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Default signs that a save is eventually going to explode?
sims 2 has comprehensive guides and mods that handle corruption, and nowadays most people know what the signs are when their neighborhoods start to fall apart. probably because it's been around longer, and people have had more time to dissect it to understand what's going on behind the scenes. however, i can't seem to find a similar comprehensive list/guide for sims 3. i know about save maintenance, fixed worlds, and nraas and its various parts (thank god for nraas), and that's all great. i want to know if there are vbts you shouldn't do in 3 (like, i assume deleting a sim without cleaning up after the remains isn't exactly a smart decision), and also the sorts of bugs and glitches you would start seeing once your save hits its breaking point. i've only seen stuff about sims having animals or inanimate objects as parents, that seems to be a common symptom. is it because 3's corruption is even more sporadic and fragmented than 2's?

if someone's asked this before, i apologize.
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Biggest threat to any savegame is when it simply gets too large.

Always check Process Monitor to see how much memory the game is using- above 1.3GB is usually a warning sign to the 1.5 GB memory limit the game can handle. Anything above that starts resulting in Error 12s, as the program literally cannot process saving the game... unfortunately another one of the issues with the game being 32-bit and badly programmed...

Otherwise, with the typical NRAAS array of Errortrap + Storyprogression, I haven't really seen the typical symptoms of savegame corruption (i.e. missing portraits).
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The game can handle up to an upper limit of 3.7 GB of RAM usage on Windows. It has been Large Address Aware ever since Patch 1.17. The true Danger Zone varies by player and other factors, but most of us find that we can still often negotiate a save when usage is hovering at 3.5 GB although that's where things can begin to get a bit risky. Experiences will vary, but this 1.3/1.5 GB stuff sounds way too restrictive for TS3. With all expansions and a nice dose of mods in play, that's where most of my brand new games/worlds start out before I've even gotten my greedy little hands on them adding community lots and more sims to the resident population.

It's only the older 32-bit Mac version that has a lower RAM limit, as that one cannot work with RAM usage above 2 GB.
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RAM usage too high, save and loading too long, a lot of lag, crashes, the usual suspects.

Originally Posted by igazor
but this 1.3/1.5 GB stuff sounds way too restrictive for TS3.

pretty sure it was a typo.

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I have no advice to add of my own, but I found this video on the topic informative, helpful, and saw good results after following it's instructions myself.
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