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@TadOlson Very cool- is this a new challenge you are doing? I remember you were doing a different challenge (Build a City?) also? Or are you doing them all simultaneously? I seem to lose track of what I'm doing in one neighbourhood!

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Well, women are in mourning all over Pleasantview because Don Lothario has unfortunately succumbed to food poisoning. I believe he must have eaten bad food while visiting another Sim, or perhaps he ate out of the trash can somewhere, as he has been known to do. He did try to take it easy by not going to work and lounging all day on the bench outside his front door, only taking a little time to woohoo with his apartment neighbor Sharla Ottomas, but apparently even that was too much for him at his age, because shortly thereafter he succumbed to his illness on his bedroom floor. It was a good run for Don, and I believe he had woohooed with at least 10 Sims while managing to dodge the marriage bullet his whole life.
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I've been doing this one for now since I've only got limited time to play for now.I can still load my BACC if I've got time or was just editing a lot.
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Originally Posted by TadOlson
I've been doing this one for now since I've only got limited time to play for now.

There are never enough hours in the day for me!

@sturlington Poor Don, he was a legend!

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The LGU Frat - The flu was had, multiple times, and some comfort soup. Heather Huffington kept coming over despite the fact Andy and Christian keep arguing with and insulting her and making her cry. Then again she DID have the flu so maybe she came on purpose just to spread it to them. They had a toga party and it was a roof raiser! I had it because Hi wanted it but also to get Andy into the secret society so I could see if the intprop cheat fixed the lack of members there (it did) so I invited Crystal Parker, knowing she's in it, only to realize Andy hates her! I'm not surprised. When i'm playing other sims he's often in the background, causing trouble.

I thought they might make great friends but Andy thought differently. Oh well, I had other SS members for him to befriend so ... He slapped her, she slapped him back, cried and left mid-party. Andy got into the SS and got a mysterious disease from the medicine thing. He went to bed as soon as he got home and was better before he woke up. Trevor and Hi also ended up in the SS. Blossom Moonbeam came over, Trevor's fiancé, and they woohoo'd. JoAnn Gutenberg came over for woohoo with Andy. Some unpleasant rumors were spread about Christian. Guy Wrightley, Hi's boyfriend, came over so they could woohoo. Christian had a date with Mona Lam (Christian, Crystal, Mona, Trevor ... are LGU townies that I didn't rename. Christian and Mona are both aliens). First they went to the lounge and had a first kiss and fell in love (they were already good friends and close to best friends) making a dream date and he asked her back to his place and she said yes where they woohoo'd, then he cooked dinner for them and they ate mac n cheese, and then he asked her outside to propose to her under the stars and she said yes and they ended the dream date by cuddling under the stars!

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LGU frat continued - Andy has a bad reputation. No one is surprised. Mona left a really expensive date present for Christian, the ElectroDance Sphere. Because I have no $20k handout I sold it. Money to find a place after graduation. Any graduated with a 3.6 GPA and had a graduation party. At the party as Andy was going to talk to his sister, which he hasn’t done in while and they are almost not-friends anymore, she stood up and left. I’m taking that as a sign she’s mad at him. He hates her boyfriend, her friends, for being “geeks”, he’s always causing trouble, and he hasn’t made any effort to make amends. He’s going to have to do better than trying to talk to her at a party in front of many others sims. Where she wouldn’t want to “cause a scene” and have no privacy. His party was still a roof raiser and the social bunny ran by during the cut scene. Ramin Warner (a LGU dormie), became a pledge! Todd Jordan, another LGU dormie, was asked but said no. He might change his mind once he gets to know the guys better though. Ramin moved in! And with it came glitches.

For a bit there no one could walk to lot or call a taxi, until Hi returned from class (then only he could initiate it) and took Ramin with him. In the chaos I used the bat box nuke - Scenario Controller (+AWOL HM) which said it fixed 1 thing. It is fixed but I don’t know if I fixed it or it fixed itself. It was right after Andy left. Combine that with the visual grade bar glitch ... I panicked.

Oh, and I also didn’t realize they could CHOOSE to start a college assignment on their own, so that also added to panic thinking he didn’t fully realize he was a playable now. A party going on all around him and he chooses to sit at the kitchen table and do homework.

Anyway Ramin choose the philosphy major. Hi graduated and had a party. Not as many people came as did to Andy's but a good time was still had. This is the party Ramin was doing his homework at. Ramin went to the campus lounge and befriended the good witch.

Andy Bellum moved into the widespot trailers, the same one Ida Juana Knowe is in. Hi Thyme and boyfriend Guy Wrightley moved downtown, into a house to rent. The lot has 2 houses and is right next to the printer sisters.

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I was into my TOT challenge in Riverview City again to continue setting up the service center for the colony when the first settlers arrive to settle their homestead.I also checked on a few new CC installs and installed a few defaults for the books the sims read and for the modern mop to make it look like an old fashioned broom.The books like very old fashioned as well.
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From Arundel:

Bobby Carroll moved back into town-taking over Amy's old place, while she moved in with Daniel.
Suzanne Harris proposed to Bobby Carroll and now they're engaged. So he'll be moving out to their own place once they get married..

Mothers to be:
Esther Moseley, wife of Jordan Moseley. is pregnant.
Beatrice Bond, wife of Oscar Bond, is pregnant.
Anna Newman wife of Frederick Newman is pregnant again-by Frederick, in case anyone wonders..and is due on Friday.
Jeannette Greene, wife of Terrance Greene is pregnant and due on Friday morning.

We're having a massive baby shower, people!


Anthony Suwankiri is having a passionate affair with Anna Newman..who is very much married.

Daniel Klein and Amy Kosmokos were married.
And the shocking news;
Edwin Tyler got married to Marion Moseley. She did it! She roped in the biggest womanizer in town and made him her own!
(Don't worry, she's planning on having children. Just to keep Edwin busy.._

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#7084 Old 29th Oct 2021 at 1:48 AM
I pulled off the bachelor auction!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#7085 Old 29th Oct 2021 at 6:36 PM Last edited by FranH : 29th Oct 2021 at 8:45 PM.
From Arundel:

A shocking development has occurred: Bobby Carroll moved out to his fiancee's house, and Brenda Go (townie), took over the property. She enlisted into the local militia, and was promoted the first day of service.
When she came home, she went to the bank to deposit her funds, and then onto the Tavern, where she met Frederick Newman-and they hit it off instantly. She went home and he followed her (which has never happened in my game before...) and they proceeded to have woohoo on a bench in her house.
This happened so quickly (and I was so shocked by it) that I had no chance to put her on birth control previous to this.
Of course she has become pregnant by Frederick, a literal one-night stand, and the most galling part is that Frederick's wife Anna is due any moment now as well.

So Brenda's a single mother to be, and has little money to spare to build a baby's room with on her property..and she doesn't know if she's going to keep it or not. Gunk the Ogre is at her service should she need him to take care of this little problem she's gotten herself into.

Unless Frederick wishes to adopt the child himself. Perhaps he will should Anna have a girl. He needs a boy to continue his family name.

We shall wonders how Anna will react, but it's pretty obvious that Frederick is aware of her unfaithfulness and has had his own affair in retaliation.

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I've had some deaths, marriages, and babies in Pleasantview so I thought I'd go around the neighborhood and see what the status of each household is currently.

Caliente - Nina's daughter, Mina, got married to her girlfriend, Amber; she is a Visionary and makes very good money. They want to adopt so they sold the condo and brought a proper house. Nina lives with them.

Broke/Langerak - After Dustin got remarried to Kaylynn, they had a late-in-life baby, a girl named Wilma.

Dreamer - Darren passed away of old age, so now it's Cassandra, her son Dexter, and her half-alien grandson Eldon in the Dreamer house.

Goth - Dina also passed away of old age, so now it's her daughter Sophie and Sophie's wife, Jane, plus their adopted son, Garrett, who is now a teen. Jane wants to adopt another child. They certainly have plenty of money to do so.

Burb - Jennifer also passed away. Her trophy husband Elmer moved Downtown afterward, so her grandson Wilbur Ottomas was her main heir. He sold the Burb house and bought a house more suitable to his bachelor lifestyle.

Ottomas - Peter and Samantha became elders. Their adult son Rusty and their very young daughter Cinthia live with them.

Dreamer/Burb - Lucy and Dirk still can't seem to save any money. Now Lucy wants to have one more baby, but I'm going to let ACR determine that so I don't think it's likely.

Pleasant/Ottomas - Angela and David seem very happy together but have no desires to make it official. It's nice that David is finally in a stable relationship. Angela makes plenty of money in her show business career, so he doesn't have to work and just plays music all day. They throw a lot of parties.

Traveller - A tragic household. Trisha's second husband, Amin, cooked some food the nanny left out, which happened to be crepes suzette, and he set himself on fire and died. Now their daughter Phillis has food poisoning. This is after Trisha's first husband, Trent, and her daughter with him, Tammy, also died of food poisoning. I'm beginning to suspect Trisha may have Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Goth/Pleasant - Lilith and Alexander are basically just working on their careers and getting fat in their middle age (although Lilith does want to get back in shape so she bought a treadmill but won't work out for more than a few minutes at a time). Their adult daughter, Karla, lives with them, is happily single, and maintains a large friend network.

Broke/Burb - Now that Brandi and John have both passed, their adopted son Carey has moved in with Beau and Christene until he's ready to go to college. He brought a lot of money with him, so Beau was able to pay off their mortgage. Beau never paid any attention to the dog he adopted--Christene is Benny's master and trains him--but nevertheless he wants to get a cat. His half-alien daughter, Tanisha, is off at college.

Broke/Goth - Danielle and Bobby had twins. They're pretty attentive parents despite the fact that they are both maintaining outside affairs. Their hot tub got stolen, alas.

Burb/Traveller - Tina brought home the cow plant from work and it ate the nanny. She has it locked up better now, I hope, so it won't get any more service Sims. Ross keeps having affairs behind her back. Their son Barry became a teen.

Broke/Ottomas (1) - Tommy and Carmella are my most wholesome, loving, and faithful couple. They work hard and save their money, so they moved into a bigger house. They now have two daughters. Laurene is a teen and Doloris is a child.

Broke/Ottomas (2) - Annmarie and Kaitlinn got married and they adopted a son, Jonathon.

Dreamer/Thompson - Danika moved in with her boyfriend, a townie named Larry Thompson who I sent to college a while back.

Apartments (1) - This is where Madaline Broke, Bernard Dreamer, and Martin Ruben live. Not much going on--just singles living their lives. Madaline has a bunch of boyfriends. Bernard went on a date with one of the garden club old ladies but since then has shown no interest. And Martin has never met anyone because I'm not sure there are any other gay men in Pleasantview (there are plenty of gay women, though!).

Apartments (2) - Don tragically died of food poisoning, so his son Porfirio got his apartment. Porfirio looks like Don but otherwise is not much like him and is not at all interested in dating. Sharla Ottomas also lives there. She likes to throw parties.
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#7087 Old 1st Nov 2021 at 12:10 AM
It's the end of an era. Both the senior Babybat's have died of old age. Lucien and Lynn are no longer.

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#7088 Old 1st Nov 2021 at 7:02 PM
I forgot that Blossom Moonbeam's fiance Trevor won't graduate until next round, they were waiting in the sim bin, so I put them on their own beach lot. Blossom is part of the naturist religion. A beach lot isn't required or anything, Blossom just wants one. I forgot how expensive they were though and while they could afford it, barely. They have a tiny little home with "windows" that are actually cc of destroyed walls that each "window" gives the sim $75. They have what they need to start, barely. Blossom is willing to work to make their lot a real home though. The home of their dreams. It's going to be a rough start though.

The Nerdists (which includes Dixie Land) - Cliff, Sara and Hugh work in the cafeteria sometimes and Cliff and Hugh also paint. They are doing well in school. Dixie keeps those back at home up to date on how she's doing. She also writes a drama novel and it does great! Cliff and Sara are happily in love. Dixie makes friends. Andy refuses to apologize to Sara so they aren't best friends anymore. He doesn't think he did anything wrong. He thinks her friends are geeks, doesn't understand what she sees in Cliff, hates him, and thinks people are dumb and that's why he's always starting trouble.

The gypsy tries to stop by but the visitor controller poofs her away and despite no genie lamp Dixie ends up with a want to make a wish anyway. Sorry Dixie! She goes on a great date with Alicia Ternynck (in the LGU sorority) which includes a first kiss and falling in love. She almost stands her up though because she would NOT quit staring at the plastic flamingo! They all graduate, and before Dixie leaves her and Alicia woohoo on the couch in the day room (no one catches them).

Cliff, Sara and Hugh get their own home in Strangetown, where they await Hugh's fiance Monica. Dixie (since Alicia won't graduate until next round) rents a home (the only one on the lot) in Bluewater Vilage.

Tri-Var Sorority - Brittany likes to throw parties. They are always good parties.

Ty Bubbler comes over and he and Tiffany chat. They are both in the cosmicology religion, which doesn't have any issue with any life state, but he goes off on the "weird aliens". He doesn't hate them, he just finds them weird, and might've watched too many alien horror movies so he wonders. Tiffany won't have the bad alien talk.

Tiffany paints a lot. The girls are best friends and do well in school. Brittany graduates with a graduation party and moves out with fiance William Williamson to Pleasantview into a starter home!

Tiffany and Heather graduate! Heather has the first graduation party. It was a roof raiser. Tiffany's was also a roof raiser. The Sim State University Greek house is no more. (I plan to keep the LGU ones going). Heather Huffington and Helen Wheels, who are engaged, moved into a small single family home next to the widespot trailers, but on a different lot. They do rent it. Even though they are awfully close to Andy Bellum, since it's a different lot Heather can tell him to get lost and he's not welcome at her home.

Allegra Gorey surprised me by wanting a party, so she had a party. And she made a new friend in JoAnn Gutenberg! It was a roof raiser.

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#7089 Old 1st Nov 2021 at 7:58 PM
Dustin Broke and Dirk Dreamer have passed away from old age, which is so weird to say. They both died in Perma-Plat, so they were very accomplished.

Also, Dustin's daughter, Danielle, died of be flu not even halfway into her adult life. She's left a few lovers and her two daughters behind, who are now being brought up by her main lover, Abhijeet Turner. The eldest, Noa, is Abhijeet's daughter, while the youngest, Angel, is Abhijeet Cho's daughter. I'm so happy she inherited Angela's nose, I want that nose to stay for a long time. However, Abhijeet (Turner) is very ill and so is Noa who is a child still. Here's to hoping they get better next round.

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Florence Delarosa went on a date with a downtownie. It went ok. She also got promoted to Inventor.

Nervous Subject changed his last name to Spectre and fulfilled his wish to fall in love, with one of his neighbours in the pseudo-apartment complex he lives in, a guy named Saturn.

Saturn's twin sister Neptune donated some genetic material for her lover Sal-Lee Caliente to have a kid, a boy named Jonas.

In another pseudo-apartment complex where Neptune lives, she bragged about her son and went on a date with the newly moved-in Lovelace Melinder, the latter being in her pajamas. That household started with the Singles and currently consists of eight women out of which most are into women, and most of the ones who are are romance sims, so the next date or make-out session is never far off and there's a lot of mutual and communal swooning over visitors as well as each other.

Still, Lovelace rolled a want to fall (back) in love with Love-in-a-mist Larsen-Neighbour who she lived and went steady with during their teenage years.

Love-in-a-mist herself might be more interested in Lovelace's father Picasso, however. Picasso and his roommate Justice Larsen-Neighbour moved into yet another, newly built, pseudo-apartment complex in Bluewater village. They moved into its standalone apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a livingroom with a small kitchen area, while Florence Delarosa moved into one of the single bedroom-apartments which connects to a common kitchen, dining- and recreation area. Good thing the welcome wagon came over or she'd be pretty lonely the first day as Justice and Picasso both had the flu and therefore got locked into their apartments until they were well, which fortunately only took a few hours, though they both went to work shortly after that.

Love-in-a-mist called Picasso to invite him downtown but he still wasn't well at that point and had to decline. Mist had just moved into her own place however, and Picasso in turn invited her out, and the day after he came over for a visit, and Mist greeted him with a kiss. I guess it makes sense she'd be into Picasso as he looks exactly like her old girlfriend Lovelace except male and old.
During his entire stay, Picasso couldn't stop thinking about the two of them having kissed and hid out in the bathroom for a bit. Mist started working as a DJ at one of the Downtown nightclubs. It went poorly the first night, but she quickly managed to raise her creativity skill.

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#7091 Old 2nd Nov 2021 at 11:08 AM
I finally managed to build a house from scratch that I was satisfied with. It's hard to find that balance sometimes. I try to keep it somewhat realistic and down to earth. I want enough room to get around, but not so much that it becomes a burden to keep an eye on more than one Sim at a time. I'm just surprised that I managed to build a house that doesn't overheat Sims in their sleep. For some reason, a lot of the in-game houses raise Sims' temperatures if they try to sleep upstairs. No amount of editing seemed to fix it. Goth Manor's third floor is frigid in the winter, no matter how many times I tried to adjust the roof. I use an air conditioning mod in those cases. But anyway, I'm satisfied with this house.

Also, my Sim got married and I installed a "no washing dishes in the bathroom" mod. Sometimes I think they really prefer to take the longest route possible.
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#7092 Old 2nd Nov 2021 at 10:24 PM
My youngest premade playables in Pleasantview are starting to approach elderhood, which of course gets me thinking about starting a new neighborhood. This idea was inspired by the Pleasantview townies, who just get short shrift when compared to the premades. I was thinking about giving them a neighborhood where they can fully realize their lives. What will they do? Who will end up being the families that are the bedrock of the town? What kind of town will they want to build?

So I'm starting with a tiny town of just four community lots and one residential. The community lots are a store, a park, a beach for swimming, and a restaurant for dates. The residential lot will be a boardinghouse owned by the Ramaswamis, since I usually give them short shrift too. The Ramaswamis have four rooms to let, and each time there's a vacancy, they'll move in a new townie. Then as they establish their lives and eventually move out, a new townie will move in until eventually all the townies are in play. The teen townies will also eventually go to college with their kids. This will be a small rural town that will build over time with no downtown, so it will be very different from Pleasantview as I've been playing it.
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#7093 Old 3rd Nov 2021 at 7:39 PM
Well, I just started my little town of townies. I established three households with Sims who originally started in the boardinghouse. Already, there is so much soap opera drama, after only a few days--and this is playing by only following wants and letting ACR do its thing.

Sanjay caught his pregnant wife out on a date with Brandon Lillard, and now he's furious with her. Marisa flirted with someone else at her wedding to Komei Tellerman, and now they are both furious with each other. And Benjamin Long got engaged to Marylena Hamilton but is woohooing behind her back with Andrea Hogan. So I guess the real question for this town is will I have any happy couples?
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#7094 Old 3rd Nov 2021 at 8:48 PM
The babybat household isn't doing to well after the death of Lucien I and Lynn.

Lucien II Babybat: Why would you sell all our land!? That was an inheritance from your grandparents! I should smack you one!
Lucien III Babybat: Chill out dad! We're filthy rich now! Besides, it's not my fault they gave the land to me and not you, you're just jealous.

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#7095 Old 3rd Nov 2021 at 10:06 PM Last edited by FranH : 4th Nov 2021 at 1:23 PM.
From Arundel-Sad and happy news :

Brenda Go is pregnant with Frederick Newman's child. (She's single and he's married.)
Amy Klein is now pregnant and will give birth on Friday afternoon.
Anna Newman gave birth to a baby girl, Blanche and is now again pregnant for the third time in as many years. Frederick is insisting on a male heir, if his one night stand doesn't have one before then...

Moving in
Bobby Carroll & Suzanne Harris got married and moved into a new house.
Brenda Potter left her family to move in with Anthony Suwankiri. He wants to get engaged to her, she's not too sure about that!

Esther Moseley died of complications from childbirth after giving birth to Peter Moseley Friday afternoon. Jordan Moseley came home to the baby lying on the floor where his mother dropped him when she was taken by the Grim Reaper, and her urn was right beside him.

Adrienne and Gordon McClain had a baby girl, Mary McClain on Friday morning.
Beatrice Bond gave birth to Dennis Bond.

Curtis Gregory and Lillith Vatore are engaged. The perfect couple. The bride to be is a cured vampire aristocrat, and the groom to be is also an aristocrat. They're so much alike that they even dress the same-in purple with gold trim.

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#7096 Old 4th Nov 2021 at 2:11 AM
I have another new household in my town: Brandon Lillard is engaged to Andrea Hogan. He does want to get married to her, although he is the one who is currently putting a big damper on the Ramaswami's marriage/impending parenthood. And of course, Andrea is having an affair with Benjamin Long, who is having a child with Marylena Hamilton, but they haven't had a chance to get married yet. I wish Brandon and Andrea all the luck.
#7097 Old 4th Nov 2021 at 7:35 AM
I couldn't sleep, so I played the Fraser household in my Luna Canyon. I often don't enjoy this household as much as my others for some reason, I've found it harder to figure out who these characters really are. Today was Claire's birthday into elderhood. The triplets went to school, Jamie went to work, and Claire spent the day spending $4k on basement renovations. With Jamie being Luna Canyon's only police officer and Claire the only doctor, things have been good for them financially. When everyone returned home Claire threw a party and invited all of her friends: Catherine Piccolo, Aemilia Romana, Shenandoah and Kaibab Parker, Evan Baker, and Pepper Fromage. The party was a great time, and somehow there was no drama! Probably because Henry Piccolo and Sugar (Baker) Riley were left off of the guest list.

Luna Canyon now has 5 elders: Shenandoah, Henry, Catherine, Diane King, and Claire. I am sad seeing my founding Sims age. Claire was dancing with her child-aged daughter and it reminded me of their eldest daughter Faith who tragically passed away in a fire as a child. I thought about how sad it must be for Claire to grow old but to never see her daughter grow up or know who she would've been. She would've been preparing to go to university. I just lost a colleague I was very fond of to cancer, he was only 28. It breaks my heart wondering if his parents will feel the same way, never getting to see their son achieve all of the milestones they imagined.
Also, for the first time I saw a dog ghost in the game. It made me very happy to see the family's old greyhound Elphin digging amongst his offspring. I also appreciated that the holes he dug were ghost holes, so that my Sims won't have to fill them in. I've been struggling with the loss of my two cats, one who I had since I was 5 years old (he made it to 17) and the other who I adopted several years ago had an inoperable tumor. Seeing Elphin digging made me think that maybe my kitties are happy together again.

I've never had a play session be this therapeutic for me. This semester has been kicking my butt, I am so ready for winter break so I can spend my evenings Simming in my bed with my dogs cuddled up on me. I love this game, I feel like I can finally go to sleep with a clear head. I hope everyone has a good night
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#7098 Old 5th Nov 2021 at 3:43 AM
I've just been into my BACC in Dodge buying a few more work stations for the service center and adding wondows to the new addition as the construction crew is still there and workign for now as it gets closer to the coming winter.The new workstations were a woodworking statin and a few coffin making stations.I also added a few more blacksmithing anvils to the shelter area.
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#7099 Old 5th Nov 2021 at 3:22 PM
Wow @TadOlson Your settlers have lots of skills and trades to learn! I hope they will manage!

In Strangetown, Johnny Smith had a birthday. Thanks to Kestrellyn's Gift Giving mod, he received some appliances from his family:

And a stove from Ripp.

Being an adult is really boring!

In Pleasantview, Ivy Copur visited and decided to fill the house with butterflies!

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#7100 Old 5th Nov 2021 at 4:26 PM
Originally Posted by simsample
In Strangetown, Johnny Smith had a birthday. Thanks to Kestrellyn's Gift Giving mod, he received some appliances from his family:
I think the awful clothes that Sims get on their birthdays are clearly gifts from their families. Except of course that the shiny pink shorts that Tybalt got for his birthday were clearly a gift from gay party guest Jack Gill.

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