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Only 42 pages of MTS?
When I click on Download (Sims 3), it only shows me 42 pages. If I filter it (let's say "Game Mods") it will show 42 pages of mods. I reinstalled the game and wanted to go through all the downloads. After viewing all the items in those 42 pages, I realized a bunch were missing. I searched for a couple of them and they showed up. There are still more I want, that I can't remember what they're called, and I'd like to see all creations uploaded to MTS. How do I view more than 42 pages? I have the same issue with Sims 4.

I'm sorry if this issue has been dealt with before; I typed in several searches, and searched the forums manually, and did not come across this.
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#2 Old 5th Dec 2016 at 11:32 PM
Really old downloads are excluded by default to save the servers from falling over and dying, but you can click the "Click here to see all downloads" link at the bottom of the download browser to see them. That brings up 900 pages of TS3 stuff.

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