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Default Custom Career Icons
I have been an avid Simmer since the game was first released (waaaaaay back) and I've just started to dabble in modding.
I decided to start witch careers since that seamed easiest, but for the life of me I cannot create icons! Dx
Gimp makes no sense to me ;_; Is there a kind soul out there who would like to help with creating custom icons for my career?
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Hello @Starsmore, nice to meet you! Career modding is indeed one of the most fascinating and rewarding way to get started modding The Sims 3.

Are you following @MissyHissy's Career Creation Mega Tutorial ? It's up to date for those who mod TS3 careers in 2020 (it was first published in 2019).

As for career icons, MissyHissy recommends to use icons from the game itself. Depending on your career theme, the game likely has a fitting icon, have you looked at these icon pack mods:

There are more of such icon packs around the web.

If you want to share your career theme those of us who hoard game icons could probably try and find something for you in our folders

Hope that helps! Can't wait to see your career's public release.
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Thank you so much! This will definitively help!
I'm following MissHissy's tutorial to the dot and hopefully I'll be able to share my creations with the rest of the community soon.
Thank you again <3<3<3
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