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Default Routing data confused
Can someone help me or tell me why my routing data looks line this? What do the light blue lines mean? How do I remove this??? When I go to road tool it won’t let me delete anything and says “cannot delete because it it used by road objects” I’m so confused please help
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you'll probably get more help in the creators' forum.

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Routing in almost empty worlds is a mess. It will bet better after you placed more lots, roads and decorations. The blue line means that there is a road. And no, you can't delete Road sets as long as the texture is used in the world. When you click "delete" and get this message, CAW kindly selects all those road textures for you. So if you focus on the render panel and hit "del" you can delete all roads in one go. Or you have to manually select and delete them. Once the road is no longer in use, you can delete the texture set from the Road tool window.
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Interesting! I was just wondering about the blue marks myself. But I'm pretty sure I already deleted all the roads in my world, but there's still those marks --little dots in my case. There's no roads listed in the layers panel (you know, where the game objects you've placed are listed).
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The blue lines from the roads should disappear after you redo the routing data, if you've deleted the road. I don't believe roads are in a layer, they are just there - as in you cannot click on them from the side panel where objects are listed, you can only click on them on the ground. You then, to get rid of them, just click the delete button. Or click the "move" button to move them around.
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When it comes to 3D, more lines means more geometry and heavier weight on the engine. So don't worry about the uneven lines in your world. It just means there is no additional information yet. There is quite a lot in CAW you shouldn't be focusing on, and there is a lot of things you should be focusing on. Don't bother about lines on straight areas of the map, or all the different colors on those lines. Some might find it important, but you have to test it. It's how it works in game that matters.
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I do not look at routing at all until a world is almost done. And a good to know is we can edit what we use in custom roads. I am not wild about one in a world I am playing with, so will edit until I like it.
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thank you all so much I figured it out - once I place roads throughout the world, the routing is fixed!
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