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Default replacing a game object with some of the attributes of another
I'd like to put the fire alarm functions into a raft of other objects. I was thinking a cabinet, but then I thought it would be a headache, so now I'm thinking any decorative object. This was done by someone at TSR for both Sims 2 and 3. I remember seeing ways that I could do it in both those games, but when I looked around, I didn't see any discussion of it or any obvious place in Sims4Studio. I'd guess the right way would be to use SIms4PE, but there are watnings everywhere that one must know C++ to use it and I am a long way from knowing C++ (disappointing, because I was getting pretty comfortable with SimPE for Sims 2 before the computer I used for that crapped out).

The short question is, is there a way for a non-C++-user to extract some of the functions of a smoke alarm and import them into the package of another object?
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You must be looking at the source code information about S4pe, lol. It's just like any other Sims program, you install and use it with no C++ or any other language required. But download Sims4Studio instead as it's made to work with CC. Then, the easiest thing to do, is clone the fire alarm object and import the textures and meshes of the item you want. Any tutorial covering objects will show you how to import/export textures, etc. The other, slightly more difficult way for someone new and that isn't covered by a tutorial, is to clone the object you want to make work like a fire alarm, then adjust the Func tags in each Object Catalog so it has the fire alarm tag, then copy and paste the tuning name and tuning ID from the original fire alarm to the cloned object's Object Definition.

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Thank you! I thought I was going to do the second method but I didn't see where those tags were stored. I think I will attempt the easier method! Again, thanks!
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