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Default Mac Base Game Setup Tutorial
Thanks to Numenor for his help, inspiration, and permission to use his files if I needed any of them.

I have created a tutorial for installing The Sims 2 and all/any EPs in such a way that you can pick and choose which EPs you want included in your game. Each and every different configuration has it's own "The Sims 2" folder, but renamed so you know what it is. For example, "Up 2 NL Data."

You can use this to play your old saved games, or to test content in a controlled environment. The most popular use is to have a "dirty" game with all your custom content and a "clean" game for creating and testing content.

It must be a clean installation, and it will take several hours to do. The reason is the difficulty in preserving the old .apps. Aspyr doesn't just overwrite them, it refuses to install the next EP if you have a second copy of the .app by any name anywhere on your hard drive. I have you burn a cd of the .app and the data folder for each EP because it solves that problem and allows for recovery of a corrupt data folder later on without a massive reinstallation.

This takes up a lot of hard drive space if you install all possible combinations of EPs. Each data folder is about 350 meg. There will be 9 of them if you have all EPs up to OFB, about 15 if you have Pets. Numenor has created a mini-Neighborhood that can be used in the data folders where you will only be testing and not playing. It has 1 Neighborhood with 1 lot with 2 people instead of the standard 3 neighborhoods all populated with Maxis Sims. Simply use Numenor's folder instead of the one the game generates, but name it according to my Setup.

I am working on a Mac app to automate the renaming of files and folders before and after playing the game. I do not foresee being able to produce an automatic Game Setup application, as getting permission to redistribute the old .apps from Aspyr seems quite unlikely.
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