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Currently testing Takemizu Village 2.0
It was meant to be a vacation town but I'm crazy
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Originally Posted by PANDAQUEEN
Yesterday evening, I tried to load my version of Juuban...

My save was borked...

Right now, just having a bad day overall. I was asleep most of the day, due to lack of sleep... Still not sure I can save my save or if it's completely B-BAR (Borked beyond all recognition)

I was able to fix it.

Checked in on my Inner Guardians of Sailor Moon. Everything is good. Everything in place. Usagi is still creeped out by Mamoru this early in the relationship between the two of them.

Checked on Tri-State, which is where I committed the oft-committed sin of placing celebrities in our games for our selfish purposes. So far, George Clooney has been protective of my simself and she Woohoo'ed with a young man named Satoshi Sakamoto in the bot building pod.

I should be the only one to shine,
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