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Default Site-wide Statistics?
Is there any way to see site stats in the same vein as individual creator stats? I keep wondering about overall trends in downloads and the like, and with so many places under social-distancing or shelter-in-place orders it seems like there might be an interesting spike in site visits or downloads or something (it seems like there might be one even in my own creator stats, but I'd be curious seeing the larger trends too!)... #IAmAStatsNerd

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Hi there

There has indeed been an uptick in the number of visits, as well as download counts. (I don't store counts on visits to a download page at the moment)

Here's a quick overview from the metrics system:

(The drop on the 21st was because of maintenance)

Also, for clarity:

Game 0 = no specific game
Game 1 = Sims 2
Game 2 = Sims 3
Game 4 = Sims 4

Let me know if you want to see anything else and I'll see if it's logged.


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