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Default While Searching TS3 CAS CC Ad popped up claiming there was a Trojan
Sorry for no screenshot, I typically close my browser windows ASAP when these things pop up. It was an add with this URL (very long) that claimed my system had a Trojan, was booting something, offered a free scan. The usual. There is over a whole page of this URL in my history within the same minute.

Here are the URLs that appear right before this long one:
First -
Second -,&F=*&G=&H=0.01
Third - http://server1.westmodelworldtodayn...p=
Fourth -
Fifth -
From there it adds infinite numbers 0-9 and repeats...

If it pops up again I'll take another screenshot but it would be great if this sort of thing was gone.

Test Subject
#2 Old 11th Aug 2017 at 7:38 PM
That ad was right because those ads are virus, malware and stuff! Only believe warnings that are not on a web page but it's own program pop up in a window entirely separate from every browser and you bought it from a brick and mortar store.
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Thanks - @Delphy will contact our advertisers and get that ad source banned.

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