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Default Why my mesh hair dont appear into the game
Hi, first Im from Ecuador and my english is not the best, but i need some help, well . i found a hair mesh tutorial here, and im creating a mesh on blender, well i done everything like the tutorial but my "mesh" dont appear in the game, only the "original" maxis hair, my dude is what i do wrong? i create the mesh with blender, and i exported like a .obj file, then in milkshape open the maxis mesh and import my "mesh" and join the two groups like one, so can someone help me to understand why i do wrong? then last steps to replace the mesh i know how to apply to the package file, need help to understand how to mix my "Mesh" to "maxis mesh" , sorry if it is rare or stupid but I been tried for days :c
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I suggest you try this forum for questions about meshing: There, they talk specifically about meshing Bodyshop objects, like hair.
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I suggest you take a look at this tutorial and make sure you've followed the steps:

If you want it more step by step, I suggest taking a look at the 3t2 tutorial by Cassis at the top here (all 3 parts), as it shows the process a bit more indepth and I think it has all the steps.
(You can ignore parts about extracting from TS3, and use your mesh instead - it's basically the same process as using an OBJ mesh from another meshing program)

This one could also work:
(again, skip the TS3 parts)

Look out for these things in particular:
- naming the groups (group 1 should be named "hair" (this will overlay the skin and won't be alpha-editable) and if there are others (that won't overlay the skin, as in alpha-editable) they should be something like "hairalpha 3" (or 5, 7 or whatever the PropertySet in the recolor file says they should be)
- adding a scalp/head (not always needed, but you avoid ugly gaps if the hair doesn't cover the full scalp, it's usually a good thing to keep this as the "hair" group)
- making sure there's just one skeleton (there shouldn't be anything called joint 66 to 70 in an adult TS2 mesh after the hair bones - if there are, something's wrong with that skeleton)
- bone assignments (hair should be primarily pink when "Draw vertices with bone colors" is ticked, which means it's assigned to the head joint. It's possible to assign to other hair joints too, for an animation effect. Longer hair trailing down the back may need to have parts assigned to the spine joints. If a scalp/head part is added, the lowest line should be 50/50 assigned to neck/head)
- mesh comments (or the hair probably will misbehave)
- linking a recolor to the mesh (or the mesh won't show up)
- and UVmapping if the texture isn't right (you may need a different tutorial for this).
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