to kill another one of our roommates, and Blair and Stiles used to date but it ended very mess-"
"Cyclone!" Blair interrupted spinning around. "Shutup!"
"I wanna hear!" Damian said.
"It's going to be fine were all going to get along very well!"
"Really? Last I checked you and Stiles were still on the rocks, and now that he's dating your co-worker I'm sure that's going to be a major source of tension around here."
"I'm fine with them dating!"
"Really Blair I can read you like a book. You're not fine," he stated. "Come my young friend, you have lots to catch up on for the Roomies household history," he joked, motioning for Damian to follow as he walked out of the room.
"Don't forget to go into details on you and Emma and Ayesha!"

Some time later...

"Morganna!? You did what!?"
"I know I know I just... I panicked."
"So you made up some outrageous claim and now you're taking him to court!"
"Who's side are you on Blair?!"
"Quite frankly neither! Morganna, both of you went through an extremely tough time dealing with the miscarriage, you each dealt with it in your own ways, which, conflicted and that is what I think was the leading factor in you going for the divorce but for you to turn it into this... what are you going to do?"
Morganna sighed, and then looked at Blair with a stern look.

"I'll get proof."
Blair laughed, "But Morganna it didn't happen."
"You don't know that! Him and Jamie got awfully close and I know she's been eyeing him even when we were married! And how quickly they got together when we separated..."
Blair sighed and shook her head, "Oh my god... so what are you going to do?"
"I'm going to confront Jamie."
Blair's eyes widened. "Don't tell me you're going to try and force her to testify in court?"
"That's exactly what I'm going to do!"
"What Blair I don't have any other options! Thornton is going to take everything if I don't do something!"
"You don't know that! Why don't you two just negotiate or something why are you going to such drastic lengths!?"

"You're one to talk about drastic lengths Blair."
"Okay fine, dropping that subject. In other news, found out who's our newest roommate."
"Zelda Mae."
"Doesn't she work with you? And I thought she was living with Illiana Langerak?"
"Yep she does, and I thought so too, she says how she decided to move out but from what I've heard from another source, those two got into a huge fight."
"Interesting... I wonder if it has anything to do with her and Dustin splitting up..."
"I don't know, just tons of drama all over and get this... her and Stiles are dating."
"What?! That's so random."
"I know exactly, but whatever, they can do whatever they want."
"You're not upset about this?"
Blair looked at Morganna for a few moments collecting her thoughts, than responded, "I am. But I can't do anything about it... I just have to... let them be..."

"What the hell do you want?" Jamie asked bitterly.
"Hey Jamie, I was hoping we could talk..."
"After you kicked me out, no thanks."
"That wasn't my fault Jamie! You know Tamara was the one responsible for that she's blackmailing me!"
"I don't have time for this Thornton."
"Please Jamie I need to talk with you."
Jamie laughed, "What could you possibly want to talk about?"
"Can I come in?"

Jamie sighed and opened the door for him, looking at the clock and then leading him through the house.
"You don't have long, if my parents come home and find you here they're gonna kill you, they don't think to fondly of you," she chuckled.
"Don't worry I don't plan on staying long."

"So spit it out," she said once they reached the dining room.
"Morganna might come to you and ask you to testify in court."
Jamie laughed, "About what?"
"That we had an affair during my marriage to her."
Jamie rolled her eyes heavily and let out a chuckle, "Is she crazy?"
"I dunno, I dunno if she's bluffing or if she has something to implicate me-"

"Implicate nothing was done Thornton! Sure we fooled around but that was after the separation! Where's she going with this?!" Jamie exclaimed. "In any case what makes you think I'd even help that little witch?"
"Cause you're mad."
"That's true I am... so because of that... what are you going to do for me Thornton? If I help you what are you going to do? Because it's actually very easy for me to just go along with Morganna and screw you over like you screwed me."
"I didn't screw you over Jamie!"
"In any case I nearly didn't have a place to live thanks to you and my psychotic sister, if it wasn't for my parents I'd be out on the street!"

Thornton walked over towards Jamie and moved in close. "You do this and you can move back in with me."
"Please Thornton that's hardly-"
"I know you want to," he said coming closer. "I want you back to, and I'll make that happen if you do this one thing for me."
Jamie let out a small gasp as Thornton leaned in close about to kiss her, then quickly pulling away grinning and turning to leave. Jamie quickly turned disappointed and marched after Thornton into the living room.

"And what about Tamara Thornton have you forgotten about her?! She IS living with you and at the moment is blackmailing you!"
"You don't worry about Tamara Jamie I'll handle her."
"Really? And how the hell are you going to manage to do that?"
"I'll think of something."
"You'll think of something? So in other words you don't have anything planned."
"Jamie," Thornton said calmly. "Don't worry, I'll deal with Tamara, all you have to be concerned with, is staying the hell away from Morganna... deal?"

"Alright Thornton... deal."

Blair, Blair Blair, when did you become so conniving?

Divorces are supposed to be between two parties and their lawyers, unfortunately for the Wolff's, Blair is about to throw a bomb into the mix, and not just any bomb...

"This should even out the playing field... here you go Morganna..."

She's throwing an A-bomb.

Morganna jumped at the sound that came from her computer. She turned around and walked over towards it.

"An email this late... who's this from... anonymous... what the hell who-"

"Oh my god... is that..." Morganna gasped. "Jamie and Landon!"

This divorce is about to get a whole lot complicated.

Ding dong

"Ugh, so early..."

"Morganna," Jamie stated disappointed as she opened her front door.
"Rise and shine sleeping beauty," Morganna beamed.
"Can I help you?" Jamie asked annoyed.

"Actually you can and that's why I came," she replied. "May I come in?" And not waiting for an answer she moved past Jamie into the house.
"Excuse me Morganna but this is my home don't you dare just walk in like that!"
"I can do whatever I want Jamie."
"Then I'm going to have to ask you to leave Morganna!"
"You didn't hear me out though."
"And I don't want to, now leave!"

Morganna chuckled, "So fierce and determined, no wonder you were able to go through with it."
"What are you talking about Morganna?"
"You're going to testify in court that you and Thornton had an affair during our marriage."
"You're deluded if you'd think I'd agree to that Morganna."
"Maybe, but I think you'll comply."
"And why the hell is that?"
Morganna spun around and took out a CD from her pocket, "Because of this."

"What is that?" Jamie asked.
"Footage... of you whoring yourself out to Landon Admas."
Jamie gasped, "How did you..."
"I know, and judging from your expression well... I have you now. So unless you don't want this getting out Jamie, you're going to testify in court against Thornton, or you risk losing everything it's up to you."
"You bitch..."
Morganna laughed, "Call me whatever you want Jamie but you're the whore that slept with a man for money, let's not forget that."

"So I'll be taking my leave now, keep in touch, I'll let you know when the court date is."

"Wow..." Zelda said.
"I can't believe I'm living like this, a hot top in a penthouse suite," Zelda laughed. "Making out with a hot guy."
"Enjoy it, it's all yours."
"Well thankfully I'm able to repay you back when you start doing more gigs and you become much more prominent."

"And I guess I'll have to find other ways to thank you for that."

"Ugh... disgusting..."

"Hank... what are you up to?"
"Nothing much Blair why?"
"Wanna... wanna hang out today, I just want to get out of the penthouse and do something with somebody."
"Yeah! Yeah I'd love that, I mean I love Luke and all but watching him all the time like this can be a handful," Hank laughed.
"Oh you're watching him?"
"Don't worry, we have an on call nanny," he laughed. "As soon as she comes I'll meet you over at the parks close to my place."
"Alright, see you soon."

Ding Dong
The bell was loud and clear, spurring Thornton up from his relaxing morning ritual of drinking coffee to answering the door. He looked through the peephole and sighed, then quickly put on a smile and opened the door.

"Jamie, what a pleasant surprise," he greeted her. Jamie did not share the same enthusiasm.
"Thornton, we need to talk."
Thornton stepped aside to let Jamie in, following her into his living room.
"You know Jamie you should really work on your greetings a bit more, things like 'we need to talk' and 'what are you doing here' are generally frowned upon in society."

Thornton sat down on his couch and threw back his arms behind his head.
"So what you want to talk about?"
"Morganna came over this morning..."
"Like I said she would."
"Yes... but..." Jamie struggled to find the words to say, or how to say it.
"But..." Thornton responded becoming very cautious. "But... you did refuse her right? You're not gonna help her..."
Jamie bit her lip, growing very anxious, "Thornton she's blackmailing me!"
Thornton threw his hands and shook his head, "Oh my god Jamie!"
"I'm sorry there's nothing I can do! I don't know how she managed to find out or even... get proof but-"

"Proof of what?! Why are you always getting yourselves into these situations!? How many people are blackmailing you now!?"
"Oh stop it Thornton I'm not the only one being blackmailed! Tamara has you under her leash!"
"Yeah but I'm living with her and all she wants is something simple! You're going to cost me everything Jamie! EVERYTHING! You see this penthouse, all my furniture, my life! Morganna's going to take it all away because of you!"
"I'm sorry Thornton," she whimpered.
"What exactly does she have over you anyways?!" Thornton was seething.
"A video... on a CD..."
"Be more specific 'sweetie' that could be anything!?"
"I... I c-can't tell you," Jamie's eyes began to water, about to burst into tears. "She could ruin my life too you know! I was backed into a corner I had no choice but to do what I did! And now it just seems everyone's out to get me, first my own sister, then my former best friend and now my own co-worker! How did things get like this?!"
Jamie put her hands to her face and started to cry.
"Oh for god's sake Jamie pull yourself together!"

"I can't! Everyone's just blackmailing everyone in this town and I always seem to be the loser! We can't win from this Thornton, we've lost!"
"This is my life! How could you let this happen!"

While Thornton continued to rant and yell, nobody noticed that Tamara was wide awake, leaning on the banister above, taking it all in, with a scheme formulating in her head...

Blair broke out of her daze and looked up at the one who called her; she smiled and got up from the bench to hug Hank.

"Hank, thanks so much for coming, I really need some company."
"Anytime Blair anytime, and hey I need the company too, hanging around a toddler all day isn't my idea of being social."
Blair laughed as the two broke away from their hug.
"You look good Hank, raising a baby has done wonders for you, and I still can't get over your shaved head." Blair said.

"You don't like it?" he asked quickly, moving his hand over his head.
"No no no I do," Blair laughed, "It looks really good, really... trendy... though I don't think 'trendy' is a word that goes well with 'dad'."
"Hey, if Pauline can look good so can I," he quipped. "So what did you have planned?"
"Well I was thinking a stroll through the park would be nice but..."
"But it's getting grey out, somewhat depressing," He chuckled.
"There is a bar nearby though, we can check it out, have a bite to eat, couple of drinks."
"Bar sounds good right about now, I can use some drinks."
"Trust me, so can I."
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Default Chapter 2.06: A Wolff of a Divorce Continued

Morganna knocked on the door hard, putting her ear to the door to hear if there were any movement on the other side.
"Agnes?! Agnes are you alright?"
No response. Morganna tried to open the door but it was locked, she knocked again.
"Agnes please say something I'm worried!"
"What?!" Agnes replied faintly but stern.
"Are you okay?"
"Yes, I'm fine I just have a headache, please stop pounding on my door!"
"Okay I'm just worried... I'm stepping out for a while okay, I-I'm just going to the lawyer's office."
Silence, Agnes didn't respond. Morganna looked at the door sullen and down-hearted, day by day Agnes was drifting from her, isolating herself in her room. Morganna sighed and turned around leaving the apartment.

"I'm worried about her..."

"But right now I have bigger things to worry about and I need to concentrate on that..."

Morganna stood still behind the tree, waiting and listening for Morganna to get in the taxi. She stepped out of the shadows and watched her head off, then turned her gaze to the apartment building.

Looks like Tamara is going to give Morganna something even bigger to worry about...

"This is a nice spot," Hank said as he stepped in.
"Yeah, I've never actually been here though."
"It's so close to you," Hank laughed. "No excuse."
"I am a busy working woman now Hank, I don't have time to visit grungy dive bars," she chuckled.
"Yes grungy, anyways I hope you're treating me."
"Wait a minute, you invited me out, how is that I'm paying for you."
Because it's the gentleman thing to do Hank."
"You and I both know I don't play by those rules."

"Actually I think you do," she said with a smirk. "How about this, you see that shuffleboard over there, loser has to pay."
"Deal, you're on, prepare to lose some of that hard earned Goth money Ms. Wainwright."
"Don't count on it, I'll have you know I am an expert shuffle player."

"We'll see about that, who goes first?" Hank asked, walking over to the foot of the shuffleboard.
Blair picked up a weight and grinned at Hank, "Me."
Hank's smirk was even broader than Blair's, quickly swiping a weight and sliding it down the table.
"No, I do."
"Tricky guy," Blair quipped, carefully aiming her weight and then sliding it down.
Hank laughed as it stopped at 1.

"You know cheaters never win," Blair said.
"Who cheated," Hank shrugged looking around and smiling, taking his place to shoot, "Certainly not me."
"You know what they say about karma right? In fact I think your weight is gonna hit mine into the 3 zone."
"You think so?" Hank taunted.
"I know so."
Hank slid his weight down the table, hitting Blair's and sending it to 3.

"Argh no!"
"Hahahaha I told you so!" she squealed in delight. "My turn cheater."

"I can still win this," Hank stated, watching Blair as she prepared to slide her weight. "But just in case lemme look at the price range for this place."
Blair laughed, letting go of her weight and mucking up her slide. "Now look what you made me do!"
"All part of the plan 'expert'," he said smoothly.
"In any case I think I'm feeling for wings, so check up on the price buddy cause you're paying."

"We'll see about that, last round."
"It's do or die for you Hank, need to hit that 3 to win."
"Don't worry..." he said, bending down and taking aim, he knew exactly what he was going to do, and so he slid the weight down the board, and with it, purposely threw the game.
"Yes!" Blair squealed.

"Didn't I tell you I was an expert."
Hank laughed, "Yeah yeah I guess you're the expert. What do you want?"
"I'm thinking wings, or nachos."
"Platter? We can share."
"I want my own!" she teased.
"Well I wanna share, so seeing as how I'm paying we'll get a large platter of wings and nachos."
"Alright Hank, we can share."

Blair sighed, this outing wasn't helping her at all, and it was just making things so much more complicated.

Tamara walked out of the elevator and down the hallway, she grinned as she came upon Morganna's apartment and looked at the plant to the left of the door. She peeked into the pot and dug around until she found what she was looking for, she pulled out a key and used it to open the apartment.
"How stupid of them to leave a spare key in the most obvious of places."

"Now what does she have on Jamie?" Morganna looked around the apartment, despite being dark the natural light from outside made it easier to see. She took a few steps forward, careful not to make any noise when something on the floor piqued her interest.

"Now what do we have here?"

Morganna picked up the CD's and powered on Morganna's computer.
"No password protection or anything, these guys were asking for a break-in," she laughed. She put in the CDs individually, checking to see what was on each, until she finally came to the one she was looking for. The video of Jamie and Landon.
"My Morganna, now how did you happen to get a hold of this?" she took out the evidence and put it inside her pocket.
"Don't worry Morganna, I can do a lot more damage than you with this in my hands."
Tamara began to scan the computer a bit more, clicking around files before finally she opened up Morganna’s email. She grinned when the internet browser directed her straight into Morganna’s inbox. She quickly went down the list, and stopped when she saw Anonymous with the attachment. She clicked it and breathed a sigh of relief. She deleted the email with the video and closed everything off.

"Morganna! Is that you?" Agnes called out.
Tamara turned her head around and remained silent. She quickly hurried out the apartment, leaving as quietly as she came in.

"Is anyone there? Morganna? I swear I heard someone I out here I- ugh..."

"Jason! No, no this can't be real!"

"It's my head, my head it's all in my head, it's just... it's not real."

"Ow, my heel!" Blair exclaimed, stumbling on her heels and on to Hank's shoulder.
"I told you you shouldn't have drank," he laughed, holding on to Blair and trying to straighten her up.
"It's these heels," she complained raising up her foot and pointing to it, "See."
Hank laughed once more and put his arm around Blair's shoulder. "Hang on to me."
"You were drinking too," Blair insinuated.
"Yeah but I can hold my liquor, you can't."
"I so can!"
Blair held on to Hank and the two stumbled towards the apartment entrance.
"I bet you Pauline's going to be up, worrying like some old fart," Blair teased.
"Well I think it's about time she watched Luke for one night while I go out and have a good time."
"You had a good time?" Blair squealed.
Hank glanced over at Blair and smirked, "Who doesn't have a good time with you Blair Wainwright?"

Hank and Blair stepped quietly into the dark apartment; they took a quick look around before turning on the light.
"Busted..." Blair said, grinning broadly and looking over at Hank.

"Hey honey... you waited up for me," Hank stammered.
"I could hear your nonsense when you were outside in the hallway! Do you know what time it is?! What is wrong with you being out so late like this!? You have a son you do know that right?!"
"It's my fault Pauline I'm sorry, I kept him out-"
"Shutup Blair," Pauline snapped, her eyes narrowed as she glared at Blair.
"Hey Pauline, relax, I'm here, no need to be so hostile."
"Luke's been asking for you, crying in fact, maybe you should be a father and go see him."
Hank's face went from a smile to neutral; he turned to Blair and hugged her goodbye, then left the room.

"What is your problem? You do know he's married right?"
"Where do you get off Pauline we were just hanging out!"
"He has a family now! A son! Luke needs his father Blair and his mother; you can't just take him whenever you feel like it and go out on the town drinking!"
"Honestly Pauline you're one to talk, how many nights do you leave Hank by himself to watch after your son while you're doing god knows what! You're not working anymore so why the long nights?"
"Our son Blair! Our son! And how dare you try and turn the tables on me! It's very clear that all you're trying to do is break up this happy home, well take a clue Blair, keep your claws outta my husband!"
"Then maybe you should show him a bit more love instead of being a rage-aholic jealous bitch, maybe then he wouldn't have to come running to my claws."

"Get out."
"Did I strike a nerve Pauline?"
"Get, out!"
Blair tilted her head and smirked, "Gladly. But you're only pushing him away by acting like that Pauline..."

Pauline glared at Blair leaving; she stood still for a couple of seconds before turning off the lights and staring out the window.

Maybe it's not your secret that will cause Hank to leave you after all Pauline...

Thornton Wolff stood in front of his fireplace, deep in thought and contemplation. In the morning would be the hearing with the judge, and it would be the beginning of the end for him, Morganna would have everything. All over a lie.
A god-damn lie!
Thornton screamed out and buried his face in his hands.
"I'm going to lose everything!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Tamara said, stepping into the apartment, her hands behind her back.
Thornton spun around, his face turning to dismay and disgust looking at Tamara.
"What the hell do you want?! I hope you know your days living here are numbered."
"I would think not Thornton."
Thornton shook his head and looked away, "You don't understand."
"That Morganna is blackmailing Jamie? Oh yes I do understand Thornton, in fact I know everything that goes on in this pathetic little town."
"Great, so then do me a favor Tamara, pack up and get the hell outta my apartment."

“And why, do tell my dear Thornton,” she whispered softly, moving seductively closer to Thornton, “Would I do that?”
“Are you deaf? Did that fall do more than just make you a psycho?”
Tamara moved her hands from behind her back and showed Thornton the CD, her face in a devilish grin. “I have both of our salvation right here, right on this little CD.”
“What is that?” he asked exasperated. “Honestly I’m tired Tamara I would just like some sleep.”
“Kiss me Thornton, kiss me deep and long and I’ll tell you everything!”
“No! No!” he yelled out in disgust. “Get away from me what the hell is wrong with you?”

Tamara lunged forward and grabbed Thornton, leaning in and pressing her lips to his, kissing him furiously and pushing on his body.

For a brief moment the two were locked in a heated embrace, before Thornton pushed her violently away from him!

“Why do you keep doing that!? Get it in your head I don’t want you!”
Tamara laughed maniacally, and clasped her hands together. She kicked off her shoes, fell back on the sofa and took off her pants. She stared intently at Thornton, her legs crossed.
Thornton only looked on at her with confusion, hatred, and disgust.
“You’ll want me once I tell you what I have.”

“Stop playing games Tamara what do you have?! Either show it or get out and stop wasting my time!”
“This CD Thornton, is what Morganna had over our beloved Jamie, well, a copy of it anyways.”
“What?! How did you-“
“Ah…” Tamara interrupted. “No need for the details, all you need to know, is that Morganna won’t be blackmailing Jamie anymore, we have the leverage, so the little blonde is under our control.”
“Is that what all this is to you Tamara, manipulation and control? Blackmail?”
“How else do you get others to do things for you Thornton?” she waved the CD to and fro in front of her, “Leverage. If you want this Thornton, you’re gonna have to do something for me. And I bet you know what.”
Thornton narrowed his eyes in rage and moved towards Tamara.
“No matter what I do with you Tamara, no matter how many times you may force me to kiss you, or have sex with you, know this…” He took a very long deep breath in and out as he glared at her. “I hate you so much, and given the chance Tamara, I wouldn’t hesitate to drive a knife right into your back.”
Tamara leaned forward towards him, going nose to nose with him. “Right back at you.”

The following morning

Blair stepped into the lobby of Thornton’s apartment, moving towards the calling box.
“Thornton, I’m coming up now.”
“Alright give me 5 minutes to get what you need together.”
Blair was about to turn around but upon hearing another faint voice besides Thornton she quickly leaned towards the buzzer box.
Whose up there with you Thornton?
Blair proceeded into the elevator and up towards Thornton’s floor.

Blair sneaked out of the elevator and leaned against the front door, her eyes widened when she recognized the voices within.
“What do you want Thornton? I have to be at city hall in 5 minutes.”

“Change of plans Jamie,” Thornton said excitedly.
“What are you talking about?”
“It means you’re not going to testify against me.”
“And why is that Thornton?”

“Because, we took that woman’s leverage,” Tamara announced, coming down the stairs in her lingerie to join the conversation, the CD in her hand.
“She’s still living with you?” Jamie asked amused.
“And will continue to be doing so, seeing as how I’m the one that solved the little conundrum you were in.”
“We have the CD of you and Landon Jamie, the one Morganna had made and was using over you.”
“What?! How did you do that?! In any case she probably made copies!”
“I checked the CDs in her apartment and deleted the email that contained the video.”
“Wait! She got it through email!? From who?!”
“Someone anonymous, but I deleted the email.”
“So that means there’s someone else out there who knows my secret,” Jamie stated worried.

“It doesn’t matter, the point is you don’t have to do anything she says anymore, we took that away from her.” Thornton said trying to reassure her.
“And what if that same lunatic sends Morganna another copy!”
“By that time the divorce’ll be settled, and I won’t need you anymore!”
“So that’s that, as long as you’re safe you could care less if I’m thrown under the bus?!” Jamie cried.
“Quite frankly I’ve had it up to here with the both of you and could do with all of you leaving my life for good,” said Thornton rubbing his brow.
“You bastards!” Jamie exclaimed.
“Jamie relax, nothing’s going to happen to you. In fact you are going to go to the court, act like you’re with Morganna, and when you’re brought up on the stand, you’re going to say nothing happened, and you are going to embarrass Morganna. Fail to comply, and this video goes viral Jamie.”
“Give me the CD or else I won’t cooperate.”
“Give her the CD Tamara,” Thornton interrupted sternly.
Tamara sighed and handed Jamie the CD she was holding on to.

Blair made a loud and forceful knock on the door and called out, “Thornton I’m here.”
Thornton moved to open the door and let Bair in, ushering her to come inside.
Blair attempted to act surprised and smiled at Tamara and Jamie. “Oh, I didn’t know you were having this villainous company over Thornton.”
“What is she doing here?” Jamie hissed.
“The files are on the computer desk in the study.”
“Thank you, I’ll just be taking those and head on straight to work, get out of all your hair and let you get back to whatever psychotic mess you guys are all planning.”
“Oh Blair we all know you’d love to be doing the opposite, getting in our hair and doing whatever it takes to mess with our lives,” said Tamara.
“But you’re the life ruiner Tamara, not me.”
“Funny that you say that, I think Jamie would think differently though.”
Blair attempted a fake smile and made a small laugh, then walked over to the computer desk.

“Well I’ll be heading back upstairs to shower, Jamie can see herself out.”
Jamie frowned and left without a word, Tamara and Thornton exchanged looks before heading their separate ways in the apartment.
“Blair, see yourself out when you’re done, I have to go,” Thornton called out leaving the apartment.
“Okay,” Blair called back, looking over the computer desk. The hand bag rested on the desk caught her eye, knowing that it belonged to no one other than Tamara.

Blair looked around and up towards the second level to see if anyone was watching her, no one, she was all alone. Tamara was in the shower and Thornton out of the apartment. Blair took out the original tape, opened up Tamara’s bag and placed it inside. She gathered up the files and documents concerning Goth Enterprises on the desk and hastily left the apartment.

When she got outside, Blair took out her phone, with revenge on her mind.
“Hey, I have something for you… send it to the police, and then afterwards, make sure everyone sees it, I’m sending it now.” Blair hung up and dialed another number. “Hank, there’s something I have to tell you!” she said in a distressed voice. “Tamara stole the tape!”
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Default Chapter 2.06: A Wolff of a Divorce Extended

Meanwhile, at City Hall

“So remember Morganna, you need to tell the judge dates and times you knew Thornton was cheating, as well as provide any further evidence such as clues and things stated. And Jamie here will- Jamie?” Trenton cleared his throat to get Jamie’s attention.
Morganna pulled hard on Jamie’s arm to direct her back to Trenton. “Pay attention Jamie this is important!”
Jamie pulled away from her gaze and turned her attention to Trenton with a smile, “I’m listening.”
“Good, you will confirm the evidence Morganna as and state you and Mr. Wolff did have an affair, multiple times.”
Jamie didn’t say anything for a bit, merely smiling. “Okay, whatever you two tell me to say, I will say, I don’t have much of a choice now do I?” she looked over at Morganna begrudgingly.
“We all have a choice Jamie, you’re just choosing to do the right one.”

Jamie returned to gazing out, staring at Thornton and Aja while Morganna and Trenton continued their discussions.
“Okay Thornton, throughout all of this I’m going to ask that you remain very calm, no more outbursts or angry tirades.”
“Don’t worry,” Thornton replied calmly.
“I’m serious, the last thing we need is the judge painting you as an angry man, it certainly won’t help matters.”
“Aja, I have this under control.”
Aja paid him no mind, “What we need the most is to paint Jamie Jolina as a malicious liar out to get you, you stated at one time that she was homeless for a bit? Had no money? Morganna must’ve gone to her with money. We can use that to twist the character image of Ms. Jolina and Morganna; desperate women will do or say anything.”
“That they will,” Thornton muttered.
“When you’re up in front of the judge Thornton, try to put Morganna in a nice light, but shoot down Jamie. At least with that, you might be able to walk away from all of this with some of your assets.”
Thornton put his arms on Aja’s shoulders, his body directly across from hers, “Aja, don’t worry about this. I am coming out of this, with everything.”

“Which one of you is a, Ms. Jamie Jolina?” a cop asked, coming on to the scene.
Morganna and Trenton turned to Jamie bewildered, she merely shrugged her shoulders. “I am, is there something wrong officer?”
Jamie Jolina,” he said taking hold of her gently. “You’re under arrest for prostitution, you have the right to an attorney, anything you say or do may be used against you in the court of law-“
“What the hell! What’s going on?!” Jamie screamed.
“Ms. Jolina you can either go in calm or I will be forced to put you in handcuffs!”
As the officer began his move with Jamie towards city hall, the angry blonde turned to Morganna with bitterness in her eyes.
“YOU! You did this didn’t you, you scheming little witch!”
Morganna’s jaw dropped, her expression blank and her mind whirling with thoughts.

“What’s going on?” Thornton asked wild eyed as him and Aja joined the group.
“You don’t have to say anything until a lawyer is present with you Jamie!” Trenton yelled out.
Morganna continued in her silence, her mouth still ajar.
“Did I hear that right Trenton, is Ms. Jolina being charged with prostitution?”
Thornton immediately glared at Morganna, his eyebrows burrowed.
“That’s what the officer said,” he said nonchalantly, he turned over to Morganna. “Morganna, do you, still want to continue?”
Morganna broke from her silence and looked at Trenton, shaking her head and tears welling, “How can I Trenton? My key witness has been arrested! Were due in court in less than 30 minutes and my key witness against Thornton has been ARRESTED! This whole case is going to be thrown out!”
“We can try and settle-“
“I don’t want to settle Trenton!”

“Hey, Thornton,” Hank said softly as he walked towards them, putting his hand on Thornton’s shoulders.
“Hank? What the hell’s going on? Jamie’s being charged with prostitution!”
“Yeah, she is.”
“How? Why!”
“Yes Hank please share why you arrested Jamie!” Morganna exclaimed.

“I can’t discuss official police business with you-“
“For god sakes Hank were your friends! Jamie is my god damn witness! I need to know what happened!”
“Hank come on, she’s our friend, how did you guys find out?”
Hank looked around nervously then pulled the two away from Aja and Trenton.
“This is just between the three of us, but, I’ve known of Jamie’s indiscretions for some time now.”
“What?!” Morganna asked bewildered.
“Let me finish. There was a tape I found, marked ‘SECRET’, of Jamie soliciting sexual favors from Landon Admas.”
“Oh my god,” Morganna said annoyed, she couldn’t believe this was happening.
Thornton took a deep breath, trying to ready himself for more of what Hank had to say.
“I didn’t go to the force with it, instead I kept it hidden-“
“You kept it hidden?” Thornton asked inquisitively, “That was anything but.”
“It was hidden until it was stolen.”

Morganna and Thornton’s eyes widened, “Do you know who stole it from you Hank?!” Morganna exclaimed.
“Yeah… Tamara Donner.”
Both Thornton and Morganna looked taken-aback, and Morganna burst into a loud scream.
“She has ruined my life for the last time!”
“No Hank! I am tired of that psychotic witch always interfering with my life! She probably orchestrated this whole thing! From sending the email to playing everyone and controlling this divorce! I hate her Hank and I swear to god I am going to KILL HER!”

Not if I kill her first.

“TAMARA!” screamed Thornton as he burst violently into the apartment, the front door swinging open and hitting the wall with a loud thud.
“Tamara where the hell are you!?”
“Have you lost your mind?” Tamara laughed, coming down the stairs.
Thornton was fuming, breathing very heavily.

“If you don’t leave, RIGHT NOW, I am going to get my gun, and off you myself!”
“Thornton, slow the hell down, what’s wrong?!”
“YOU! You’re what’s wrong! Ever since you came back you’ve been nothing but trouble for EVERYONE in this city! NO ONE would care if I kill you right now!”
“Don’t be so stupid Thornton you’d land yourself in jail for life!”
“Maybe it might be worth it!”
“Where is this all come from?”
“The police got a hold of the video Tamara, Jamie’s in jail.”
“And how did that happen?”
“You know how it happened, you leaked it!”

Tamara laughed at that, “That’s preposterous, why would I do that?”
“Because you’re insane, and you want to make everyone’s life a twisted living hell in your delusional revenge plot! You were the one who sent the video to Morganna! You played me and Jamie both! Used the video to get me to have sex with you and then to control Jamie some more! This is my divorce Tamara why the hell did you do all of that?! Oh wait I know, because you’re a psychotic bitch!”
“Psychotic bitch is getting old don’t you think? So many people have called me that. And honestly Thornton this wild conspiracy that you’ve come up with is half-baked and ridiculous!”
“Let me see your bag!”
“Fine, I have nothing to hide!” she screamed, grabbing her bag in a rage from off the computer desk and emptying the contents on the floor. And there fell the tape marked SECRET, clattering on the floor.

Thornton stood there in silence, her eyes lit up with fury, his body shaking uncontrollable as he stared at the original tape.
“Umm… I have no idea how-“
“Get, out.”

Tamara fumed, anger and humiliation all over her face. She bent down and gathered back up the contents of her bag, she reached for the tape but Thornton yanked it quickly away from her, she stood back up to face him.
“This isn’t over Thornton, not by a long shot!”
“Like hell it is you bitch! You do anything against me Tamara and I will make sure Hank arrests you and throws your ass in jail for theft!”
Tamara gave Thornton a glare like no other, a look of pure hatred and malice, then turned to take her leave. She slammed the front door shut hard so that the entire building heard the thud.
Thornton stood there in silence, a relief coming over him that he was finally rid of Tamara Donner.
Or so he thought.

“Something strong please, really strong,” Morganna moaned to the bartender, as she sat down in front of the bar.
“Rough day?” he asked.
“More than rough, more like brutal,” she said shaking her head, she buried her face in her hands.
“Wanna talk about it?” the bartender asked as mixed a drink for Morganna.
“Let’s just say my great plan to screw over my, ex-husband, backfired in my face and I’m most likely, going to be left with scraps because of this divorce.”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” he said as he put the drink on the counter in front of Morganna. “Maybe this’ll help.”
“I’m hoping it will, thank you.”
Morganna took a sip of the drink and made a face, the drink was strong.

“Well well well if it isn’t Morganna Wolff, I never took you for a drinker.”
“Go away Jared.”
“Get over yourself Morganna I’m not here for you, I’m here for a drink. Bar tender, WooHoo on the Beach for me please.”
“On it boss, feeling a little loving?”
“Always,” Jared laughed, he turned to Morganna. “What are you having?”
“None of your business.”
Jared swiped the drink from Morganna and sipped it, “Wow, Falling Forever, looking for love tonight Morganna? Or are you just drowning your sorrows?”
“Give it back!” Morganna said as she took the drink back from Jared and took a swig, Jared proceeded to laugh.

“Let me guess, the divorce with Thornton fell through and you’re in the dumps. You’re alone and single again, but have no idea what to do next.”
“Oh you know me so well,” Morganna said sarcastically, taking another sip of her drink.
“Oh but I do Morganna, I remember the girl who so desperately wanted to find, fall in love, and marry her Prince Charming, or in this case, her Prince Wolff,” Jared said in a mocking tone. “My how things have changed hasn’t it, that perfect dream you had is now dashed to pieces. Tell me of the settlement.”
“No. Why are you here? I don’t like you and I don’t want you sitting next to me!”
“I heard, that you were going to use Jamie to testify against Thornton saying they had an affair during your marriage, tell me Morganna,” he chuckled, amused by all of this. “When did you become your father?”

Morganna took a sharp breath and looked angrily over at Jared, “How dare you! You don’t know me at all!”
“Jamie and Thornton never had an affair Morganna, you and I both know that, yet you still went ahead and made the accusation anyways, even getting Jamie to go along with it, now how the hell did you manage that? Not that It matters now anyways, the little tarts in jail.”
“I’m leaving.”
“Morganna,” Jared said grabbing a hold and forcing her back down in the chair.
“What you did,” he said, his tone becoming a lot more serious. “Was what you needed to do. You keep running away from things, you’re so afraid of change, so afraid to go outside the box. You being that manipulative bitch, was something you needed to grow, you needed to fail, to start from scratch all over again.”

“Are you a psychologist? No you’re not. Are you some sort of financial planner? No you’re not. You’re in some band as a cook on the side, I really don’t think I should be taking advice from you, nor do you know me, at all!” Morganna said, and she got up and proceeded to leave the bar.
“You’re in financial straits Mrs. Wolff, or should I be saying Ms. Martin now? Maybe I can help with that.”
Morganna stopped, closed her eyes and turned around. “How can you help with that Jared?”

“From your legal fees, and the fact you have really no legal grounds to stand on concerning the assets Thornton actually bought, the home and the furniture, you have little to no money. And you’re probably gonna be saddled with that floundering art gallery and the expenses that come with it. So what are you going to do?”
Morganna groaned in disgust and prepared to turn away.
“I know a way out my dear Morganna.”
“Why? Why are you even attempting to help me?”
Jared stepped very close to Morganna, and grinned, “I’m in the mood. Come, let’s take a walk, reminisce about old times and how we used to hate each, and look at that gallery one last time.”
“One last time?”

Yes Morganna, one last time... Divorce can be a nasty thing; driving people to do the most horrible things to the people they once loved…

And to those on the outside, they’re impelled to try and change the situation any way they can, even if it involves hurting so many others…

“I don’t know how it happened Hank, but I know it was Tamara.”
“It was, I saw her come in a few days ago, she still had a key. She said she was collecting a few old things, should’ve known she was here to steal stuff,” Cyclone said.
“I know, I got a call from Thornton, he told me he found the tape in Tamara’s bag. That girl is nothing but trouble, but I have my hands tied behind my back here. I didn’t turn that into the police, I could lose my job because I was protecting Jamie,” Hank said.
“Don’t worry, if you say Thornton has it then we have nothing to worry about with you getting in trouble. It’s just that Tamara,” Blair sighed, “She’s so much trouble. Why is she doing all of this?”

“I don’t know Blair, but I swear I’m doing everything possible to try and get her behind bars for everything she’s done. Do this whole city a favor”
“If you need any help, just let us know Hank, we want that menace gone as much as you do.”
“Will do Cyclone, thanks guys.”
“Anytime Hank,” Blair said, rubbing Hank’s shoulder. “You seem somewhat stressed though.”
“Well yeah considering, I know you and Jamie don’t really get along but, she’s my friend you know and I’m worried about her. I should’ve gone to her when I first saw the tape but, I was so mad and all, and it was what I needed to get Landon out of town.”
“Stay a while Hank,” Blair said.
“I can’t, I shouldn’t, Pauline’ll be pissed.”
“Just for a couple drinks, you need it,” Blair held on to Hank and smiled. “It’ll do you some good. Head out to the rooftop and just relax, I’ll be out in a few.”
Hank smiled and nodded his head, “Alright.”
Hank gave a nod to Cyclone and went out onto the rooftop.
“Well look at you,” Cyclone smirked. “I’m off to the washroom.”
The doorbell rang, making Cyclone jump. Blair laughed and went to the front door to open it.

“You,” Blair said with disdain.
“We need to talk Blair, woman to woman,” Tamara said thick with contempt. She invited herself into the apartment and glared at Blair. “I know what you did.”
“Knowing you you’re probably recording this conversation.”
“No, this is just between us. Believe me when I say that.”
Blair grinned, and raised her eyebrows. “Alright then, I’m not going to deny it. I put the tape in your bag.”
“That was a huge mistake Blair.”
“Was it? Thornton, Hank, Morganna, they all hate and think you’re the one who masterminded all of this.”
“When really it was you,” Tamara laughed. “Who would have ever thought, that childish bulimic girl would be so capable, of such deceit.”
“I’m just full of surprises, like you.”

“And let me guess, you sent the anonymous email to Morganna, and put this whole mess into action.”
“I did, I wanted to give her a leg up.”
“And you tore that leg as quickly as you gave it, some friend you are Blair.”
“All’s fair in war Tamara, I hate Jamie, and that video was getting out eventually.”
“And to spare your image of this perfect innocent girl, you threw me under the bus.”
“You’re already the basket case full of crimes, what’s one more? But let’s not forget you somehow managed to obtain a copy of that video, now how did you do that?”
“I broke into Morganna’s apartment and took it from her, and then I deleted the email you sent.”
“She is a fool isn’t she, to leave her stuff so unprotected like that.”
“But not you…”
Tamara and Blair stood glowering in each other’s eyes for a good deal, a dangerous feud surging up between them.
“I won’t rest until I’ve exposed you Blair, and until I destroy every aspect of your life.”
Blair continued the stare, unfazed by Tamara’s threat. “Bring it on Tamara.” And she pushed Tamara’s shoulder.

“You may have bullied Jamie,” she said pushing Tamara’s shoulder again, “And Morganna,” she pushed it again, “Emma, and Thornton.” She pushed her shoulder twice more with each name before Tamara swatted the last one away.
“But don’t think for a second Tamara, that you are going to bully me. You think you’re the only psycho-bitch in this town?” Blair went right up to Tamara’s face, her stare never leaving Tamara’s eyes for a moment. “Think again, and I can go just as hard.”
And with a smooth motion Blair opened up the front door and held it for Tamara.
“You’re no longer welcome here Tamara, so please leave. I’ll try not to let the door hit you on the way out.”
Tamara gathered her composure, took a breath in and turned to leave. “I look forward to this Blair.”
“So do I.”
Blair swung the door to a close right as she stepped out of the doorway, and then turned her attention to Hank on the rooftop.

Looking at a couple going through a divorce, you see just how fragile and precarious a marriage can be, and how much work is required to maintain that union of love. It can make you truly appreciate and reflect on your own, on a future marriage, or a past one. But for some… they see how easy they are to break…

And to swoop in, and take one of the divorcees for themselves, filling that hole, that void, that so desperately needs to be filled again.

“Thank you Jared…”

“Insurance will come through, and you won’t need anything from the settlement, you’ll be set.”
“You didn’t have to do this.”
“I wanted to,” he took her hand. “You needed someone, and I was there.”
Morganna beheld Jared with teary eyes, and laid her head on his collar bone and began to cry.
“It’s okay, just let it all out,” he said stroking her hair.

But it also brings something else out, something many take for granted…


“I see you’re released…”
“I don’t want to talk to you,” Jamie said drained, eyeing Tamara wearily.
“I’m not here to fight Jamie,” Tamara said coming up the porch steps. “I came for a truce.”
Jamie sniffled, wiping dried tears from her face. “It’s too late for that Tamara the damage is already done!” Jamie sobbed. “Do you know how embarrassed I was when my parents had to bail me out of jail for prostitution!? That video is all over the internet, my parents-“ she stopped mid-sentence and broke down.
Tamara rushed in to comfort her but Jamie shoved her away.
“I’m not that person! I- I didn’t have a choice they were gonna take everything from me! I needed the money. And either you or Morganna did this to me! I don’t know who but I want the both of you to leave me alone! I’ve done nothing to you Tamara deserving of this!”

“It wasn’t me nor was it Morganna Jamie! It was your sister! Blair. Blair did this!”
“She had the original tape, she sent a copy to Morganna and that’s how Morganna was able to blackmail you. Once she learned that we took that from Morganna she leaked it herself and pinned everything on me!”
Jamie was flabbergasted, her eyes still watery, she put her hand to her mouth and closed her eyes to keep herself from crying.
“She’s my sister…”
“She clearly doesn’t think that Jamie, how much more abuses are you going to take from her before, she completely ruins you.”
“She already has!” Jamie yelled out angrily. “Look at me! I’m living at my parents’ house, everything thinks I’m a two-bit whore and how can I show my face to work again?! I’m a doctor! I’m going to be fired!”
“Then it’s time Jamie, to stop being sorry for yourself, and to strike out at all those who wronged you. Stop letting the pain in, and start dishing it out. You need vengeance!”
“Yes, against Blair, and…”
“Thornton Wolff.”
“Yes, against them both Jamie. We are going to take everything from them, everything. Completely destroy them. Look at what I did alone.”
Jamie watched Tamara attentively, hanging on to every word she was saying, her eyes gone from a look of sadness to retribution.
“Imagine what we can do together.”

“Nice stunt you pulled there,” Cyclone said.
“You really caused that video to spread quickly, glad I called you.”
“Glad to be involved, anything to get rid of Tamara.”
“She’s gonna come after me, and no doubt she’s going to involve Jamie.”
“Let her, we’ll be one step ahead of them.”
“You have no problems with collateral damage.”
Cyclone laughed, “Emma’s gone. Who else is there to care for? If someone gets hurt in the process of taking down Tamara, that’s too bad. And if you’re referring to Jamie, let’s just say she had it coming.”
“Good. I’m going to Egypt with Zelda on a business trip in the next few days, but when I get back Cyclone,” she paused. “Were taking those two out.”

Agnes took the pill capsule and poured some on her palm, she put the capsule back, let the water run, threw the pills into her mouth and drank from the running water, her mind spun for a bit then soothed down. She opened up her shower tap, took off her clothes and prepared for her shower.

Thornton entered into the apartment, surprised that it was open. He had been knocking for 5 minutes.
“Morganna? Morganna are you home? The door’s unlocked. I want to talk to you. I come bearing peace.”

“What the hell was that? Morganna!”

Divorce brings freedom to the married couple, allowing them to explore other options, and other people in life…

And a second chance…


I'm determined to finish what I started
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