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Default Wrong OS listed in crash report - SOLVED
So I'm looking at my crash report and I see this:

OS name: Windows Vista
OS version number: 6.2.9200
OS service pack:

I'm running Windows 10 on a NEW system I bought at Best Buy four years ago. Why does it say Vista?
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That's because Sims 3 doesn't recognize any OS past Windows Vista. The same can be seen in Sims 2 where the highest recognized OS is Windows NT. It's a limitation due to the game being made prior to Windows 10. So it defaults to the highest OS it has been programmed to recognize.
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I got the same but personally I do not think it's a huge problem. And hear so Windows Vista,7,8 and 10 got the same kernel. Windows 10 is just an improved version .

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Good to hear. Guess I was paranoid because I thought maybe Best Buy pulled something shady like installing Vista then doing a free upgrade lol. Thanks guys!
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