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Default Riddle me this... (Forum Game)
See? I am capable of writing about other Batman charaters, so here is a thread dedicated to the Riddler and all of his riddles.

Rules for the game:

*You may only post a riddle if you have correctly answered the Riddle above you.
* No double posting of riddles.
*The riddles do not have to be Batman related in any way.
*Clue may be given in either text or picture form.
*If no one has answered the riddle correctly within 48 hours, the asker must reveal the answer and ask another or had their turn over to another player.
*Have fun.

Your First Riddle:

I come in darkness, but fill the mind with light. I bring enlightenment to some, while gripping others in the hand of fear. With me it can be a journey of inexplicable joy and sorrow. What I will show you will often be unreachable. Journey with me and what you see may haunt you. Journey with me and you may never want to return home. Journey with me and you will never know when it will end. What am I?

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No guesses? First poster, since it has now been 48 hours can ask the next riddle.
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A dream??

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Yep, you get to ask the next riddle!
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Since this thread is, ummm... kinda dead... I'm just gonna assume no one will mind my pitiful attempts at a reboot.

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Beautiful presentation by the way!
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Correct, and thankyou. It took forever, but mostly because I was searching for a certain font I used to have before giving up.

“Nihil sacrum in comoedia.”
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