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Default Contests?
Hi. First, sorry if this is not the right place for this thread! I couldn't decide where to put it. Long story short: I am wondering how to go about hosting a contest, or if I can't do that, would creating a new challenge even be feasible for what I'm thinking of...

Long story: I want to create a house in TS4 and upload it, and I thought it would be neat to host a related contest requiring the use of that same house. I saw in the contest forum that contests' host need to have a certain amount of post activity, but also to have participated in a contest here in some capacity. So basically, am I S.O.L right now because I haven't participated in a contest, and because I'm so new?

Also, are there certain established requirements for posting a new challenge?

Thanks for your help!
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Basically you need experience on this site to be host. It's a matter of joining someone elses contests.
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Thanks for responding. I figured about the "experience" thing, I saw that in the contest hosting rules. I was mostly asking if there is another way I can host one, because the contest forum doesn't seem very active. Also I was asking for info on whether there are set rules for challenges etc.
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Unfortunately, we can't make the contest forum much busier than it is. A lot of interest has dwindled in contests lately. However, we've had a lot of people try hosting and drop out because they couldn't manage the workload, hence the requirement to have at least participated in a contest in the past.

When we get new contests, I try to post to the front page in Site News to advertise it, so I would just keep your eye open for new ones that you could qualify for. There is an active running contest right now that you could still join, but it's for TS2. There's a post, here that discusses the differences between a challenge, contest, and story. As long as what you post fits the guidelines for what a challenge is, you may submit it. There aren't rules like for contests because it doesn't require the same level of dedication. That said, the challenges forum is moderated so a staff member will look over your challenge to make sure it fits before approving it.

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There are a group of us who participate in contests usually one or two a year, I am currently a judge in the latest TS2 build contest. The contest before that was open to sims2,3 and 4 and I think contests ike that, open to more sims games generates more interest. I would suggest just keeping a close check on the front page and joining as a contestant as soon as one comes up. If you have sims 2 at all you might still be able to join the current one since its set up a little differently with staggered rounds. Round one was just closed so you might be told no, but even playing along can help.

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Thanks very much for all the info - super helpful!! Sorry I took so long to respond. Lots of stuff going on in life etc.
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