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Default How do i recolor something like this?
I love this chair but the cushion part of the texture has these plants all over it, is there a non-painful way of removing it or would i have to try and hunt down a white texture of this cushion? (for recoloring)?

Sorry for such a noob question, I am not totally good with recoloring yet...
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May I ask what chair this texture belongs to? I'm thinking you can either 1. remove the pattern in photoshop or 2. like you said, find a plain recolor of the chair and use that texture as a base instead. If the creator is active, you could always message them and ask them if they perhaps still have a psd file of the texture or such!

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Normally I'd try to hunt down a plain recolor to use as an overlay, or make one myself. Depends on the difficulty level of making a plain overlay out of the texture (deleting the pattern or redoing the shadows). If you have one without a pattern but in a darker color, there's always a way to brighten it up and do some trickery with the texture.

For a cushion or anything fabric-like, you can sometimes get away with using a pattern and a texture overlay that looks like fabric.
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