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Default Modifying Sliders Without CAS
Hi, first time posting in this forum section and modding Sims 3 as a whole (apart from the Pausinator and a few silly tweaks). Sorry if this is in the wrong section

The main thing I'm trying to achieve is to change a CAS slider without going into CAS. For example, I'd type in a command or run an interaction, and the Sim's nose would get longer

I know I'm probably a long way off doing anything like that, but any help or resources I could look at would be greatly appreciated, since I'm more used to Sims 4 modding at this point which basically comes with a manual at this point
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The Script Utility provides an easy to use method for that

SimTools.Slider.mod_Value(Sim sim, float ModifyBy, Sliders slider)

The code below will add the numerical value 0.1 to the Nose Length slider of the currently Active sim
SimTools.Slider.mod_Value(Sim.ActiveActor, 0.1f, Sliders.NoseLength);
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These are perfect, thank you!
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Been working on this gradually, I can't figure out how to apply changes to all outfits, only one category. I've tried changing the category to "All" and "PrimaryCategories" but no dice
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