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Default The tragic thread it is good to talk to someone you know who may be able to help you emotionally
Hi this is a separate thread for users and staff to talk about thing on their minds that may be troubling them, and feel, that is ok to talk about them in public. maybe you have some good advice. I've seen posts on the sims mentioning some sad things users mentioned. happened to them in real life not just on the sims

well i have decided to make this the caring and more concern thread i have seen threads like this one on previous forums of sites i have membered so hope you feel better here, if your sad or mad about something. again this is mainly a serious thread

being nice to people has it's benefits and being mean or nasty has no benefit and your only hurting yourself in the long run.
if anyone want to make an angel like mine here is the wings link (blue eyes not included) sorry
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