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Default Stairs darker color
basically my stairs (all swatches) color are darker when i place it inside the room. (if it outside the colors are fine)
i have seen this problem on several sources and none of them works for me. they said it lighting bug

what i've tried:
-update my vga driver
-changing graphics setting
-create a new save
-remove roof and ceiling then place it again
-move house (lot)
-create a new house
-disabling mods

i have the latest patch (

pic 1: the rails and fence had the same color swatch like the 2nd pic

pic 2: stair, rail and fence outside the room with the same color swatch like 1st pic
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Yes it's a known problem created by EA. If it bothers you so much you should look for a mod. There are some mods out there. You should try the discussion forum at the top is the WCIF og "where can I find forum". Perhaps they have some suggestions for you.

You can try different placements for light sources, but when I didn't suggest that first it's a reason, I don't think it will work. Sometimes it does work, but I don't think it will be worth the effort.
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This is the bad news for that we have to face for now. This is a another good evidence of the lighting problems that occurs in the game, and this regards particularly when it comes to interior lighting. This topic about light has been discussed on Build mode feedback thread (from pages 27 to 29). And this kind of your issue is an example of what Ea has to do if they listen to the game community cry. But for now, there's nothing that can be done about it right now am afraid to say. My initial suggestion was to suggest to you to use lights from the debug mode to help brighten up the stairs, but I tried that and they had a zero impact in my game. I also used lots of windows to let in lights as well as ceiling lights but am afraid to say it had no impact. Hopefully a fix on this will come soon

I just saw this Any tip to brighten indoor stairs you should go through it and see if it offers any help.
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