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Batman 3: Knightfall (An idea in my head)
Hello batman fans! I have an idea for the 3rd batman film to be directed by Christopher Nolan. The poster was already made by someone else but I edited it a bit.

Batman 3: Knightfall

6 months had passed since Batman (Christian Bale) had left Gotham City and things were already falling apart. A breakout from Arkham Asylum led by The Riddler (Johnny Depp) leaves The Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) and Poison Ivy (Anne Hathaway) at large in Gotham.

The movie starts with The Riddler, The Scarecrow and Poison Ivy sitting in their cells. Poison Ivy starts speaking, ‘10, 9, 8…’ The Scarecrow begins to say, ‘7, 6, 5…’ The Riddler starts to say, ‘4, 3, 2…’ Then all three of them say ‘1’. An explosion occurs, which breaks the walls of the three villain’s cells, The Riddler then summons the other two villains to him and he leads them out of their cells. They fight their way through the guards and police then manage to escape in the Riddlermobile.

Meanwhile near the bat signal, Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) is waiting for Batman to arrive. About to give up, Batman appears and they discuss the breakout of Arkham Asylum. Batman seeks Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) to enlist his help on capturing the escapees, though he refuses to help. After Bruce leaves, Lucius is confronted by Poison Ivy in his office. She releases plant toxin on him after which causes him to fall unconscious.

After leaving Fox’s office, Wayne finds a note from The Riddler reading, ‘What burns down, and won’t build back up?’ He works out that it means he has Fox at Wayne Manor. He reaches Wayne Manor (which is still being rebuilt) and finds Poison Ivy and The Riddler among the construction clutter. Batman realises he had been led into a trap and is ambushed by the two villains. He manages to knock out Ivy though The Riddler continues to avoid his attacks. Gordon appears and shoots The Riddler in the arm and then escapes with Wayne in the bat mobile.

The pair, along with Alfred (Michael Caine), manages to track Lucius down to London, England using another clue from the Riddler. Gordon and Wayne travel to England and they find the Scarecrow with Lucius (who was locked in another room). The Scarecrow releases a new toxin on the pair and begins to torment them before being saved by Lucius, after he escaped the room. Lucius tells them how The Scarecrow forced him for information on how to access a top-secret device being developed. The scarecrow escapes London and while the group take the antidote for the Scarecrow and Ivy’s toxin.

When the three return to Gotham, it is plagued by the device which releases Ivy’s toxin all over the city. All of the city’s citizens are unconscious and Batman, Gordon and Fox are the only ones left to stop the plan. Gordon and Fox manage to find the device and put the antidote into the device, waking up the entire city. Bruce finds the villain’s hideout and finds Ivy waiting for him. She tries to seduce him, fails, is captured and then is taken away by police. Wayne finds another one of The Riddler’s clues and manages to find the Riddler. As some people still think Batman isn’t the hero, he is chased by police around the city while chasing the Riddler. Batman is faced by Echo and Query (Megan Fox and Kate Hudson), two of the Riddler’s quirky henchwomen, though he manages to knock them both out and escape.

He tracks The Riddler down to the top of the Wayne building. There, the Riddler has a new toxin which he uses to optimize Batman’s fears to the max. The Riddler gives Batman an extremely hard riddle and Batman goes insane under the fear toxin and the riddle. He flies down to the city and wrecks havoc, hurting several innocent people. He is stopped by police and put in a cell at the police station with Poison Ivy. Ivy had already infected the other inmates with her toxin and they were under her control. Before they got the chance to kill Batman, Gordon frees him from the cell and gives him another antidote.

Bruce returns to The Riddler and after a short battle, he is captured. Once he’s handed over to the police, Batman leaves them and drives off into the distance. At the trial of Poison Ivy, a psychiatric intern called Harleen Quinzel (Zooey Deschanel) was put on the stand to explain why Ivy needs to be back in the Asylum, under more care. While talking, she pulls out a gun and shoots Judge Arnolds (Cameo appearance by Stan Lee). Ivy releases her toxin and then escapes with Harleen.

The movie ends with the mayor addressing citizens on what has happened. He tells them Batman can’t be trusted, that he’s a menace to the city and how ‘The knight has fallen!’

I hope you liked my idea and it didn’t waste your life reading it.
#2 Old 14th Oct 2009 at 8:15 PM
I really like, a few plot holes, but overall I think its great and how Harley showed up, good stuff.
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