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Default Cannot see received message; tried multiple browsers

I seem to have a technical issue wherein I have a message notification, but when I click on the icon/dropdown arrow and select "View All", it shows that I have 0 messages in my inbox.

Please refer to the attached image:
It shows there are 2 messages stored (out of the 200 allowed). One is in the sent folder, but I can't find the other "stored" message. Also note the notification at the top right.

I have tried four different browsers with and without safe modes.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Default Solved; I think.
Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
I believe your issue is this:  But the yellow triangles have been replaced with the red oval. Try clicking this:

Seems like the icon and the number of messages stored was in error.
The second link took me to a page which read "rebuild my PM list". Upon clicking it, it corrected the error. The top right notification icon is now gone and the number of stored messages matches the actual messages I have.

Thank you!
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