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Default The Weather Topic in or out of game
well my favorite weather season in real life is summer and fall. and sometimes spring. I like to see leaves on the trees. i don't like winter because it not only super cold where i live it is also ugly and muddy in most of the season. it does snow a little but most of the time it is bare trees and cold muddy brown grass

the weather never stays the same it goes snow to mud all season long and back and forth and between. and where the water and mud puddles stay it turns into black ice on the colder days of winter just right after the warm days of winter. on the sims it is all four.

i live State Of Michigan

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I agree the sims four seasons are like michigan hunny. The sims weather can go from a cold winter to a warm winter or a hot summer to a cool summer. How is the weather like in the rest of the world?
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