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Default Translation and Creation
Good morning, I am Italian and I do not understand the English language very much, so I ask to be patient.

How can I translate a career from English to my own language?
Is there a video tutorial (unwritten) that explains how to create a career?

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I think translating is as "simple" as making sure to add text translations to the various text lists.
In the text categories you'll find a list of languages in a dropdown list - make sure yours is selected for the translation and then edit/add your translation to it. You may want to have a look at a career with translations to poke around in the file and see how they did it. Most of the time you just write in the correct boxes (usually the one to the left if there are two) and then click commit, and save the file. You'll figure out ingame if you did it right.

Making careers... never done it, and no idea if there are any video tutorials, but I don't doubt it.
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8th May 2020 at 8:52 PM
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letiziaa, no - that looks like S4Studio, which is only for TS4 files. You'll want to use SimPE for TS2 files.

There's a section on creating careers here: "Custom food, careers, majors and memories"
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