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Default Victorian Houses - Camden, NY Halloween Crawl
So we did Halloween in the Queen Village of Camden, NY this year - as I have family there and the houses are closer together than where I live.

This is a GORGEOUS town by any stretch of the imagination, with tons of old Victorian houses in tons of styles. I see these all the time, and with the opportunity to walk the streets and take pictures up close, I could not resist.

I HAD to share these with you guys here in the Sims community, because of a couple of reasons

a) I know some of you love making houses from plans/pictures and these are awesome


b) Pure, unadulterated house... yeah. That.

There is one in particular I have taken several shots of, because she is so beautiful, and I may try to make her in-game. (There are anomalies in the pictures of her, which might be raindrops, maybe not..... )

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I do love a good ol' Victorian house.
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Beautiful houses, especially the last one. Hope they are repairing that tower, it would be a shame to lose it.
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Originally Posted by SeptemberSimsForum
Beautiful houses, especially the last one. Hope they are repairing that tower, it would be a shame to lose it.

I am so sorry I didn't see these replies!

Yes, they are working on her inside and out; a lot of the houses in that town are in sorry states of disrepair. When I visit my sister again, I'll take some more pictures - I might wait until Spring for pics, as winters up here are brutal - both in cold temps and in snow - we had the most snow in the continental US I think last year - around 400+ inches!

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Those are beautiful!! Id love to create something like that. Perhaps that will be my next project. What is this style of home called? (Im Australian and we don't have these here)
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@4Sims4 As the name of the thread states; They're Victorian homes. These seem to be from different eras, as style changed quickly. I'm assuming the house in the first picture might be late 1890's/early 1900's whereas the last house looks like it was built between 1870 and 1890.
The Victorian style is widespread throughout the world, with distinctive style cues from the surrounding area.
Helpful Wiki article

You actually do have them in Australia, too. Maybe just not in your area. The AUS-Victorian homes seem to be heavily Gothic/Carpenter inspired, with some French thrown in. Some pictures show more Jacobethan and Romanesque influences. They're gorgeous and I think they'd fit perfectly in the New Orleans area.

/I'll stop drooling now

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@Johnny_Bravo - I feel the need to do a Sims recreation. Now to go find some plans.... :D
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I love these! I grew up in a historical district with houses like this, so a lot of my build inspiration comes from the houses I would see when I walked down my street. Victorians & tudor styled homes have always been my favorites.
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