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Some CC not working correctly after installing expansion!
I’ve made a custom ingredient and plant called “HDS” and “HDS plant” (its a ghost chili clone) and it has been working well up till I installed Supernatural expansion.

I can see HDS in store but when I buy it, it doesn’t appear in my sims inventory! HDS is also being used in a cooking process and when I zoom in, HDS is right there and my sims is interacting with it. So I guess the mesh (or model, I’m not such what its called) is loaded in the game.

I wonder what caused the problem with the missing ingredient in the sims inventory!

I’ve tried a few things, including pointing the HDS plant to something that is already in sims game (like plantLargeTree), reloading the game, making the HDS not plantable but still it doesn’t appear in the sims inventory...

Anyone can help? Thanks!
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