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Default Group or Team Uploads?
Hello all!

I was updating my MTS profile today (under "Settings and Options > Edit Options") and stumbled upon this line:

"To limit your profile to only *your* creations (ie not Group or Team projects), check this [box]".

I do not think I've seen uploads shared between 2+ modder profiles, even when third parties contributed heavily to a mod.

So is this an outdated feature or is it just really rare? I'd love to know how to implement it, if it works.
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Uploads themselves are not shared between creators.  If several creators want to co-upload they create a mod group and shared creations are uploaded to that account.  You can see on my profile I am part of two mod groups.
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Oh wow, you've released amazing stuff both individually and as part of your mod groups! Love what I'm seeing (especially the First Nations CC) and love this feature, will look into implementing it. Thank you so much!
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