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Default The tech thread show off your technology, or learn post some pics if ya want
I am not the best tech in the world but i have created this thread not for sims help but for general computer help in the world today. maybe you would like to tell us about your new Iphone or laptop!. I can help for a lot of windows based problems but as far as hardware and psychically and windows 8 I don't know how to deal much with the super bill gates type software problems. but I learned a few good tips from remote techs!.

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if anyone want to make an angel like mine here is the wings link (blue eyes not included) sorry
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I am on my android cell phone its a samsung galaxy admire t mobile it used to be Metro Pcs before t mobile merger with Metropcs and my phone is like a mini computer but it does not have windows 8 and i can't say I know how it works but with my phone I have to reboot it from time to time. I can go om Mod The Sims on my android its awsome. The only big problem is I don't know what Anti Virus to put on my phone .
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