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Default Create an advanced door
Hello guys !

I know resize mesh 3D (chair, table, door, etc) and modify mesh 3D with mesh that already exist into this mesh. Now, i would like to add a new form on the original mesh.
I tried this. I did this:

- I opened a 3D mesh on sims 4 studio (a door) and saved the package.
- I exported the mesh and opened the .blend with blender.
- Into blender I have the original door that I modified.

At this moment, when I import the modified 3D mesh into sims 4 studio my door correctly appear. Then, when I create a 3D object on the door (in the same file) and I do the same step into Sims 4 studio, the door appear without 3D object added on it.

I learned yesterday how to mapping a mesh on a painting... but it is easier than a door.. Do you think that I should map the mesh before import it into S4S ? How do you create your object ? advices ?

Thank you very much and sorry for my english.
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Very few builders make their own objects. It's just so timeconsuming. You might have better luck on this subforum:

... or you can try S4S where you downloaded the tool. They have an excellent forum.
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hi, thanks you for yours tips !

I'm using this tool to perform objects or totally change their appearence with an other 3D mesh.

So, now i'm facing with an other problem. I 'm modifying a plush into a weapon (wierd idea haha). But, in the game when I put the plush on the floor, one space is occupied by the plush. With the weapon , 2 spaces are occupied. I want that my weapon take only one space.

I modified the mesh0 and mesh1 of my object in blender, however, the number of space remain the same. An idea of the wrong parameter that could be cause the problem ?
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Ok, I understood the wrong parameter ! All it's ok ! The problem was in the Sims4Studio into the meshes window. Don't "update design tool height" and your object will remain its space(s) occupation in the game!
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