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Default Entertain us
Aside the subject of fashion.. Entertain us all!!!

Sims related or not.

Here's how I'll entertain you...

Once there was a girl named Janelle. She liked roses. She picked up a rose.
It looked like a rose. When she smelled it,
it smelled like a rose. But when she put it down,
it did not sound like a rose being put down. Instead,
it sounded like a dog
barking. WOOF WOOF! Janelle's small dog Fifi was comming near.
Fifi was close by. Janelle was near Fifi, too.
She pet her small dog, Fifi. Fifi was small. When she pet Fifi,
Fifi sounded small. It was dinner time. It was time for dinner, too.
Fifi and Janelle walked into the table. Then they walked out of it.
They sat down at the table, in which they sat at. Then
they ate the dinner in which they ate. "Yum" Janette said. She said
"Yum". Her dinner was yummy. Then Janette and
Fifi went to bed. It had been a day. The day was over. It was now night.
It was dark out. Janette opened the bed and slept
on it, for she was going to sleep. She slept. Fifi slept too. The end.

Also.. Here's some sugar for that coffee...

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lmfao. that was epic.
the best story i've ever read.

take me back to the person i used to be.
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I know.. I'm a master of language. :P

~Hi, I don't do Sims much anymore, sorry! I will respond to messages when able :)~
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#4 Old 24th Jul 2009 at 1:34 AM
Here. I'll entertain ya guys.

Looking to the start the odds were always stacked.
You were always a good for nothing,
I'm just stating a fact.

And through all the years we've known each other,
The stupid fights between our mothers,

Waiting at lunch and sneaking into your class,
Laughing when you fall on your xss,

When your sister broke some of her toes,
The basketball that hit my nose,

Sitting on the neighbor's rock,
When everything I wanted was on this block.

All the good times when we were young,
Remember when my brother bit his tongue?

Beneath the surface it was always heading south.
Then the time I walked by and fxck you slipped out of my mouth.

You knew I liked you and you left me to hang,
Good for nothing,
There were times when you were my everything.

His Eyes were Green. As Green as Oak Leaves in Summer.
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jelly bellieeeeeeeeeeeees.

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This is a series of questions.After the quehstion dont read on,because anser.So, Imagene (yes,i love wrong tiping.) u r in a stewpit box,with a mirror and a tayble.What do you do to get out?Look in the mirror and take what you SAW and cut the table in half.Two halfs make a whole so just jump in the whole. How do you survive wit a calender and a broken matress?Eat the dates on the calender and drink the water from the springs. Imagene you are in a box with nothing in it at all,how to get out?Imahgene you r out. There is a ship full of people.Not one single person on it though.How is it possible?They are all couples.

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whoass!!! that was awesome!

~Hi, I don't do Sims much anymore, sorry! I will respond to messages when able :)~
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