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Currently testing Takemizu Village 2.0
It was meant to be a vacation town but I'm crazy
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Originally Posted by PANDAQUEEN
Yesterday evening, I tried to load my version of Juuban...

My save was borked...

Right now, just having a bad day overall. I was asleep most of the day, due to lack of sleep... Still not sure I can save my save or if it's completely B-BAR (Borked beyond all recognition)

I was able to fix it.

Checked in on my Inner Guardians of Sailor Moon. Everything is good. Everything in place. Usagi is still creeped out by Mamoru this early in the relationship between the two of them.

Checked on Tri-State, which is where I committed the oft-committed sin of placing celebrities in our games for our selfish purposes. So far, George Clooney has been protective of my simself and she Woohoo'ed with a young man named Satoshi Sakamoto in the bot building pod.

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
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I forget, can toddlers die?
I just had the meteor warning by my fairy toddler who was in his fairy house. I thought better to make sure and had the toddler move out and away from the fairy house. And lo and behold, the meteor directly hit the fairy house and parts of the house!
The father woke up in a bed surrounded by flames but managed to put them out. The wife called the firefighters, who left with the comment: Better be careful next time! Yes, I will be more careful not to have my house in the path of a meteor!

Also, toddlers can host parties in the fairy house and it was a great party. I did not know they could do that.
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So I'm sending my sim back to college...


Call the standard complement of butler, housekeeper, gardener and cook, because what's the point of being a rich old vampire if you don't flaunt it?

When the rest of the sorority gang arrives, one young lady comes straight at my sim and throws a fit at her about... bugs? Hey, I didn't program the game. Take it up with EA :p

Then they woohoo. I'm guessing my sim went, "WELL, FUCK YOU!"

The mandatory first day party is called by a roommate while my sim is at the meet and greet, and, fuck me, it's a bonfire party. Within half an hour someone threw test tubes on the fire and everyone stinks. I'm doing my part to keep them clean by woohooing everyone in the shower, because I'm selfless like that


Remodel the bathrooms, add toilet paper. Frankly, I'm not opposed to fingering someone's ass, but it might as well not be my own.

Then throw my own party.

An elderly and shall we say... voluminous professor decides to go streaking all around the house. No less than 3 cop cars arrive, which I thought was a bit overkill; she's not THAT huge. They just point and laugh at her, then leave. Which I felt was a bit insensitive. Including to those who thought they're about to get run over by a round asteroid coming horizontally at them.


Another day, another party, another round of sex in the shower. For some reason my sim keeps wanting to tell the guest to behave, and then gets upset because of misbehaving guest. I'm like, girl, YOU asked him to have sex in the shower, stop getting upset that you got your wish.


House party, so of course everyone brings food, and of course the butler is busy putting it away. During the party.

Police gets called around 2 AM to break the party, and seeing people dancing in the parking lot outside, I can understand why. Strangely the cop doesn't get hijacked by the kegs this time, so he actually breaks up the party. Well, first the police gets to wait until I'm done in the photo booth, because fuck the butler

And then fuck the police.

Hmm, ok, maybe next time throw the party somewhere else.


Party again, because what else are you going to do before the exam? Watch paint dry?

And more sex in the showers, which the paparazzi are having a field day with, for some reason. I mean, I thought everyone has sex under the shower sooner or later, right? So what's the big deal? Well, apparently not under the open-air public showers at the public pool. (Well, pool-side club, which is where I'm throwing the party.) Talk about splitting hairs.

Talk to a paparazzo, learn that she's Stupid. Well, that explains a few things. Hmm... stupid, you say? Come with me in the photo booth, and I'll get you some really epic photos.


Get invited to someone else's party, and there's some time to kill between the last exam and when it starts. Ah well, might as well work on my sim's street art skill. Get arrested for it. In retrospect, I could have picked a better house to spray-paint than the police station.

At the party, it's as lame as parties in the NPC houses tend to be. I mean, you have to navigate a maze of sims and furniture even just to get to the keg. And mind you, I'm not an alcoholic, but let's just say you need steady hands when you're out with a can of gas trying to light the bonfire. As the firefighters were keen to point out last time.

Well, the party's lame, so let's liven it up a bit. And thank fuck for the "Inapropriate But In A Good Way" trait too. Because everyone's like, "Yeah, she's upstairs getting gangbanged, BUT IT'S IN A GOOD WAY."
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I moved 10 aliens in Lucky Palms to see how many generations it takes to breed out their genes. To make it more reliable, I used Consort Hair Color Mod, NeuroBlazer Random Genetics Mod and the Skin Color Blending option in Nraas Story Progression Mod. The result looks promising. With the Alien DNA decreasing, each generation looks more like regular sims in town.
Transition from a full alien state to a sim who has little alien DNA:
Alien DNA (approximation) 100%, 50%, 25%, 12,5%, 6,25%
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Not really anything "happening" but I'm playing while listening to this and ... well it just changes the game.

Sanity is overrated.

Nitromon is a type of Pokemon encountered in the Pokemon Nitrome Version series.

There. Mystery solved.
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Back to college, and the mandatory first-day sorority party is off to a slow start, as the one who called the party is late. She eventually shows up fashionably late and in style, being driven home by a cop in a police car. I make a mental note to use that trick the next time my chauffeur is not around.

It's a bonfire party again, but I wise up and buy two public outdoors showers, which I place strategically right near the bonfire. This proves even more useful later, as guests from outside the household seem to be able to use them too. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I also place two of those all-in-one toilets nearby, because they clean people up even faster, and hey, more places to woohoo is always a plus.


So I got two bee boxes, so I can do better better desserts. (Well, by "I", I mean the chef, really. The whole "save money and eat healthy by cooking your own meals" thing seems like some peasant joke that I'm too rich to get.)

Then throw another party.

Problem is, now the housekeeper and butler seem to be determined to commit suicide by bees. They get stung, do the bee attack dance, go back to the hive for more. They've been stung so many times, they seem to be doing the bee attack run by default now. I've just watched the housekeeper run flailing to the washing machine to get the laundry, run flailing and screaming to the clothesline, and then still flailing and screaming back to the nearest beehive.


A cop showed up to break it on Tuesday morning, just around the time someone wanted to go home. The cop got hijacked by the keg and it glitched the party, so it keeps going strong all day. I dare the cop to streak, next cop comes to arrest him, gets hijacked and dared to streak too. You guessed, third cop shows up and... just decides to go streaking on her own. Gotta love Grace.

Yep, now all three cops are at my party. Gotta catch 'em all. Mind you, they can still get called and put on the uniform to arrest each other or such, but Grace is smart enough to stick to dancing naked inside on an island counter. I pull up a barstool and enjoy the view.

Meanwhile, the butler and housekeeper are STILL at provoking the bees. And they're not even helping, since they don't do the normal rotation and just anger the bees, so I get crap honey. I'm considering selling the hives, but:

1. As I discovered during the party, it does keep both idiots from putting away the food during a party or such, and

2. If watching two poor old idiots get stung by a million angry bees for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, isn't wholesome entertainment for the whole family, I don't know what is. You can't get this kind of stuff on Netflix, is all I'm saying.


The party started on Monday is STILL raging wild. I must have invited a Rebel gang, because everyone and their grandma seems to be in a "fuck the police" kinda mood. No, seriously, someone's grandma had crashed the party on Monday and now is busy trying to stuff one of the cops into the photo booth.

Just as I come back home, Grace puts on her police uniform and berates me for the party, breaking it up. Which would normally strike me as a bit hypocritical, from someone who's juiced off her tits and was dancing naked on the counter a minute ago, but hey, she's just doing her job. No hard feelings.

I wink and I invite her and everyone else right back to the next party.


Before I go to school, I get to see half the party queuing to puke in the toilets. I have a suspicion what fruit was in those pancakes the chef made. I make a mental note to plant more of those, for the lulz.

Almost miss the second exam, because the first professor seems dead-set on taking a selfie with me, and it cancels or queue stomps my "go to class" literally a dozen times or so in a row. I keep clicking it away, and it overrides my damn command every single time.

Now I'm a gentle soul. I only killed one sim deliberately back in The Sims 1 to see how it works. But by the literal twelfth time I have to cancel the selfie thing and the idiot still can't take a hint to stop going after students BEFORE AN EXAM, I'm just about itching to lock someone up in a room with a dozen wooden chairs and half a dozen fireplaces. And it might not even be a sim.
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Meanwhile, back at home the butler seems to be perma-broken by the beehive. She does the flailing bee-attack run everywhere, even after deleting the beehives. I try dismissing her and rehiring, traveling to another world and back, resetting, you name it. I even look in her traits and moodlets, nope, doesn't seem to have any bee-related moodlet.

*sigh* It seems like there's no end to the ways the butler can get broken. It's like the gift that keeps on giving... kicks to the crotch.

So I deal with it in a calm and rational manner, like the rulers of old: I send her into the woods with the royal huntsman :p
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