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Default Difficulties resetting password
I don't visit this website a lot and only downloaded like less than 6 mods from here but I been trying to log in to my account recently. However, I keep getting a warning (more details in the image attachment) when using the password reset and tried the link provided but that just leads to a blank page. Not sure if its my computer or what but I was able to log in normally back in 7th June 2015 6:24 PM as stated on my profile page when I looked it up on this site. I'm not very active as you can tell when you look at my profile page. (Pumpkin Kingpin) I know the email address I used and the username mentioned before however the password is the only thing I don't know. I will greatly appreciate it if you guys so kindly help me resolve this issue.

On a side note, I just realized I might be getting this message due to my inactivity. It been a year since I logged in. Hopefully I won't be forced to make another account or use this one if I'm not able to log in to my old one because I don't remember the mods I downloaded. And no, I don't have the mods anymore. My old computer BSoD on me and had to get a new computer. Its custom made by the way. Now I have to restart from scratch.
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