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Pleasant: I hadn't decided what I was going to do with Daniel and Mary-Sue at that point, but I know that Kaylynn Langerak deserve a lot better than Daniel, so that won't be the direction they go. I created quite the little story for Angela though, marrying her into one of the main families in my game: the Smyth family , based on the first successful family I created in The Sims 1. In The Sims 1, the family consisted of Eric and Lisa Smyth, both military officers, who had a daughter named Nicole. When I first started playing The Sims 2 in 2005ish, I recreated this family but aged them to match the rest of Pleasantview, with Lisa and Eric being elders, Nicole being an adult, and her out-of-wedlock son Cody being a teenager. Nicole took after her parents, being a military woman. In my most recent recreation of Pleasantview, I was working on creating the backstory of all of this, with Lisa and Eric knowing each other as children, going to college together, getting married, giving birth to Nicole, Nicole growing up and having Cody. I decided with them being in the military, Mortimer Goth being a scientist, and Mary Sue Pleasant being a politician, this must be a military town, so I envisioned it being a neighborhood near a base which I refer to as Naval Station Port Simasota (the name is a combination of Port Charlotte and Sarasota, even though there is no base anywhere near either of those Florida cities... the things we can do with fiction). I decided to make Cody Smyth and Angela Pleasant a couple.

Although this is not something that literally happened in the game, I envisioned them as childhood friends, back when Cody would spend time with his grandparents while his mother was deployed, but Angela forgot about him because he moved away when his mother was stationed somewhere stateside. They reconnected when Cody and the Pleasant twins ended up at the same military school (a nod to The Sims 1) in Downtown Simasota. I think I may have told this story before, but Angela was sent there after she got in huge legal trouble hanging out with Dustin, who was an organized retail criminal caught stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics from Tom Nook's Shops, Inc. (yes, that's based on Animal Crossing; every subhood in my game had a Nook n' Go, Nookway, or Nookington's) and decided to bring Angela along the day he finally ended up being arrested (by a SWAT team... with 20 police and sheriff cars in front of the store... I actually asked someone I knew who was a cop what a police department would do in the exact scenario I envisioned and that's what they said would happen). Because of the severity of the shenanigans Dustin was involved in, because Angela got violent with asset protection when they were apprehended, and because detectives found a very expensive computer in her bedroom that Dustin stole from Nookington's for her, she was sent to Hillsdale County Girls Academy (based on Hillsborough Girls Academy, where the worst of the worst go) for a year, and when she was released from there, Daniel in Mary-Sue, dealing with problems of their own, sent the girls to Simasota Military Academy, where her old friend Cody and her sister are the only people who are actually nice to her. I literally made the other students at the academy bully her, and she cried a lot, and it was kind of sad to watch, but so realistic and intended to make her a stronger girlfriend/future wife for Cody. I had planned on making Angela a lot different person, changing her aspirations to family, making her very nice but very shy, and having the two get married, but real life pulled me away from my Simming for a long time. I think when I start working on this again I will do that.

Goth and Caliente : Bella returns, and it is confirmed that the Caliente sisters were behind her disappearance, hoping to swindle Mortimer of his fortune. Before the FBI can get a warrant for their arrest, they disappear to another subhood called Capital City. (another Downtown, which is like a combination of New York City and Washington DC in terms of business and government importance) Dina has graduated from the lowly Goth family to Tom Nook, the richest Sim in the world, but like Mortimer, Tom Nook is married (to Sable Nook).

Burb I can't remember exactly what I was doing with them, but I do recall moving them into a house and John Burb got a job working for Nookington's.

Now that I'm not running for local political office like I was in 2016, and now that I have a more steady schedule working for a school district opposed to the chaotic schedule I had selling real estate and then working two retail jobs +college, I'm hoping to get back into this, Simming was a lot of fun.
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Goth: Cassandra Married Don and they had 6 kids: 3 girls 3 boys. Beckham (Gemini, fortune) the 1st child and Aurora (Gemini, popularity) his clone younger sister have got married after uni. Beckham married a sim state dormie and Aurora married Beau Broke. The twins Natalia (cancer, family) and Mason Lothario (Virgo, knowledge) are waiting for their S/Os to get their scholarships and head off to Uni. Maja Lothario (Gemini, fortune) wants 100,000 and even though she’s still a teen she is nearly there at 75,000 while her twin Emmett (Sagittarius, knowledge) fell in love with Brandi’s daughter Davina Dreamer When he became a teen Alexander got the family aspiration and wants to marry off 6 kids. Cassandra and Don are both permaplat from becoming an education minister and professional party guest.
Caliente: on the 1st day Dina got pregnant by Mortimer and had natural twins. Aiden (Libra) and Aaliyah (Taurus). Both have their dads brown hair+brown eyes but their moms dark skintone. Aiden starred getting close to his dad when he maxed all his skills and even learnt some things. The twins got jobs in their ltw career fields. Dina wanted to be head of SCIA while Nina wanted to be a celebrity chef. Before Dina started showing they got new clothes (and Dina, the prettier twin imo got a store hair) and they went downtown to see if Mr Big, Joseph Jefress was anywhere to be found. Eventually I just spawned him with the sim blender and They fell in love. Dina, smitten asked him to move in. She got pregnant again. The twins both chose pleasure (chose aspirations using zodiac sign) but with widely different ambitions. Aiden wanted 50 dream dates while Aaliyah wanted to be a game designer. Aiden had his 1st kiss at his birthday party with JoBeth Burb (Lucy’s younger popularity sister) and got a headstart on his ltw the next day but his mom went into labour during their 1st date (Simblender was used to speed up the pregnancy). A girl named Amelia was born. She does look just like Dina but with her dads colouring and his mean streak (his exact personality too). They later moved out into a house the author of Pleasantview wishes emailed me. Leaving Nina alone on her own.
Dina’s house: after moving the couple started planning their wedding (forgot to mention they got engaged) and Aiden continued to date JoBeth while Aaliyah got interested in Ricky Cormier. Amelia became a popularity Leo and kissed Christopher Broke (Brandi And Skips son). But it didn’t really go Anywhere since Christopher is a romance sim and later started stringing Amelia along as he fell in love with Tori Oldie (Herb and Coral’s 3rd daughter). she made bffs with Lucy ‘s sister Jacqueline & Natalia Lothario and Later on twins Lovisa (Pisces) and Callum (Taurus) were born. Joseph’s career was bugged because he had the required skills for a later level but only started off as a medical technician. the Twins went to sim state with JoBeth and Ricky. when Aaliyah and Ricky came home it was discovered that Dina was pregnant again. She had a 6th child, Siri Caliente (Aries) who is now a child. Since then Aaliyah and Ricky moved into the house John and Jennifer Burb our up for sale with their daughter Olivia (Libra). Lovisa wants to learn and be an education minister while Callum also wants 50 dream dates like Aiden. Amelia graduated and moved back in.
Burb: When her ltw adventurer career didn’t show up Jennifer has another daughter, JoBeth (Leo) and she has the same colours as Lucy. While John did find a career in education, his ltw career. JoBeth as a child, became friends with Aiden Caliente. Lucy grew up into a fortune teen (I know she has a hidden family token but I wanted to try something new) Jacqueline Burb (Aries) was born snd became a child. Later on JoBeth became a popularity teen and started helping Aiden out with his ltw, then they became a couple. Lucy fell in love with Beckham despite only one bolt (if she and Alexander had chemistry as teens I certainly would’ve put them together rather than cause a huge mess later on). Jacqueline became a family sim (she’s supposed to be popularity but in my old games I played her prototypes as family all the time for some reason) and wants to be education minister. Jacqueline kissed Alex and messed with his nephew Beckham. Lucy didn’t see it but JoBeth did at the goth house and had a hissy fit. Since I need an even amount of kids: Jennifer Gave birth to twin boys, Lucas (the same colouring as his older sisters) and Jackson (has John’s colours). I guess I didn’t roll the pacifer before as Lucas ended up as a total clone of JoBeth, but Jackson has a more interesting personality even though he’s John’s clone. When the boys became children Lucy headed off to uni to join her cousins the pleasant twins, the stepbrothers Dustin&Dirk and Alexander. JoBeth continued to help Alexander’s brother Aiden out with his ltw. when Beckham came to uni Alexander never wanted to steal Lucy away from his nephew but he and Lucy discovered they really had spark (3 bolts). So Alex being the family sim he is wanted to propose but not without bumps in the road with Beck slapping Lucy. Back at the Burbs house, When JoBeth was waiting for the sim state dorms to get empty Jennifer had her last child, Linnea Burb (another Aries. Lucy and Jackson really are the only ones with unique personalities). All the kids have brown hair but Linnea is the only one who does look like her mom (it’s hard to tell with the first four kids since John and Jennifer have the same face template and the kids have their skin tones stuck in the middle). Linnea has an interesting personality being 1 nice. Right before she was born John became an elder and Jen followed a few days after Linnea’s birth. So she really was a late stage baby. JoBeth headed to uni with her boyfriend. She has since moved in with Aiden to an apartment (John‘s lookalike Timothy Riley’s apartment in Belladonna Cove) And they have 4 kids. Lucas became friends with Maja Lothario. The twin boys eventually became teens. Lucas is a popularity Leo and Jackson is a family Aquarius (someone I talk to on discord calls him John Jr). Lucas wants to be a hall of famer just like his big sister JoBeth and Jackson wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens (in blogs I read John was the one who wanted that in my game his son is the one who wants that). When Jacqueline joined her bff Amy Caliente they moved into a bigger house. Moved from 225 Main Street to 190 Sim Lane. Jackson kissed 3 bolter Meadow Thayer (who wants to marry off 6 kids). I didn’t play the lot in between university so Jackson didn’t go steady with Meadow until after Jacqueline returned home graduated SCL in psychology. Lucas fell in love with Maja at the Goth house. John became education minister and was able to get a secondary aspiration of romance while Jen is almost there as a warhead disarmer. She also got a secondary aspiration a long time ago. Family since she has a hidden family token. They also gained a bolt once John’s massive attraction perk was set (surprised all the time that they only have 1 bolt). But he ended up with 3 bolts with his bff/coworker Cassandra.
To be continued
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So I have this version of Pleasantview that I'm just kind of tinkering with, that probably won't exist long term. So far I've tinkered with Don Lothario and let him do his shenanigans with every woman in Pleasantview except Mary Sue and Brandi Broke (only because he hasn't met either of them yet), and I've tinkered with the Pleasant family. As I understand, some of these families are predestined by EA to go a certain way, so I wanted to see if were possible to make the Pleasant twins not fight by default without the use of cheats, and I managed to make them be best friends. To be blunt, I'm a manly man, not the cutesy type at all, but I have to say it was cute to see the wants go from "Drink Lilith" and "Drink Angela" to "Appreciate Lilith" and "Appreciate Angela," "Death of Lilith" and "Death of Angela" to go from a want to a fear, and the autonomous interactions go from "fight" to "family kiss." I dunno, maybe the fact that my real life girlfriend is a twin has something to do with that...
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I recently decided to start replaying Pleasantview from scratch. My play revolves around the 9 women, and I am tracking how far their family lines go by naming all their ancestors with the same first initial. So I have Angela, Brandi, Cassandra, Dina, Jennifer, Kaylynn, Lucy, Lilith/Mary-Sue (so there aren't two Ls), and Nina. I also had to add in the Travellers, since someone brought home Tina and wanted to be friends with her, so there is T for #10.

I basically play a wants-based game with evolving storylines that align with each person's general wants. I have a few rules. Everyone who qualifies must go to college with their cohort, and they can also bring any townie friends to college. Because college is accelerated, though, and they have to want to do the work, not everyone graduates. The three main houses--Dreamer, Pleasant, and Goth--have to stay in the family. Otherwise, people move into houses and furnish them according to my own system, which sometimes gets them what they want rather than what they need (such as a really nice stereo and a crappy fridge). If someone gets a red heart for someone and they are not married, they probably will get married even if they don't have the want, because I want families to continue, but sometimes they just don't seem interested in marriage (looking at you, Angela). People only get jobs if they want them or if money is tight. I have ACR to take care of romance and babies. Only elders get to have pets and pursue hobbies like gardening because only they have the time. I try to have a lot of parties and celebrate all the big occasions because I really like everyone to interact frequently; I also have funerals when someone dies.

The Pleasants: Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating and kicked him out, so he lived in the trailer park for a long time and had a brief affair with Nina. After the girls went to college, Mary-Sue got lonely and took Daniel back, but she didn't remarry him. They aged up. Daniel gave Mary-Sue a hot tub for her birthday. She gave him an espresso machine. Angela and Lilith both dropped out of college. Angela moved back in with her parents, got a job she loves, and occasionally still sees Dustin Broke but doesn't seem in a hurry to get married. Lilith and Dirk stayed together, got married, bought their own house, got good jobs, and had twins, Mia and Michael. Dirk is the only one of my first cohort to graduate college (my second cohort, which includes Beau and Lucy, haven't finished high school yet).

The Goths: Before Cassandra went through with the wedding to Don, she went to see Darren and realized she had feelings for him. So she dumped Don and married Darren. She moved into Darren's house but never really got used to his middle-class lifestyle. After Dirk moved out, they had one child Chloe, but they are both terrible parents and she is really neglected. Cassandra has accidentally gotten pregnant again. Darren aged up and thinks about Brandi Broke a lot--midlife crisis? Meanwhile, Dina did finagle Mortimer into marrying her. They had one child, Dylan, and Dina took up spending Mortimer's money as a profession. Alexander went to college but then returned home, rather aimless, and never got a job. He became very close to his father. When Mortimer passed away, Alexander had a nervous breakdown. He died of heartbreak during his father's funeral, so Dina lives in that big house alone with her toddler.

Brandi had her three boys: Dustin, Beau, and Bobby. She is still poor and has no one special in her life. She has a huge crush on Darren Dreamer, and he may return her feelings. Dustin worked hard to turn his life around and went to college, but quite frankly, he couldn't keep up and had to drop out. He got a condo, where he lives alone and occasionally sees Angela.

The Burbs moved into one of the neighborhood houses. John finally had to get a job when Jennifer got pregnant. Their son is Jacob. Lucy is a teen and very gregarious. She will go to college with Beau and any townies they befriend. The Burbs are close with their family members, the Pleasants and the Oldies. The Oldies live in a small house nearby and don't do much.

Nina lives alone and seems to like it. I think the only way her line will continue is via whoopsie baby.

Don Lothario has been keeping a big secret: he is living with Kaylynn and has been for years! I'm not sure whether they just are unaware of each other's extracurricular activities or whether they have an open relationship. Their story is still developing.

I just started replaying out of boredom, but I'm having a lot of fun revisiting Pleasantview, so we'll see how far I get.
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Originally Posted by shoo_flee
This is the longest time i've ever played Pleasantview, so much drama I love it. These are some of the households I have currently- all the origanals are either old or nearing it now.

The Langerak Condo- Kaylynn had promised to look after Dons condo when he moved into the Goths after he married Casandra. She was pretty pleased to be living in the comfy condo, and Don still popped by now and again for a bit of fun. Unfortuantley his marriage didn't last long-more on that later-and he moved back in. Kaylynn was so happy to have him home and things where peachy for a while, however as soon as she fell pregnant Don did a runner and left her to raise their baby alone. Times where tough as a single mum, especailly when she started seeing Daniel again and ended up pregnant again shortly after the birth of Bridget. She's currently a struggleing single mum to Bridget and Sophie, in an effort to make some extra cash she's turned the condo into a makeshift brothel- which has meant theres more money now but tensions are tight with the girls and trying to keep them away from it all.

Don and Nina- Don moved into the Goth mansion when he married Cassie. At the same time that Dina moved in and married Mortimer, they couldn't resit and had a very steamy and risky affair right under their spouses noses. Eventually Mortimer walked in on them woohooing allover the old sofa in the attic. He was willing to forgive Dina as he was totally besotted and belived her to be pregnant with his baby-unbeknown to him Pheobe Goth is actually the product of Don. Cassie was devastated at the affair and quickly divorced him and retreated into a deep depression sulking around the mansion whilst Dina paraded her bump around. Don breifly went back to his own condo and then moved in with Nina who he had been seeing alongside everyone else. Nina had been happy to keep things causal between them as she was living it up, progressing in her career, partying and having lots of fun. They settled into a happy little life full of holidays and raising their two little dogs, whilst drunk on holiday in Twiki island, Don proposed and they had a private little wedding. As they where both getting quite old they decided to try for a baby as Nina quite like the thought of being a mum. They are both now raising Chloe and their dogs and are pretty happy. Ninas recently started up an affair with her long term friend Brandi but Don is determined to be a good father to Chloe after he's messed it up so many times before. He's father to Pheobe with Dina, Bridget with Kaylynn and Hugo with Cassie before Chloe came along.

The Goths- So much drama in this household. After Don was kicked out, Cassie was so down and envious of Dina and her baby. She became obsessed with finding her missing mother. And she found her, lost and confused living in the dessert, Cassie was estatic to bring her home. Mortimer was shook. He couldn't believe the love of his life, his wife had returned. Dina was fuming. They all attempted to live together for a while but it was awful and poor Mortimer was torn, however he knew his heart would always lay with Bella, and Dina agreed to a divorce under hefty financial terms. Mortimer paid for her and Pheobe-who he thought was his daughter to his dieing day- to move to a beautiful modern home near the beach and paid huge amounts of weekly child support. He quickly remarried Bella, and they welcomed a second son called Ezra before Mortimer sadly passed leaving his widow alone in the creepy house to raise Ezra. Cassie eventually pulled herself together and relised what was right in front of her this entire time and has moved across the road with her son Hugo, married Darren and after two miscarriages finally had her second baby Reuban. Alexanda pretty much kept himself to himself and kept out of all the drama, he thought all these affairs and babies was so tasteless. He was thrilled to finally get out and go to uni. Meanwhile Bella is miserbale and sought comfort in the arms of Daniel Pleasant. She was devastaed to find out she was preganant-with twins. Especially as she left Ezra to be raised by a nanny. It was one shock after another as one night Daniel appeared on the doorstep in the rain with a distraught Cyd Roseland who had been lodgeing at the Pleasant household. Cyd had been abducted by aliens and to everyones horror appeared to be pregnant. Aliens are unheard of in Pleasantview and Daniel didnt no where else to turn, but he knew Bella had been abducted before- so they decided to keep Cyd hidden there untill they can come up with a plan. Again to everyones horror Cyd quickly gave birth to two little green babies Yuri and Valentina.

Alex- whilst at uni he discovered his sexuality and had several steamy affairs with attractive young men. However half way through he started seeing his tutor called Domonique, intially for extra credit but they quickly fell head over heels. They used to creep out to the various clubs downtown to makeout all over the place and Alex eventually stopped all his affairs with the other men. He graduated with top marks, but with few friends. He kept up good relasionships with his little brother Ezra who he found it hard to leave behind with their wayward mother, and is on good terms with Cassie and her son Hugo who he helped raise as a baby. Alex has always thought he is the righful heir to the goth mansion and fortune and is fuming to find out that Bella has moved in a bunch of wraiths and strays. He's kept his sexuality a secret from his family so far and has reluctantly moved into a spare bedroom at Cassie and Darrens. He sneaks Domonique round to go skinny dipping in their pond late at night and is planning to propose soon.

I play with no cheats- just a few mods so everything that has happened has completely taken me by suprise. especially the alien twins and bellas soon to be twins with daniel all in one house. Thats going to be fun to play. Will write about the rest of the hood at a later date as there is just as much going on with the Pleasants, Ottomas, Travellers, Burb and Broke families.

Well a lot has happened since my last post!

Kaylyn- the brothel is booming. But very much to the detriment of her two daughters. She is torn over shutting the brothel and settling down with a normal job and her friend Garett where a romance is blossoming, or carrying on so she can provide her daughters the money they deserve.

Nina and Don- are still happily married, but Nina is having a steamy affair with Brandi Broke. Don is sort of aware and not to bothered about it, he dotes on their daughter and is trying to build relasionships with his other children.

The Brokes- Brandi is desperatley sad and in love with Nina but she knows she will never leave Don for her. Shes old now and its only her daughter Billie left at home but shes always out and about. Shes still poor after her backyard bakery was a flop. Billie was pretty wild as her mum is always so busy. She could normally be found hanging round town. She was best friends with Ezra Goth (the late childen of Mortimer and Bella and second in line to their fortune) untill it blossomed into something more, much to everyones disgust. Bella was not accepting at all of their relasionship, Billie upset by it all stupidly had a one night stand with Floyd Ottomos and is now in the early stages of pregnancy. Will she follow in her mums footsteps? Or will she make it to Uni and into the arms of Ezra and the Goth fortune?

Ottomos- live in a large, old, wild farmhouse on the edge of town. Peter is an alcoholic lech who does nothing round the house, Samantha is run absouloutley mad looking after the kids, the house and holding down a job. They barely sleep in the same bed anymore. The twins (Floyd and Clyde) are doing ok Floyd is doing well in the military and dating Billie Broke, Clyde may be taking after his dad hes a bit lost and lazy. David managed to escape the madhouse and Tommy has also decided to go it alone. As for Sharla she just moved from one crazy household to another. . .

Cyd and Daniel Pleasant- after the birth of his alien twins at the Goths, Bella paid Daniel (the father of her twin daughters) very handsomely to remove the problem of weird green children running around the neighbourhood and her manison. Daniel moved with Cyd to a nice modern house up the hill out of the way to help him raise the twins. He has a very deep love for Bella and feels this is his redemption for his past mistakes and not being there for his other children. Cyd is struggling to cope slightly with the situation he found himself in but he loves his kids and wants the best for them. Poor Porthos got left behind at the Pleasants and Mary-Sue is taking good care of him.

The Pleasants- Lillith moved in with her grandparents once things got too hard at home and cut ties with everyone (more about her below). Angela had every intention of going to Uni and was doing very well in school. The day before she was due to move to Uni she discovered she was pregnant with Dustins baby. She was devestated as where her parents, but ultimatley went through with the preganancy and had baby Asher. Dustin moved in and really tried to be a good father and boyfriend. Unfortunatley Dustin knew he was destined for more than this and didn't want to end up like his mum so eventually got the chance to go to uni and took it. They stayed together for a while but eventually contact fizzled out. Angela concentrated on raising her son and working as a teacher. It was a long time before she allowed herself to move on with David Ottomos. They recently got married and had baby Logan, they are still living in the Pleasant house with Mary Sue who has just retired to help with the Baby. And some lodgers have moved in to help cover the bills. Angela is happy, Asher is not- he wants to build a relasionship with his real dad and hates David and his new baby brother.

Lillith- Thrived living with her granparents! They scraped the money together for her to go to Uni where she had a blast. She partied, she dated both men and women and loved the whole experiance. She still visited home a lot and had a lot of love for her granparents. She moved back in with them after uni and looked after them till they died, she was devestated. And refuses to move out of their house as it holds so much love to her. Shes doing very well in her career. After uni she had a few steamy affairs but has never been one to settle down. She saw Don for a while. She was friends with Dustin from her teen days and was his shoulder to cry on when it all went bad with her sister. One drunken night and it turned into more. She had her reservations at first but they have the best most loving and fun relasionship. Dustin is doing extremely well in the buissness career and eventually he moved in to her little home. They where so happy in their little bubble- untill Lucy Burb moved in! Dustin is desperate to move after the birth of their son James, he wants a larger more modern home.

Lucy and the Burbs- Lucy went to uni and accidentally ended up pregnant in her second year. She moved into a house on campus with Brady the father and tried to juggle Uni and raising her son Mason. She felt so trapped and had never planned to be a mum. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and run away to her cousin Lilliths not telling Brady where she had gone. Leaving him to raise their son. John and Jennifer had another daughter called Ella who was very close to Lucy- they all where. Lucy was too ashamed to tell them about Mason so they have no idea. She hasn't contacted them for ages, and didn't show for Ellas birthday. They are heartbroken and trying to reach out to her to find out whats happened. Brady and Mason are looking for Lucy and have moved in as lodgers to the Pleasant house whilst they search for her. Lucy has been hiding at Lilliths for a while and started up with Don who used to flirt with her as a teen. She also got involved with Peter Ottomos. . . and has just given birth to a daughter called Cammie. She is in a really bad place and not sure if she is cut out to be a mother. . .

The Goths- Alex moved back to the mansion as the righful heir to the fortune. He is engaged to Dom his old professor from Uni but his sexuality is heavily frowned upon and Bella will not have him in the house. Alex was in a very dark place and his relasionship with Bella fell to peices. He got to the point of considering to start a fire in the mansion. . . untill one night whilst he was standing outside lost in thought he was scared by one of the ghosts. Bella managed to save his life and after many difficult conversations they have managed to repair their relasionship somewhat. She has very reluctantly let Dom move in but will not hear of a marriage. Ezra is struggling under the pressure of being a Goth son, he doesn't see what is so wrong about loving Billie Broke and he is just desperate to build his own life somewhere else. Bellas twin daughters Cordelia and Beartrice are so naughty and cause absoulute mayhem.

The Dreamers- Cassandra removed herself from the Goth drama and is very happy with her husband Darren, her son Hugo from her previous marriage, Reuban her son with Darren and their new addition to the family Brooke who they adopted after struggling to have another of their own.

Dina and Dirk- Dina and her daughter Pheobe went it alone for a long time, Dina was comfy living of the child support she got from Mortimer and worked part time as a hair dresser. She eventually started dating Dirk a much younger man who is a sucsessful doctor. They had a beautiful wedding and Dirk was desperate to have kids of his own and they tried for ages but Dina just couldn't get preganant. It has drove a huge wedge between them. They settled on adopting baby Rowen (who is the son of the male Ramiswami and Tina Traveller). However things are tough, child support has run out and they are struggling to meet the bills on Dinas huge house but she refuses to move. Pheobe is a typical teen and Dirk is always at work. Dina is terrified of getting old and recently bumped into Dustin Broke downtown and they had crazy chemistry but he is very much in love with Lillith.

Travellers- The travellers origanally moved to Pleasantview to start a commune with the Ramiswamis. Trent is Polyamourous and they live a very hippy lifestyle. However their origanal commune ended in disater with the death of Priya Ramiswamia after a huge fire swept through the compound whilst they was all high from the bubble blower. Her husband went of the rails completely and eventually starved to death. He had a son (Rowen) with Trisha Traveller who was taken away by the authoritys leaving Trisha devastaed as they decalred her an unfit mother after learning about the free loving ways in which they lived. The Travellers moved to a new camp to start afresh. Tina has somehow managed to turn out ok, shes an aspiring writer and has just moved out for Uni. Meanwhile Trisha was devasated at the loss of her son and tried everything to get him back and make contact, she is devastated to learn that he has now been adopted and is very depressed. Trent meanwhile likes to move in a lot of lodgers to help with money and also to keep him entertained. Sharla and David Ottomos moved in and Sharla has stuck around after David moved out to marry Angela. So far Sharla has rejected Trents advances. . .

-and in that moment, i was infinate.
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I am really enjoying Pleasantview. My first time actually playing it.
Here are my thoughts on a reboot.

- I wouldn't kill the Oldies. I didn't play them at all. Maybe they would add a different dynamic.

- I wouldn't let Dina marry Mortimer. She deserves someone who will help her realize her dreams, not hold her back.

- I would definitely make Mary Sue gay again. She was SO happy.

- And Daniel and Nina would find each other too, because they were so well suited and their babies are gorgeous.

- I suppose I shouldn't kill Don and Bella off either - or should not have let Mortimer do that. I probably would have him be a monster again though.

- I don't think I would let Dirk and Lilith be together. Or, maybe if it happened when they were much older. Despite the adorable Pleasant-Dreamer last name, and their very cute son, it's like they settled for each other.

- Dustin, I would probably have be a disaster again. He's finally happily married to the lady he got pregnant at University, but it was a rough path.

- I would have made Kaylynn an active character. She's still just a maid - at some point she'll become part of a key narrative, but in my Pleasantview, Daniel just slept with some maid.
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I haven't done much with the Pleasants yet. I want to try to "fix" things because I'm an idealist and I can't help it. It's just my nature! :/ At the least, I'm going to try to make Angela and Lillith happy.
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I am playing Pleasantview for the 2nd time now (actually the 3rd, but the "real" 2nd time was very short and I don't remember much of it).

ACR makes it so much fun now!

In my current gameplay:

Goth/: Cassandra married Don, but it was the shortest marriage and the most dramatic wedding party ever (even though it was a "roof raiser" ). The happy couple was still under the wedding arch right after saying their vows, when Dina (or at least the ACR) thought it was a good idea to "congratulate" Don by kissing him in front of everyone, including Mortimer. So Cassandra angry, Mortimer angry. Don then thought: whatever, now I can go as well do woohoo with Nina in Mortimer's bed, while the wedding is still going on. Right after the party was over, Cassandra dumped Don. Now she is married to Darren Dreamer, they have 2 kids (and I would love them to have a 3rd one, but no success so far), both boys, named Kevin and Max. They also have 2 dogs (the Critturs from the Sim bin) and a cat, Sophia. The Critturs' puppies were given away to friends.

Mortimer married Dina once he was over the fact that she had an affair with Don. They got a son together, Gabriele, who is now a teenager. Mortimer was however more attracted to Nina, who was however not a serious candidate to become his 2nd wife. When Dina found out her husband was having an affair with her sister, she was devastated. Mortimer died soon after anyway and she got most of her money (not everything, I put some in Cassandra's inventory before she married Darren). Soon afterwards she married Ashley Pitts, a Sim State University premade with whom she had been having an affair since a long time. They got twins together. Dina is, besides her career in the entertainment industry, also a businesswoman now. She owns 1 of the bowling lots Downtown which she runs together with her new husband. So, despite the image of being a golddigger, she is proving that she is a strong, talented woman herself who uses the money as a starting point to lead her own life, while also being a good mother/stepmother (surprisingly she was very good with Alexander).

Alexander is now at university. In his teenage years he dated Melody Tinker but now he is head over heels with Lucy Burb.

Caliente/: Dina I already mentioned. Nina was very attracted to Herb Oldie (was also in my first game ). He moved in with her to have some steamy last days of his life. Right after his death, Nina died by being scared by a ghost 2 times in a row: Herb Oldie's and Michael Bachelor's ones, to be exact. Daniel Pleasant resurrected both Herb and her however. She got pregnant right before Herb died again, she now has a daughter, Giulia Caliente, and is still living in the Pleasant household, where she is causing some trouble between Daniel and Mary-Sue.

Pleasant/: At first Daniel refrained from woohoo'ing with Kaylynn, he rekindled the old flame with Mary-Sue and Kaylynn got jealous. Both Daniel and Mary-Sue have a secondary family aspiration now, and they have good chemistry, so they seemed to work everything out and even wanted to have another baby, which did not happen. They are both fond of their grandkids, but unfortunately Daniel is still Daniel and he never really stopped having affairs. Eventually Kaylynn did get pregnant of his child, she is now a single mom of a daughter called Katrien, Daniel secretly stops by now and then however, and pays child support. Nina is another huge threat to the Pleasants' marriage, Mary-Sue has caught her husband several times with her but one way or another they always make up afterwards (and end up woohoo'ing themselves).

Lilith and Angela are adults now. Since they both couldn't afford anything else, they went to the same dorm at Sim State University where they kept fighting all the time. Eventually Angela moved to the sorority house and became the pretty popular girl there, whereas Lilith became part of a secret society (she became a member of the boys' Greek House too, but was never a really committed member).

Angela did not study much because she was too busy making friends ánd some lovers in the sorority house. She initially continued her romance with Dustin while in college, but she felt like they didn't have much in common in the end. At first she had an affair with Dirk (which Lilith does not know!), but eventually she started dating Jimmy Phoenix, and right after graduation became unexpectedly pregnant with his child, a son named Colin. She moved in with her parents until he graduated too, and they found a place on their own. They married soon after while Angela was pregnant again, with twins this time: two girls, Evi and Marie-Laure.

Lilith was the one who graduated with honors, and she continued her relationship with Dirk Dreamer. They have their first son, Youenn, and are engaged. They moved Downtown so Lilith got further away from her family. They have been improving lately, however, it seems that Daniel is opening up more to his "lost daughter" and loves to visit his grandson.

Dreamer Most has been said: Darren (now elder) to Cassandra, Dirk to Lilith. Dirk lived at SSU with Dustin, Erik Swain and Jimmy Phoenix. He had an affair with Angela while in collega, which Lily can never find out. He is also still in love with Jane Stacks and is wondering whether Lilith is actually the one for him or he is with her because it has always been like that.

Broke Brandi got her third son, Lassad. As a young widow, she discovered that she is actually more attracted to women. She moved to a bigger house together with Christa Hsu (one of the AL townies), they adopted another baby boy, Clément. He is a child now, Lassad is a teenager, he is a romance Sim and will break some hearts in the future. Beau just moved to university, he is a family Sim.

Dustin went to college unexpectedly. He kept his relationship with Angela alive for quite a while, but he knew deep in his heart that he would not end up with her. At first he got engaged to Tiffany Sampson, one of the other sorority girls, but they broke up after she found out he was still woohoo'ing with Angela ánd with Heather Huffington, the whoohoo-queen of the campus. Later on he dated Brittany Upsnott, the 4th sorority girl, to whom he proposed. She got pregnant with his child right after she graduated. As soon as a got his degree too, he moved in with her and their son Jocelyn. Their relationship got sour after she discovered him flirting with her friend Heather again, but they are still together and moved to a bigger appartment so Jocelyn could have his own room.

Lothario After Cassandra dumped him, he went back to live in his old place. He continued having affairs with lots of women, I think almost all the Pleasantview women have slept with him (including the Pleasant mother and daughters). He has a son, Sam, with Jane Stacks (SSU premade), but she married another man who is more responsible as a family man. His lifetime aspiration is to woohoo 20 Sims, he is not far away from that anymore. Maybe I will make him a very dedicated family man afterwards who teaches his future daughters to watch out for certain men

Burb Lucy moved to collega, where she is having a wonderful love story with Alexander Goth.

John and Jennifer had another child, a son named Dieter. They also got a kitten, Roske, and a puppy Phoebe (from the Crittur dogs). John, while being a family man and a loving husband, got bored however. He fell head over heels for Tiffany Sampson from SSU. At first he did not want to leave his family, but in the end Jennifer divorced him and he moved in with Tiffany anyway, he proposed to her when she got pregnant, but they are not married yet. Tiffany just gave birth to twins, 2 boys named Nick and Jan. John had however woohoo with their neighbour Kaylynn Langerak. Maybe I can make him have 10 children as he wishes but with different women?

Jennifer is having a steamy romance with Don Lothario, while working on her career and taking care of teenage son Dieter and the pets.
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And now I feel like telling what my first Pleasantview looked like, but this can take a while. I played until Cassandra even had adult great-grandchildren
At the time, I was not always aware of the stories in the neighborhoods, int he beginning I just played to find out how the game worked etc

So here we go, the Pleasantview from my teenage years:

Goth/Lothario Cassandra got married to Don, and I am probably the only one in the world who made them stay together till the end. They had 10 children together, of which 9 sons and 1 daughter: Frank (adopted), Christiaan jr, Danielo, Anton (adopted), Nicolas, Adriana, Gustavo & Giovanni (twins), Angelo, Wouter. They gave her 29 grandchildren:
- Frank was a family Sim, he married Willemijn Pleasant (adoptive sister of Lilith and Angela). They adopted Seutje, but she died in her teenage years. They had 4 biological children too: Jan, Laura, Cindy and Peter. Frank and Willemijn were the only entirely faithful couple in my game. Overview of the remaining children:
  • Jan: married Sandrine Burb, they had one son: Kin Yuen. They got divorced when he started a relationship with Sophie Miguel, a grown up teenage Townie. They had a child too.
  • Laura: married Jens Langerak, they had twin daughters: Katherine and Afi. Katherine passed away at collega, unfortunately. Afi was an adult at the end and was engaged to Maxim. Laura's husband had passed away too when the girls were teenagers.
  • Cindy: got married to her high school sweetheart Born Burb, a full sibling of her brother Jan's first wife. They got a daughter together, but he left her for a younger woman. She went to the top of the criminal career, however, which made her very happy as a fortune Sim.
  • Peter: met Annelies Caliente in college, granddaughter of Dina. They married and got 2 kids together, a girl and a boy. Peter was a family Sim so he loved spending time with them.

Christiaan jr Christiaan is Mortimer's Dutch name, that's why. Christiaan jr was a romance Sim like his father, but he preferred men slightly over women (but both were fine for him). He married Piet Plezant, Lilith and Angela's younger brother. They adopted a baby, Sarah, but she died in her teenage years. They divorced when Piet found out about his affairs. Piet married a woman, Laura Star, but Christiaan jr then had an affair with her, which resulted in the birth of a son, Maxim. After Laura left Piet, Christiaan jr decided it was time to take his responsibility and married the mother of his son. He also really loved her, maybe the first time that ever happened in his life.

Maxim graduated from Académie Le Tour and got engaged to Afi, his uncle Frank's granddaughter (but technically not family anymore in the game)

Danielo was a fortune Sim, it was important for him to be the provider for his family. His wife Sien (Townie Brandon Lilliard's daughter) was a real family Sim who loved taking care of the kids, so it was a perfect match. They had 3 children together:
  • Janina: fell in love with the much older former playboy Jip Broke (Dustin and Angela's son) who tried to settle down xith a young woman and have kids. They had a daughter, Dorothy. Janina was not happy in that relationship, as a young knowledge Sim she had the feeling that she was in another stage of her life: discovering herself and learning new skills, whereas Jip had had his life of doing whatever he wanted and wanted to focus on his daughter instead (and having more kids). She went back to her mother's place, leaving her daughter. She then got accidentally pregnant again with Rafael Amsterdam's child (the Dutch Rafael London)
  • Tabitha: dated Maarten Goth (Alexander's son) in high school. They continued their romance with ups and downs in college. They eventually married and had two sons together: Pim and Karim, mostly because of what Maarten wanted as a family Sim. Tabitha was more about having friends and gaining popularity in her military career. During her 2nd pregnancy she got depressed after she found out her husband had an affair with one of his old college girlfriends. She died right after the birth of her 2nd son Karim.
  • Brahim: found out in college he likes men. Got married to Stefaan. They adopted a baby together. Both are family Sims so more were going to follow.

Danielo himself divorced Sien when they were elders and got remarried to Townie Ivy Copur, John Burb's widow.
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Cassandra's child number 4 now:

Anton: got adopted by Cassandra and Don as a child. Married Roosje Burb, John and Jennifer's daughter. Being a popularity Sim, he was very happy with his military career, while his wife Roosje was a real family Sim. They had 4 children together, but bad luck was in their way all the time:
  • Noor: she was a very pretty woman, a pale and black-haired version of her grandmother Jennifer. A family Sim like her mother, she was desperate to get pregnant as soon as she got into adult life. She did get pregnant of Piet Pleasant's baby. Piet was much older and she was not really in love with him, she just wanted to have a baby. Right after getting pregnant she met David Dreamer, Lilith and Dirk's son. While also somewhat older than she was, but not as extreme, there was an undeniable chemistry between them, and he proposed to her right after the first date. She died however unexpectedly soon after, leaving David devastated.
  • Senne: was a mysterious boy. Looked like his father, but had a more eccentric style as a teenager and was struggling with his identity. He died at the end of his teenage years.
  • Melissa: the only child who survived. Had lots of fun at university, Married Max Flexor (a premade from Académie Le Tour) after first being engaged to his roommate Martijn (they interchanged fiancées actually :-D). Had 2 kids with him. They were both popularity Sims and loved to have a good time with friends. Due to some bug in my game, they inherited millions of Simoleons and bought and exuberant house Downtown. She lives however with the knowledge that Max and her kids are the only family that is left.
  • Tess: Was an exact copy of her sister Melissa. Graduated as a single girl and went to live on her own downtown in a little house. She got killed in a fire. The only good thing was that her parents were not alive anymore so they didn't have to see their 3rd child die.

Nicolas was a quiet knowledge Sim, like his grandfather Mortimer. He loved his science career and his girlfriend Mary Dreamer, daughter of Dirk and Puree, one of my own Sims. She was the popular girl who got into politics and eventually became mayor, but unexpectedly they were a perfect match and everybody loved them. Pleasantview and surroundings were looking forward to see them have a baby. It took a while, since they were both working on their careers and personal development, but at some point it felt like it was the right moment. Soon after their daughter Hannelore was born. She was the perfect combination of both parents, with same the blue Dreamer eyes and the curly black hair as her mother, and the balanced traits of her father.
Nicolas and Mary married after their daughter was born, to make everything more official.

As a popularity Sim, Hannelore enjoyed college a lot. She got however engaged to the much older Jip, the same one who had a child with her cousin Janina (and with her aunt, and also got married to her cousin Natalia, but more about that later). Some say she did it for the money, or to get to his good connections in the neighborhood. Anyway, she moved in with him after graduation, but was already in love with someone elso. Jip felt that the other guy was not "just a friend" and some rivalry grew between them. Jip died before they got married, and Hannelore married the other guy.

Adriana had a complicated life. As the only daughter in the Goth-Lothario household, she was her mother's favorite. That's probably why she became such a family Sim as her mother, eager to marry at a young age to become a mother soon. Her brother Anton introduced her to Matthias Burb, the twin brother of his wife Roosje. She thought to have found the perfect match in him, but tensions arose. They married as soon as they reached the adult age, and Adriana was pregnant with their daughter Natalia immediately. Once the little girl was there, Matthias felt trapped: he wanted to build a political career and needed to have a good network for this, and he felt like his family was holding him back. When Adriana also brought some male friends over, he became jealous and slapped her several times for no reason. Adriana know she had to divorce him, she could not let her daughter grow up like this.
In these difficult times she met Jessy Jackson, a divorced woman who had lost her daughter and had become pregnant again after an affair with Brandon Lilliard, who was married. Even though Jessy and Adriana were quite different, they became best friends and lived together for a while. Their daughters Natalia and Caroline became best friends too. It gave Adriana the strength to go on, and to even have another baby. She got intentionally pregnant with Jip Broke, a notorious playboy, because she wanted to have another child but was not ready to have another husband. When Stéphanie was a toddler, she married Michel Dreamer, son of Lilith and Dirk. They had another daughter together: Frauke. (Fun fact: her roommate Jessy fell in love with twin brother David Dreamer and moved in with him)

Adriana's kids:
  • Natalia: was very little when her parents got divorced. Despite what happened between her parents, she still loved her father and kept in touch with him. Being a desperate family Sim runs in the family, however: she wanted to have a child at a young age too no matter what. She married Piet Plezant (yes, the same one that is also the ex-husband of her old uncle Christiaan jr!) and got his son Simon. Piet died soon after of old age. Natalia then searched for another man to settle down with her, and found the ideal partner in Jip Broke. Yes, the same Jip Broke that 1) is the ex-lover of her mother and the father of her younger sister and 2) has a daughter with her cousin Janina (and (3) would later on be engaged to her other cousin Hannelore). She got pregnant again and married him, but she died during her pregnancy. Her son Simon stayed with Jip and his daughter Dorothy at first, until Adriana decided that she wanted to take care of her grandson.
  • Stéphanie: grew up without a father in the first years, but Michel was like a father to her. Later on she also got in touch with her biological father Jip, who was amazed to have such a beautiful daughter. In college, Stéphanie dated Tom Langerak (Kaylynn's grandson) but he chose her cousin Ann-Sophie over her. She then met Frans Star, grandson of Lilith and Dirk Dreamer (and related in the family tree, but technically not family anymore ). The chemistry she had with him was undeniable, so marriage and children were a logical step.
  • Frauke was the younger one of the 3 sisters. As a knowledge Sim, she took college quite seriously, but she also made time for fun. After having dated some different guys, she settled down with Tom Freshe (an Academie Le Tour premade Sim), who had already graduated and was more mature than most dorm Sims. While she was in college, her widowed father Michel had another child with Ellen Frost, another Academie Le Tour premade Sim. Their little girl soon lost bot their parents, and Frauke decided to take care of their sister once graduated from college. She also got a child from Tom, so it was 1 big happy family.
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Ok next: Cassandra's children number 7-10

Gustavo was the elder one of the pair of twins. He was a serious knowledge Sim, a bit like his older brother Nicolas. As part of the "next generation" of Cassandra's children, he was not really in touch with his older siblings, they had already moved out when he was born. As a teenager, Gustavo started dating Lieke Dreamer, Darren's adopted daughter. The moved in together once they ware adults. As knowledge Sims, they both worked on their own skills before settling down further. Eventually they too got married. They wanted to have 1 child, but Lieke turned out to be pregnant of twins; a boy and a girl, named Hans and Isabelle.
After a while the marriage was dead. Gustavo then fell in love with his wife's twice-widowed sister Night. He married her and got another pair of twins: Stefanie and Timothy. (Fun fact: for her it was the 2nd pair of twins too).

Gustavo's children:
  • Hans: had the looks of a typical Goth/Lothario family member. He wanted to make a career and settle down with a family Sim he could provide for. In college he found a girl like that: Alicia Langerak (granddaughter of Kaylynn). He was not head over heels in love with her, but they seemed to have a steady relationship and got engaged. Hans was however more attracted to Sophie Pleasant (daughter of Piet Pleasant, Mary-Sue and Daniel's son). He tried to stick to his commitment to Alicia and married her anyway while keeping his affair with Sophie alive. Right after the birth of their daughter, Alicia found out about it. Hans left his family and moved in with the love of his life. He started a new family with her.
  • Isabelle: was more boring than Hans as far as I can remember. Eventually, as an adult, she fell in love with the widowed Phineaus Furley, who had lost his wife Delilah O'Feefe (both premades from Academie Le Tour) due to a falling satellite. She married him and became a good stepmother for his 2 little children.
  • Stefanie: had the typical Dreamer look (dark skin, dark blue eyes). Grew up in a very busy household with 6 children. Went to college. Not much to sayabout her
  • Timothy: looked like his father Gustavo. Not much to say either.

Giovanni was a fortune Sim, so very different from his twin brother Gustavo. He met Janneke Broke (Angela and Dustin's daughter) when she already had a child with Matthias Burb, who did not want to commit after his disastrous divorce from Adriana Goth. Giovanni married Janneke and cared a lot about his stepson Wim, whom he considered his own. He also proved to be a solid provider for his new family. Giovanni and Janneke soon got another child, a daughter named Ann-Sophie. After a while they decided to go for a 3rd child, which turned out to be twins (both parents were one half of a pair, so no surprise ): a girl named Valerie and a boy named Koen. He caught his wife flirting with her ex-lover Matthias again. They stayed together, but Janneke died unexpectedly soon after, so Giovanni stayed behind with 4 children, two of which were toddlers. Giovanni worked extremely hard to keep his family together and never loved anyone again the same way as he loved his wife.

his (biological) children:
  • Ann-Sophie: Ann-Sophie became a popularity Sim, she went to college and became best friends with everyone while keeping a slightly rebellious image. She dated Tom Langerak, even though he was in a relationship with her cousin Stéphanie. Ann-Sophie and Tom had a stronger bond however, maybe because they both lost a parent at a very young age (although Ann-Sophie can still remember her mother). They married and got children eventually. They resurrected Janneke Broke and Jonas Langerak so they could see their grandchild be born before dying again, this time for eternity.
  • Valerie: looking like a copy of her elder sister, but dressed in a more "stylish" manner. She started dating Tom Langerak's younger brother Sander, so everythng was kept in the same familiy They also ended up married with children.
  • Koen: turned out to be gay in college. Dated some older men, but did not really know what he wanted in life.

Angelo became the actual heir of Cassandra's fortune (Cassandra inherited everything from her father). Cassandra and Don had moved to the big expensive premade house in Pleasantview, and Angelo made it a little dynasty. He chose to share his life with Townie Marisa Bendett, to not have any link with the other families and to keep some "fresh blood" in the family tree. At first his wife felt some pressure, the women before her in the family tree were Cassandra and Bella and they were legends.
But as soon as she started having her children and her own career, everything turned out fine, and Angelo and Marisa had a very solid marriage.

Their children:
  • Evelien: A black-haired version of her mother. Became at her turn the heir of the fortune. Married Mr Big (did not know about him at the time, they just happened to like each other), who moved in with the family.
  • Katia: Very similar to her elder sister and not so much age difference either. Died mysteriously while in her teenage years, not long after the birth of her little brother. Marisa and Angelo were devastated but their marriage survived.
  • Michael: Marisa and Angelo were so happy with the girls. Both fortune Sims, they wanted to keep it like that, but after a while it felt right to have another child. A boy this time!

Wouter The spoilt youngest child. Cassandra knew it was going to be the last one (she went for 10, not more), and since only she was taking the life elixir to keep her young at not Don, everyone knew the child was going to grow up without a father and with a very old, soon-to-be-retired mother. He learned to have a life without responsibilities and it turned out he had as much romance inside of him as his father. He lived alone and had some lovers now and then. He had a daughter with some Townie named Wendy but was not interested in her. Once he got married: with Jessy Jackson (yes, his sister Adriana's best friend), who was looking desperately for love after her relationship with David Dreamer went downhill. It was an impulsive decision with they both regretted immediately. After all, Wouter died at a very young age of an unknow cause (if I remember well he was the first of Cassandra's children to pass away).

Well, that was Cassandra's part from my first years of playing TS2 :p
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Dina and Mortimer got married. Mortimer and Alexander moved in with Dina, so Cassandra got all the money. They kicked Nina out of the condo. After a while they moved back to the old Goth mansion, since Cassandra and Don moved elsewhere with there fast-growing family. A daughter Serena was born, a brown-haired brown-eyed copy of her mother. Alexander was really close with his little sister, especially after Mortimer passed away. He also had a good bond with Dina. A little too good: when he turned into an adult, they married and Dina got pregnant again. She died unfortunately during her pregnancy due to a ghost. So Alexander and Serena were alone.

After Serena grew up to an adult, Alexander proposed Lucy Burb to move in and marry him. They eventually moved to a bigger house with their two sons: Joeri and Maarten, who both looked like their father. when the boys grew older, Alexander got bored eventually. He started an affair with the young recently widowed Night Langerak-Dreamer, Darren's daughter and widow of Jonas Langerak. He eventually left Lucy for her. Even though Night already had 2 young children to take care for and Alexander did not have much time left, they went for another baby. Alexander died before night gave birth to their twins: a boy named Jasper and a girl named Lauranne.
  • Joeri was a romance Sim, and nobody knew where he got that from. He had some lovers and stayed single for a long time. Eventually he moved in with Townie Tosha Go (made her grow up to go to uni) who had given birth to twins (not his).
  • Maarten was a lookalike of his brother, but he was way more family-minded, just like his aunt Cassandra and grandfather John. He dated Tabitha Goth (Cassandra's granddaughter, technically not family anymore ) in his teenage years, Maarten was the first Pleasantview Sim to join Academie Le Tour. He forgot about Tabitha for a while and got engaged with his new girlfriend Marla Biggs (one of the premades), until Tabitha moved to college too. They got back together despite their differences. Eventually they did get married and Tabitha agreed on having children. Maarten started an affair with his former roommate Emily Lee (another premade), and when Tabitha found out, she felt trapped and got depressed. She died soon after the bith of their 2nd son. Maarten made his relationship with Emily official and they got another child at a quite old age. Pim and Karim accepted her as their stepmom so all well.
  • Jasper and Lauranne don't remember exactly what I did with them, they were quite boring (and had a quite chaotic childhood with a 2-times-widowed-single-mom-of-4 who then remarried and got another pair of twins ) Their appearances were quite interesting, though, with Jasper having the Dreamers' dark skin and Alexander's face, and Lauranne the complete opposite.

EDIT: Jasper got married to the much older Sandrine Burb, who had already divorced her 1st husband Jan and had already turned into an elder. Didn't care that I couldn't give Jasper any offspring like this since he had so many siblings that his genes were not that unique :-D

Serena Caliente became an orphan at a very young age, but she was lucky to have her brother Alexander. As an adult, she moved in with her boyfriend Seppe Broke. He knew what it felt like to lose both parents at a young age, so they had a bond immediately. They enjoyed the time between them as long as possible before moving to a next step: getting married and having a child. They eventually got a daughter, Annelies Caliente. She still has the same face as grandmother Dina.

Annelies at her turn did not go to college to her regret, but she dated college boy Peter Goth, Cassandra's grandson. (again: they share a family tree but far enough to not be family anymore; and Peter is the son of an adopted son of Cassandra's so genetically it is fine ). They got 2 children together, a girl and a boy.

Well, let's throw back to Nina Caliente

Well, Nina caliente married Appel Star, a divorced woman with a daughter named Sien, and became Nina Star.
Nina at her turn remained Nina, and she got pregnant after some woohoo with Herb Oldie (they always seem to like each other in my games), and she gives birth to his daughter Kelly posthumously. Surprisingly, Nina is a dedicated mother who rolls wants to interact with her baby girl all the time. It was a fun all-female household to play with in the end

Kelly was very much like her mother character-wise: she wanted romance all the time, whether it was from men or women. She got pregnant with Laurens Langerak's (Kaylynn's son) babies, which she was about to raise as a single mom. Eventually she died when they the twin girls Hanne and Alicia were toddlers, they were taken away and adopted by their biological father Laurens.
  • Hanne looked very much like her mother, but turned out to be a real family Sim. She met Wim Broke in college, they fell head over heels in love and were very compatible in their aspirations. They made such a sweet family when they married and had their first baby :-)
  • Alicia had the face of her father Laurens and grandfather Gordon King. Concerning appearance she has only the blonde hair and the green eyes in common with her twin sister. Alicia is a family Sim too, She was not so lucky with her marriage: her husband Hans Goth had an affair with Sophie Pleasant and left her after the birth of their daughter. She then got remarried to Rafael Amsterdam (London in the English game), with whom she had another child. They did not have much chemistry either but it was a good compromise :-)
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Now that I am on fire:

The Pleasants! Some of it I have already discussed in the Goth section, they have some overlap where there are marriages between the two families.
After so many generations, it becomes like a soap opera where everyone is linked to everyone (and if they are not related, they will woohoo definitely )

Mary-Sue and Daniel rekindled the old flame, and Daniel never gave in to Kaylynn's temptation. They had another son, Piet. Since it was too lonely for the little boy with only two teenage sisters who were not interested in him, they adopted a little girl named Willemijn. The two younger children made the family alive again. Daniel stayed more or less faithful to Mary-Sue, he kept his aspiration meter high by woohoo'ing his own wife

Angela went steady with Dustin when they were teenagers. She grew up to an adult earlier than Dustin, and at first she went into a relationship with his criminal friend Gordon King. She got a son, Jelle, and got engaged to Gordon. They did not continue their relationship however and Angela did marry Dustin in the end. Jelle died as a teenager, but Angela and Dustin got 3 other kids together: the twins Jip and Janneke (Jip is a boy, Janneke a girl, they are named after some famous Dutch children's books characters ) and daughter Petra. Dustin also cheated on Angela with Andrea Hogan, who was married to Brandon Lilliard, and she gave birth to a daughter Laura Star. She had a dark skin, but blonde hair and blue eyes like her father so there was no denial there. Angela and Dustin stayed together however.
  • Jip was a real romance Sim who did not want to settle down. At a young age he got a daughter with Adriana Goth, but neither of them desired to be in a relationship (he was just the "sperm donor"). Later on he changed and did want to have more of a family life. There is only 1 daughter of Cassandra's, so he had to go 1 generation further: to the granddaughters. At first, he tried with Janina, they got a daughter, Dorothy Star, but Janina was too young to settle down like Jip wanted to. Then he married Natalia, half-sister of his own daughter , but she died during her pregnancy. He raised her son (who was also his cousin, to make it more complicated) for a while until Adriana wanted her grandchild to stay at her place.
  • Janneke was a family Sim. She got a son, Wim, with Matthias Burb, but he did not want to commit after his disastrous marriage and divorce from Adriana Goth. She then married Giovanni Goth and got 3 more children with him: a daughter Ann-Sophie and the twins Valerie and Koen. She rekindled her romance with Matthias at some point, and some gossip was that she actually wanted to leave Giovanni before she died unexpectedly. All 4 her kids were eventually raised by Giovanni.

    The 3 younger ones I discussed at the Goth part. Wim, her eldest child, went to college and experimented with romances with both men and women. Eventually he fell deeply in love with Hanne Langerak (granddaughter of Nina, Herb, Kaylynn and Gordon). Being both family Sims, they got married right after college and got their first baby soon after.
  • Petra married Evert Langerak, one of Kaylynn's sons with Gordon King. They had 3 children together:
    • Sasha went to college and met Anabel there, a dormie (don't know her English name, she was a cute blonde girl wearing an orange sweater). They married and had their first child soon after college.
    • Stefaan discovered his love for men in college. After graduation he moved in with Brahim Goth (Cassandra's grandson) and they adopted a baby.
    • Katy had the most controversial choice concerning her love life. She made the much older Born Burb (John's son from his 2nd marriage) leave his wife Cindy Goth and their daughter. They got a baby together, much to the disagreement of her parents.

    EDIT: Petra divorced her husband at an elder age, their marriage had become too boring. A shame, they were so perfect for each other in the beginning. The got remarried to the much younger Chaz Whippler from Academie Le Tour, after I changed his aspiration from romance to popularity.

Lilith turned out to be not as bad as her parents thought she was. She anticipated to continue her relationship with Dirk in adult life, but he married another woman instead (Puree Patatje, a Sim my mom made for me at the time ). He divorced quite quickly after she cheated on him with Darren, and went back to Lilith. They married and got twins together: David and Michel
  • David had a very turbulent love life. His first serious relationship was with Jessy Jackson. He met her simultaneously with her roommate Adriana, who got married to David's brother Michel. Michel moved in with Adriana, Jessy moved out of that place and moved in with David, Dirk and Lilith. She brought her daughter Caroline with her, who became quite rebellious once a teenager. Jessy was older than David, had already gone through a divorce, lost a child and had an unexpected 2nd pregnancy. She made it clear from the start that she was done with it and that she did not want to get married or have more children, just living together and having a new stepfather for Caroline was enough. All fine for David in the beginning, he was too ambitious in his career to start a family anyway, but after a while there was the feeling it was going nowhere. He had an affair with Tessa (who was a bit like the female Don Lothario, and also the older half-sister of his "stepdaughter" Caroline ), and she got pregnant of his baby. Tessa was not the perfect-mother-type, so the baby was raised by David, Jessy and Dirk (Lilith had already passed away if I remember well). Jessy was at first willing to raise Frans together with David, but it was the beginning of the end for their relationship. Eventually David met Noor Burb and fell head over heels in love with her, he proposed to her immediately. Noor died before anything could happen, but it was clear Jessy had to move out and so she did. David had some other girlfriends afterwards but nothing that stuck. He died in the flames of a fire jet when he had just turned elder.

    His son Frans went to college, like everyone in that generation, and met Stéphanie. They fell in love and did not realize their grandmothers were twin sisters. But hey, it is not illegal anymore They got married and had a child together.
  • Michel was the more stable one of the twin brothers when it comes to love. He married Adriana, who already had two daughters, and they got another daughter named Frauke. They also raised Adriana's grandson Simon (who was technically Michel's cousin) together after Natalia passed away. Adriana was somewhat older than Michel so she passed away first. He stayed single for a while, focusing on raising Simon, but eventually went out dating again. He first got engaged to a dormie from Academie Le Tour but broke it off quickly. Eventually Ellen Frost (from Academie Le Tour) moved in with him and they had a child together. Michel never really got to know his daughter well since he died of old age when she was little. Ellen died too not much after and the child was raised by her half-sister Frauke.
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The Pleasants, part 2

As I said, Daniel and Mary-Sue got 2 more children: one biological son Piet and one adopted child Willemijn (she was older than Piet since she was adopted as a child). They were really a next "generation" in the family and did not have much to do with their elder siblings Lilith and Angela.

Willemijn: was a very exemplary student and a good family Sim. Got married to Frank Goth and they got 5 kids, see "Goth" in one of my earlier posts. Not much so say besides that. They were a beautiful family but maybe a bit boring for an outsider. They were the only married couple to remain completely faithful to each other. That is quite an achievement with all the romance Sims in town who need fresh blood for woohoo all the time

Piet: fell in love with Christiaan jr Goth, they got married and adopted a baby, Sarah. She died however when she was a teenager. The marriage was already not good because of Christiaan jr's cheating all the time (he looked very much like his father Don), and did not survive the death of their child. After the divorce, Piet fell in love again, this time with a woman: the much younger Laura Star (everything stays in the family, since she was the illegitimate daughter of his brother-in-law Dustin). They got a daughter: Sophie. Laura got pregnant again but once the baby Maxim was born it was clear that this baby was a Goth/Lothario descendant: Laura had cheated on Piet with his ex-husband Christiaan jr. Eventually she left Piet and married Christiaan jr. Maxim went to live with his mother, Sophie stayed with her father.
Piet remarried an even younger woman: Natalia Burb, and she gave him a son named Simon. Piet passed away soon after.
Rumor said that, in between these two marriages, Noor, another Burb-Goth/Lothario grandchild, was also pregnant with his baby when she died.

How did it go with Piet's children?
  • Sophie went to college, as a good knowledge Sim she good appreciate a good education, ánd a very good relationship with her professor to maintain her high grades. She fell in love with Hans Goth but the did not want to break off his engagement with Alicia Langerak, so they kept their affair secret. Eventually he got divorced and married Sophie instead, they got a child too.
  • Simon was a family Sim, but did not manage to fall for the right women. He had some romances with former Townie Wendy, who was much older; Ellen, who ended up with his cousin/step-grandfather Michel, Don't remember if I eventually paired him up with someone or not :-D
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Cannot help it, love to remember my old game

Let's go to the Dreamer family. They made some complicated family trees

Darren had to let Cassandra go, he never made a move on her because she married Don before he got the chance. He then met Brandi Broke , both having lost their spouses, they formed a deep connection. They got married and Brandi moved in in Darren's house with her 3 sons. I think I got her pregnant too, but she died not long after their wedding. Darren then had to raise Brandi's kids alone. Dirk and Dustin luckily got along very well, better than their girlfriends Lilith and Angela did They also experimented together in a little affair but they eventually liked their girls more than they liked each other
(fyi: in the teenage years I liked my Sims messing around with each other no matter if it were straight or gay relationship, to get them to a traditional straight marriage once they are adults. Not because of an ideological cause, I just have lots of fun letting my Sims procreate and it is easier to do so in a straight relationship )

Once an adult, Dirk did initially not continue his relationship with Lilith, but married Puree Patatje (a Sim my mother made at the time, her name means something like mashed potatoes ). They got a daughter: Mary. Puree was a romance Sim however and could not remain faithful. They divorced, little Mary went to live with her mother, and Dirk went back to Lilith. He had twins with her: David and Michel. They were quite a stable family and marriage did them well. The adult David also stayed in the house, together with girlfriend Jessy, her daughter Caroline and his son Frans. Frans was little "accident" David had with Tessa Star, one of Brandon Lilliard's daughters she gave the child to him because she didn't want to raise him (fun fact: Jessy's daughter Caroline was an illegitimate child of Brandon Lilliard, so she was technically the aunt of het "stepbrother" Frans). Dirk really loved his grandson so it didn't matter that the house was quite full :-D

About Dirk's children: I think I have mentioned most of them in the other families (Goth and Pleasant): Mary married Nicolas, one of Cassandra's sons, and had a daughter: Hannelore. Michel married Cassandra's only daughter Adriana and had a daughter, Frauke. He also got another daughter at a very old age (don't remember her name) with Ellen Frost, a student premade. As said, David had a son with uber-romance-Sim-in-my-game Tessa Star, had a relationship without marriage with Jessy Jackson and got engaged to Noor Burb but she died right after.

But... I am not ready with Darren yet.
So Darren had to raise Dirk and the 3 Broke Boys, but once they were growing bigger, he got quite lonely, especially when Dirk and Dustin moved out of the house.
It took him a while but he got remarried to... Dirk's ex-wife Puree! She was a romance Sim and not really marriage material (especially not because she used to be his daughter-in-law) but one way or another they got along quite well. Puree's daughter Mary also moved in with them, so Darren became the stepfather of his own granddaughter. They also got 2 more daughters: First they had night, and when se was a child they adopted Lieke, who was about the same age.

So think about the family tree, and how strange it looks from different perspectives:
- Darren was the stepfather of his own granddaughter
- Mary's younger siblings Night and Lieke were actually her aunts. The moment they have children, these children are Mary's nieces/nephews and cousins at the same time.
- Dirk's younger siblings Night and Lieke are also his daughter Mary's siblings

About Darren's 2 "new" children:
- Lieke: I mentioned most of her in the "Goth" part since she married her high school sweetheart Gustavo Goth, 1 of Cassandra's sons. Both were knowledge Sims so not a bad match. They had twins but got divorced eventually (somewhat before they became elders, if I remember well). I think Lieke found love again, but I don't remember with whom.
The twins Hans and Isabelle I discussed in the Goth part.

- Night: She had a more complicated life. Being a family Sim, she had dreamt of getting married and starting a family since she was a young teenager. It started very promising: she met Jonas Langerak (an illegitimate child of Kaylynn Langerak and John Burb). They married and got 2 children right away: Tom and Sander.
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I ended my previous post with a cliffhanger :

As I said, Night Dreamer had a complicated life. So it did not end "happily ever after" with her getting married and having 2 kids. She became a widow unexpectedly right after the birth of her 2nd child Sander. Being left behind with a toddler and a baby, you would think that finding love again is not priority #1 in a Sims's life, but Night fell in love anyway. The lucky one was...Alexander Goth, much older than her, father of 2 teenage/adult sons ánd married to Lucy Burb. Since there was no chemistry anymore between Alexander and Lucy, he left his wife for Night and married her. From Night Dreamer to Night Langerak to Night Goth, she went. Night also wanted to have another baby, even though she knew Alexander did not have much time left and she would be left alone with 3 children. Alexander died during her pregnancy and Night gave birth to...twins! So there she was, 2-fold widow with 4 children. It was quite tough for her, luckily she had inherited some money from Alexander so, even though she kept doing her job besides being a single mom, she did not have to worry too much about making promotions to get more Simoleons and she could afford some help.

You would think that this would be enough? That, from now on, she would have no more kids. Maybe it would be nice to find love again, but let's stick to him being a stepfather to raise the kids with, and find a guy that is not married. Well, Night got married a third time, to... her ex-brother-in-law, Gustavo Goth (who is also Alexander's nephew). At least she did not have to change her name again
Gustavo, having a twin brother himself, already had twins with Night's sister Lieke. Night had, besides her two sons with Jonas, the twins with Alexander. Let's add another pair of twins: they had Stefanie and Timothy together! But at least, this husband had the opportunity to raise the kids together with her, he did not die before or right after they were born. Third time's the charm, right?
The birth of her 5th and 6th child put her in the top of most fertile females in Pleasantview ever (actually, she moved Downtown with Gustavo, but anyway ): only Cassandra did better with her 10 children. Among the males, John Burb ranked 1st, with 6 children as well. EDIT: of course the most fertile male Sim was not John but Don. Cassandra had all her children with him! But still honorable mention for John

About Night's children;
- Tom, the first son of Night with Jonas Langerak, was not always very supportive of his mom's choices to have more children while she was already having a hard time. He could not wait to go to university to have some more personal space. As discussed in the "Goth" posts, he first dated Stéphanie, Adriana Goth's daughter, but eventually he fell for her "full cousin" Ann-Sophie (they have the exact same 4 grandparents: Dustin & Angela and Cassandra & Don). Both had a parent that died when they were still at a young age, so they bonded well and could talk about that topic. They got married and had a child in the end.
- Sander was a newborn when his father died. He met his future wife Valerie in college, who was the sister of his brother Tom's fiancé Ann-Sophie Actually, looking back at it, I think both couples are an exact copy, since both Tom & Sander and Ann-Sophie & Valerie suffered from the "1st-born-syndrome". Sander had a baby too with Valerie.
- Jasper & Lauranne: discussed mainly in Alexander Goth's post.
- Stefanie & Timothy: discussed them in the posts about Cassandra's (grand)children. I think they were young adults when my first game ended.
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Let's go the the Burbs. John became the most fertile male Sim after Don Lothario (who, surprisingly enough, had all his 10 kids with one woman only: Cassandra Goth).

John and Jennifer tried for another baby and soon the twins Roosje and Matthias were born (the first twins in my game back then! ) They looked like a peaceful family, but actually they bored each other out: Jennifer wanted to have a great career and did not want to be stuck with more children, John wanted nothing more than having a big family. John then had an affair with Kaylynn Langerak, who was then already married to Gordon King, the burglar. She had his son, Jonas, who was almost an exact copy of his biological father. Kaylynn's marriage survived, John's marriage did too initially but eventually it did break down since Jennifer could not forgive him. After the divorce, their 3 children stayed with Jennifer. She got her great career in Business and remained a happy single for the rest of her life.

John, on the other hand, started another family. He married Townie Ivy Copur (the adult one with black hair and dark skin, called Ingrid in the Dutch version) , they had 2 more children: Sandrine and Born.

About the Burb children:
- Lucy: already mentioned most in the post about Alexander Goth: became a popularity Sim, married Alexander Goth and got 2 sons: Joeri and Maarten. Alexander left her when they were elders.
- Roosje: already mentioned most in the posts about Cassandra's (grand)children: married Anton Goth, Cassandra's adopted son. They had 4 children, the twins Noor and Senne; Melissa and Tess. Only Melissa survived long enough to have her own children, with her husband Max Flexor from Académie Le Tour.
- Matthias: he was a popularity Sim with ambition in the Politics career. Once grown into adulthood, he married Adriana, Cassandra's only daughter. They moved to a newly built house and oon after, their daughter was born: Natalia. But one way or another he felt trapped in his little family, and for no reason he became jealous in a violent manner towards Adriana. She divorced him, he went to live in a small place in Pleasantview's condo area and would never leave. Despite having been a bad husband, he still tried to be a good father to his daughter, who visited him regularly. Besides that, he focused on his career for a while (although his divorce was not good for his public image) and on his few good friends that had not turned their back after the divorce.
He started a relationship with Janneke Broke, Dustin and Angela's daughter, who was very understanding about his past. They had a son called Wim. He did however never commit to her, because he was afraid to do the same thing to her as he did to Adriana. After she married Giovanni Goth instead, he knew he made a mistake and wanted her back. She still loved him too and they even continued their relationship at some point, which devastated Giovanni. Janneke died however tragically before she could make any decision about leaving Giovanni and getting back together with Matthias or staying with her husband. Their son Wim stayed with his stepfather Giovanni after Janneke's death, so he could stay together with his younger siblings.
Matthias then stayed alone for quite a while. He kept working on his political career and eventually became mayor.
Except for some short-term lovers now and then, he did not feel the need to find another woman. That was until he had reached the life stage of elder and started something with Townie-made-playable Brandi LeTourneau, a single mom with 2 kids. She got pregnant with his child, and this time he wanted to take his responsibilities from the start. Fate decided differently: before he was able to ask Brandi to move in with him, he died. He would never know his youngest daughter Eveline

His children: Natalia and Wim I discussed with their respective mothers already Eveline I don't quite remember what happened to her (did she even survive until adulthood?)
- Jonas: being the result of an affair, he grew up with his mother Kaylynn Langerak and her husband Gordon King. He was the 2nd of 4 sons in that family, but he looked quite different from his brothers. He was almost an exact copy of their "neighbor" John Burb, so it was pretty obvious that he was not Gordon's Once in his teenage years, he started to be in contact with his biological father, who already had his new family at the time. Ivy knew about his existence and was very welcoming towards him.
As an adult, Jonas married Night Dreamer and had 2 sons, Tom and Sander. He died right after Sander's birth. Concerning Jonas's kids: I already dicussed them in the other posts.
- Sandrine was the eldest child from John's marriage with Ivy. She was a beautiful girl with Ivy's dark skintone and John's brown hair. She was a very populair girl in high school and started to date Jan Goth, Cassandra's eldest grandson, from her adopted son Frank. He became an adult somewhat earlier than her but he waited for her to be his wife. She had a political career, just like her elder brother Matthias, and reached the top as well. At some point, the position of mayor was a shared one between Sandrine, Matthias and Mary Dreamer. Sandrine and Mary were more than colleagues: they were good friends too. Just like Mary & Nicolas, Sandrine & Jan became a couple everyone looked up to. When they had their son Kin Yuen, it felt like nothing could tear them apart. This was until Jan started an affair with the much younger Sophie Miguel. Sandrine filed for divorce when she found out, especially because he was actually in love with her. Sandrine was not a happy single for long, she married the much younger Jasper Goth, Alexander's posthumous son.

Her son Kin Yuen went to college and met a girl there (don't remember her name), she moved in with him afterwards. They were engaged when I ended my first Pleasantview.

Born Born was the youngest Burb child. Contrary to his sister Sandrine, he was not cool and popular but a kind of ambitious nerd. In his teenage years, he met Cindy Goth. Her brother was dating his sister, so why wouldn't they date? She had the same innocent looks combined with an ambition to get rich. She moved in with him and his mother, who was already a widow at the time and had remarried with Danielo Goth. It was only after the death of Danielo and his mother that they started thinking about something different from their careers and got married. The birth of their daughter followed soon after. They were quite old parents, Born had already turned into an elder before his daughter turned into a child. The bad thng about that: they had already lost some passion, and Born got bored. He found some excitement with Katy Langerak, Kaylynn's granddaughter, who had only just turned into an adult, He left his family for her, much to disapproval of almost everyone. She wanted to have a baby with him and so it happened.
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Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
What did you do with Mortimer, Dina, Nina, Don, Darren, and the rest? Tell us every little detail of what happened with the Maxis premade characters in Pleasantview in your game.

Its 2020 and I'm happy simmers are still sharing stories. I started sims 2 really late (middle of this year) so my my town still has a far way to go.
For the "iconic" Goths, Cassandra got left at the altar, gave her a smashing make over, hooked up with Darren, got married, had a daughter, Belladonna and is expecting another soon. Alexander aged up, about to send him to university,
Morti married Dina and she cheated and had twins with Don, Flemmington & Francisco, but the real weird part was Morti wasn't even mad at her...Yada yada she moved out with the twins and is separated with Morti, living with Nina and her boy (who she also had with Don) at 190 sim lane.

For Don, he's just being Don, he has four love children so far. His eldest is by witch sim I made, he has an ongoing affair with, Meameralda. (who is a romance sim and is married to Malcolm Landgraab IV and has two twitches with him) They have a daughter named Donatella Noche who's living with her ageless grandparents at 105 sim lane. His second oldest is By Nina, Donny and youngest are with Dina.

The Pleasant household is just bananas!! Mary got sent home early and caught Daniel and Kaylynn, fought everyone and won, kicked Daniel out, later that night her coworker called and invited her out with a group of guys and a kid for some reason...She had instant chemistry with all four guys except for one. She boned all of them, her maid Remy, the Gardiner Leo & her in law John. There's not much to say about the twins except they've turn the house into Monday night RAW. I've also moved Mary's parents in to calm the waters. Daniel's living with his sister.

The Dreamers are just my typical bland suburban family Darren got a job in oceanography, Married Cassandra, had a daughter, is expecting another. Dirk is getting his grades up and that's that on them. They're just bland and boring nothing much do with them after Cassandra moved in all she wants is babies!! The girl wants 10 babies atm

The Broke family, Brandi had the baby, named Brodi, got a job in the entertainment career and she's having an affair with Daniel( yes I did that), Justin is just sneaking out with Lilith and getting caught by the cops, where is Lilith even getting those cars?? Beau aged up and keeps doing the freaking smustle!!! Other than that they're as boring as the Dreamers.

My cas family the Noches are inspired by the Munsters and Adams family, they are an ageless clan of witches that came to Pleasantview to get away from their weird lives in Moonlight falls just find themselves thrown into the middle of a 1pm soap opera, starring the Pleasantview Premades!!
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Plot twist for Don in my current game: he had woohoo'd 20 different Sims, and now got tired of all the meaningless woohoo. So he married Jennifer Burb, who has now become Jennifer Lothario. They are having another child, they will be quite old parents, it was even right before the "deadline" for Jennifer :-D
He is a family Sim now with still secondary Romance. So curious how it will turn out: has he changed or will he stick to his old habits?
In the meantime, I am also trying to make him bond with his other son, Sam Stacks. We will see how that works out, he is also still in love with Sam's mother Jane. And with Kaylynn. And with...
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PlDreamer-Goth Darren and Cassandra had a third child, a daughter this time. She is a child now. Eldest son Kevin is off to university and 2nd son Max will follow soon. Darren has reached the top of the Gamer career but will probably die in my next round.
Dreamer-Pleasant Dirk and Lillith's son Youenn is a teenager now. He will probably stay an only child. Dirk is working on his career as a doctor and Lilith is earning big money in the journalism career. Now that their son is not a little child anymore, they have some more time to pursue their hobbies too. I recently moved them back from Downtown back to Pleasantview, Lilith now has more money than Angela so I guess it is to show off that she's made it without her parents' financial help, contrary to Angela. She had reconciled however with Daniel Pleasant, who often visited his daughter and grandson. Mary-Sue was a good grandmother to Youenn, but she and Lilith never managed to get along.
Pleasant Daniel had a daughter with Kaylynn Langerak, called Katrien. He visited them often and paid child support. When Kaylynn got pregnant again, Daniel let her move in into the Pleasant household, where 2nd daughter Michelle was born. Mary-Sue and Daniel never divorced but both had their affairs and stayed friends, and they had their love for their grandchildren in common. Mary-Sue even got along very well with Katrien. Since Mary-Sue was the first one to die, Daniel remarried Kaylynn immediately to secure her and their daughters' future. Daniel died soon after, too. The family was a bit chaos in my last round, with Kaylynn as a single mom for her 2 daughters. Katrien is a family Sim and helped out a lot, but now she would like to find a girl to love and have her own life.
Phoenix-Pleasant SSU premade Jimmy Phoenix and Angela are still married. Their son Colin is a teenager now and their daughters Evi and Marie-Laure will soon turn into teenagers too. Colin was madly in love with Tessa Ramirez but she is off to university, where she already woohoo'd Gabriele Caliente. Angela is the typical woman in town who knows everything and can gossip with everyone.
Burb-Sampson After his divorce with Jennifer, John moved in with SSU premade Tiffany Sampson (with whom he'd had an affair for a while). She got pregnant with twin boys, Nick and Jan, and got married soon after. They are children now and are about to grow up to teenager. John is in the gaming career, but is not doing so well. He is an elder howevery so he cannot change that easily anymore and they need the money. Tiffany is pursuing her dance career which she had to put on hold due to her pregnancy. She is still enemies with Jennifer.
Lothario-Burb Don and Jennifer had a daughter together, Alana, who has just grown up from toddler to child while both her parents are already elders. Jennifer's son with John, Dieter, is off to university. He is a knowledge Sim and does not care about girls yet. Don, now a family Sim, is a very good father to Alana and tries to make up for the moments he missed with his son Sam Stacks because he was still a romance Sim back then. Sam lives with his mother and stepfather Joshua (who got divorced recently, however, and he does not know yet with which parent he will stay, he is really fond of Joshua) and will join university next round. He visits Don and Jennifer often and has a good relationship with his little sister. Don and Jennifer's ex-husband John are enemies, because Don likes to look through the telescope at daylight and then John shows up to slap him.
Goth-Burb When at university, Lucy and Alexander fell madly in love. However, Lucy caught Alexander cheating with his high school girlfriend Melody Tinker and assumed she had to let him go. She got pregnant with Townie Addison Macarevich after a rebound date and married him. She started seeing Alexander again while pregnant, and caught Addison cheating with Florence Delarosa. After the birth of their son Guy, she divorced him and moved in with Alexander. She was already pregnant with his baby as well. They got engaged but they decided to wait until their daughter Martina was born. So next time I will get them married probably Lucy is doing a good job in the show business, while Alexander is struggling in his science career but loves spending time on being a bad warlock (although I am thinking about curing him because Lucy deserves better)
Goth/Caliente/Pitts Dina Caliente (Goth) and Ashley Pitts are still married. Gabriele, Dina's son with Mortimer, is off to college together with his friends Lassad Broke,Dieter Burb and Tessa Ramirez. Dina and Ashley are both Fortune Sims with a secondary Romance aspiratin, and both their ambitions and extramarital affairs are in the way of their happiness most of the time. They had a good date last time and made up, but then Ashley cheated on her again, with Angela Pleasant this time. Twin sisters Giorgiana and Veerle Pitts are teenagers now. Giorgiana is a Fortune Sim with secondary Pleasure aspiration, Veerle is a Romance Sim with secondary Fortune aspiration. They will break some hearts in the future, especially Veerle: being a teenager for two days, she already has 2 lovers: Jocelyn Broke and Sam Stacks (Dina's daughter with Don's son, love it )
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Broke-Hsu Brandi's wife Christa Hsu died of old age. She is now alone with their adoptive son Clément, while her 3rd son Lassad is in college. Clément is a quiet teenager now, so Brandi finally has some time for herself. She is still working (in the music industry) and spends time on her hobbies and her 3 grandchildren. She still does not get along with eldest son Dustin, but she actually likes her daughter-in-law Brittany Upsnott, who is the one that eases the relationship between mother and son a bit.
Broke-Upsnott Dustin Broke and Brittany Upsnott are married. They recently had their 2nd son, Jonathan, while their eldest son Jocelyn is already a teenager. Their marriage is quite stable now, after some troubles with Dustin cheating on her with Heather Huffington during their engagement. Apartment neighbour Nina Caliente is after Dustin but does not seem to get him to woohoo her. Brittany on the other hand fell in love with her former SSU friend Castor Nova last time she saw him, but he is married to Samantha Ottomas now...
Broke-Tinker Beau forgave Melody after catching her cheating on him with Alexander Goth. They moved in with Melody's parents after graduation and got married while Melody was already pregnant. They have their 1st son now, named Sander, and more children will probably follow.
Nina Caliente Nina still lives alone in an apartment with her daughter Giulia, who is a teenager now. Nina turned into and elder last round but is still the same Nina: living her own life and woohoo'ing now and then. She is in the entertainment industry. After not having spoken to each other for years, due to Nina's affair with Mortimer back in the day, she recently reconciled with her sister Dina: Dina brought her home after work since they are colleagues now and they started talking again and are friends again now. Daugher Giulia also gets along very well with her cousins Veerle and Giorgiana, so let's say it's for the childrens' best interest that they are trying to be friends again :-)
Test Subject
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Mainly been playing as the Pleasants, moving in some pre-mades, and playing with my own sims.

Umm, my "Pleasant" story is kind of weird. xD Get ready for a text dump and me typing it out as my usual fictional drama-loving self. xD

So I began the Pleasant family as usual, twins were fighting, Mary-Sue goes to work and gets demoted, Daniel gets caught cheating with Kaylynn, Angela kisses Dustin, Lilith sneaks out with Dirk, blah, blah, blah. Afterwards things gets a little weird, and a lot of this is my imagination (though I actually directed the sims to behave accordingly). Though there's probably several plot holes and jumpiness. I was kind of going with the flow of the very odd series of events that played out in my game. xD

Lilith, suffering from beatings and hatred from her mother and sister (and years upon years of neglect and hatred), eventually was driven to curse her family, declare her loathing for them, and ran away (probably due to her negative relationship with her mother and sister), and I noticed Angela began to cry because of it, and had a negative memory of Lilith running off. So I thought "Hmm... what if Angela actually does care about Lilith, deep down? Maybe even felt remorse for treating her the way she did?"
So in my imagination, I had Angela beg her mother to call the police to find Lilith. Mary-Sue, surprised by Angela actually showing some care, called the cops (albeit begrudgingly, in my imagination. She does not care much for Lilith). Lilith was brought home, and she cried. I had Angela try and maybe show a softer side to Lilith, but Lilith wasn't having any of it. Lilith continued to fight against her sister and rejected her attempts to be nice, and Angela also got fed up. She begged their mother to bring Lilith home, only to be "thanked" by more fights. Needless to say, it hurt their relationship again.

I had Lilith go to a community lot (her usual spot was the Crypt-O-Night Club downtown). Eventually, she met a vampire countess (I forgot her name already >.<) and they actually develop a decent relationship. Yes, I was aiming to turn Lilith into a vampire. Then Lilith had this... rather disturbing "want". She wanted to drink Angela's life essence from the cowplant -.-' (Lilith, you couldn't be anymore spiteful towards your sister if you tried...). Then I came up with something.

So I pretended that the countess promised that she would be willing to turn Lilith if she was able to kill her sister and take her essence, as a "test" I suppose. (I may have gotten lazy and cheated to get the cowplant afterwards, but you can't prove it xD). Lilith agreed, still feeling hatred towards Angela.

However, when it got closer to that time, Lilith began to feel a bit nervous, and had second thoughts. Time goes by, and Lilith begins to feel some remorse. Despite having issues forgiving Angela, they were still sisters. Could she really bring herself to kill her own family? But at the same time, she really wanted to be a vampire (for reasons I haven't quite concluded yet >.<, though one theory is that so she can turn Dirk, and be with him literally forever, and the love and possessiveness she had for him caused Lilith to do an "Anakin Skywalker" and turn to the dark side.). She tried her best to block out those feelings of guilt, fear, and sadness. After much mental training, Lilith was ready, and blocked out her feelings, replacing them with rage and desire.

Finally, Lilith obtained a cowplant (again, you can't prove how I got it xDDD) Lilith then lured her sister to the cowplant after it became hungry (y'know, showing the cake and all that). Begrudgingly, Angela went and checked out the plant. She was confused and a little weirded out about why Lilith would want to show her something... like that. (While in the game, it was the cake. In my imagination, it's a hypnotic spell by the countess to help out). Angela, under the spell, approached the hungry plant.

Well, it eats her. What more can I say about it xD? Everything for Angela goes dark, and the cowplant's udders fill up with Angela's essence, effectively killing her. Lilith took the rejuvenating essence (I seriously get vibes of The Dark Crystal from Jim Hensen when sims consume life essence from cowplants in any of the games) and drank it, causing her body to become stronger (or younger, in game-terms). Lilith feels great at first, laughing at Angela's very grave and Mary-Sue's shock, feeling powerful, and having her revenge for all those years of torment from her parents and sister. She passed the test, and after becoming friendlier with the countess, she turned Lilith at a cemetery downtown, causing Lilith to feel all-powerful, and finally being able to have Dirk forever.

...That's when the guilt settled in. She realized... she just effing murdered her own sister to get what she selfishly wanted. She considered turning herself in, but was way too scared to go to prison. She destroyed the cowplant out of frustration and self-loathing, and burned it (translation: I just deleted it).

Time goes by, Lilith becomes so remorseful, she breaks down, and runs away multiple times (in reality, it's due to her relationship with Mary-Sue I recon. Lilith seriously ran away again, and again, and again...). Her head was just all over the place, and couldn't think straight. She panicked, broke down, became paranoid, and deeply depressed. She didn't have the will to fight with her mother anymore, she was so out of it (got some inspiration from a fanfic of the Pleasants I found on a forum. I think it's Sims Cave, I don't remember). She doesn't even have the heart to talk to Dirk or try and turn him (though she may later, I haven't gotten that far). She's just been consumed with remorse. Ever since Angela's death, Mary-Sue *hated* Lilith (even more than before, if that were possible. I don't think she ever truly loved Lilith nor showed her any type of affection or attention, at least in fanon). Though oddly, when I directed Mary-Sue to mourn at Angela's grave, I noticed there wasn't much of a reaction. Just a shake of her head and a sigh. Then I developed the idea of Mary-Sue not all that close to either of her daughters emotionally, instead trying to groom Angela to one day make more money, and make them rich. A protege, so to speak (think Harkon to Serana in the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC). Due to the wrath of losing her life dream, she had half a mind to call the cops to arrest Lilith and hopefully convict her to life in prison. But with the cowplant destroyed, there was absolutely no way to prove it was Lilith. Literally, there was nothing to be done. So Mary-Sue would attempt to get revenge in her own way...
Though Lilith showing off her vampire abilities and scaring the crap out of Mary-Sue caused the latter to eventually back off, but could never bring herself to love Lilith (which isn't much of a change tbh :/)

Lilith plans a way to bring Angela back, hearing of the Resurrect-O-Nomitron (that is what it's called, right? o_O). She manages to steal one, and stow it away in a secret room connected to hers (I noticed there was an empty space by her room. Put in a door, expanded it a bit, and there ya go). Though she realized that she would need an ungodly amount of money for a perfect resurrection. (I did experiment with bringing Angela back as a zombie, and I found out the hard way that I did not enjoy it, and it made things quite difficult. I'll be saving that for another family, one day. Then Lilith ran away yet again, and that time didn't come back. Reload.)

One night, Angela's ghost haunted the lot, just kind of roaming around. She did pull a jumpscare on Lilith, only adding to Lilith's guilt.

She waited for her mother to raise enough money from her job (out of sheer luck, Mary-Sue managed to earn over $9,000 from a text-adventure-thingy...). Then Lilith stole said money, and promised to use it to bring Angela back, finally feeling some love for her sister for... possibly the first time. Or at least the first time it came to the surface.

Lilith contacted the grim reaper, and paid just slightly over that $9,000. The grim reaper was impressed, and thanked Lilith for the transaction. Angela was then brought back from the dead (with a surprisingly much higher relationship than before). Angela, opening her eyes for the first time as the green fog cleared, realized it was Lilith who dealt with the grim reaper to bring her back. Angela, seeing how much Lilith had changed, and the sacrifices she made just to have Angela back with her, realized that despite their past, the sisters did indeed love each other as family. Angela embraced Lilith, though the latter was a bit too shocked to hug back, not expecting it, and not used to it (she actually did hug Angela back in the game). Angela's surprise, Lilith's pallid skin was as cold as ice, and her eyes as red as blood. Lilith confessed she was a vampire, and that's why she killed her. But with the tears in her eyes and Lilith's long-suffering to reverse what she did, Angela could tell Lilith felt a lot of remorse for it, and sought repentance. With that, Angela forgave her.

*Based off of true Sims 2 events on my game copy*


...aaaaand jump to the present. Angela is currently going shopping for clothes.

Basically, in a nutshell, all that weird stuff happened that caused Lilith and Angela to make up and no longer be at odds with each other. xD I'm actually imagining that Lilith is paranoid to lose Angela again, especially as she defied the countess, nervous of some sort of revenge from her. So I may have Lilith turn Angela into a vampire as well, we'll see. Then may or may not set her eyes on Dirk. Lilith, despite everything, still has that slightly dastardly side to her.

Also I should mention, Lilith was and still is my favorite pre-made sim (and I have a soft spot for sympathetic villains, as I seem to have made her in this "story" lol). xD But Angela's coming on equal position. I just adore the Pleasant twins! I imagine Angela is just sort of pressured to be this perfect daughter to meet all of Mary-Sue's and Daniel's expectations (especially the former's), and spoiled her to encourage her to become ruthless, wanting her to stop at nothing to get what she wants. Caused Angela to become a bit insensitive and quite a bully towards Lilith, but with all the crap that happened, I decided they should just make up. xD
Angela does have a higher nice score, so I thought that Angela did have a soft and caring side to her, especially with her rather innocent life dream of becoming a fishing boat captain. All the stuff her parents expected of her just suffocated and exhausted her, and made her jealous of Lilith's apparent freedom.

I also want them to befriend a couple of my own sims, teenage twin sisters of the Croft family, Claudia and Clara (Tomb Raider fan stuff) who actually quite resemble the Pleasant twins in their opposite personalities, but were always close to each other as opposed to growing up at each other's throats (both of them were treated by their parents lovingly and equally, though Claudia was bullied at school severely, causing her to become quite a bit dark, like Lilith :/).

UPDATE 12/5/20

Well, Mary-Sue was happy Angela returned, but after what Lilith told Angela about Mary-Sue's wealth complex, Angela was a bit more reluctant than usual to approach her mother. However, they still talked. But I noticed Angela didn't want to hug her. Angela was still a bit too fearful to confront her mother about the treatment of Lilith.
Still, Mary-Sue refused to thank Lilith, still blaming her for everything.

Lilith did manage to turn Angela into a vampire after all, and it was a good memory for the latter, believe it or not. I never got around to having Lilith turn Dirk. After everything that happened, I don't think she could have brought herself to. They never heard from the countess again, either. Mary-Sue was once again wrathful for turning Angela into a creature of the night. She had the real urge to make Lilith's life miserable, and then disown her. But as a vampire, Mary-Sue couldn't lay a finger on her. So instead, she tries to focus her attention elsewhere for now.

So now things start happening with Mary-Sue. She gets massively promoted (and she managed to earn a whopping $30,000 from a text adventure, which unsurprisingly I use to get more clothes for everyone. I have a lot of custom content, and some really match Angela and Lilith). She brings home a man named Ti-Ning Pederson. Well, they have chemistry, and both desire wealth.

With Daniel long-since been divorced and kicked out of the house, the new lovebirds hit it off almost immediately. In time, they go on a date downtown to a nice fancy restaurant, where Mary-Sue is the one who proposes to Ti-Ning. He accepts, and they plan a wedding.

Meanwhile, Lilith and Angela are still making up, and having much more... Pleasant... conversations (see what I did there?? ...I have no life). They're finally even hugging each other these days :3. Definitely a big turn-around from earlier.
Anyway, I've noticed they were getting wants to be cured of vampirism. Both of them. Even for each other (as in, Angela's and Lilith's wants are for each other to be cured, alongside themselves). I think after everything that happened, and what Lilith did to get said powers, decided it wasn't worth it anymore. Blood money, metaphorically speaking. Angela missed walking in the sunlight, and didn't believe in this kind of life or guilt for Lilith either, believing that Lilith could still be a better person even without being a night creature (as I type this, I realize Lilith's very name seems to go with these events xD). Lilith mainly felt sorry and extremely remorseful for Angela's fate. Since the countess disappeared, they thought that maybe it would be safe to turn back into humans. Thankfully, Lilith knew one person. A gypsy who had the cure for sale, and who visited their house once several months ago. Lilith still had the number she left behind on a piece of paper. They decided it was time for a new chapter in their lives. Besides, if Dirk was going to die old, so would Lilith, she thought.
...little did they know, things would change more than they could possibly imagine.

Mary-Sue brings home Ti-Ning, and introduces him to her daughter Angela at some point (I can't remember if this is before or after Angela became a vampire), a star student, a dutiful daughter, and her little "angel". Angela, polite and still not able to bring herself to start a confrontation like Lilith tends to do, greeted Ti-Ning, and allowed her mother to basically dote all over her angel. Ti-Ning was happy to meet this new protege, his future step-daughter, and shook hands. Mary-Sue didn't even mention Lilith, and pretended she didn't exist.

Later, it was time for the wedding! After the long and tedious decorating, Ti-Ning called over Mary-Sue's friends on her behalf, Mortimer and Cassandra Goth, as the guests. Angela and Lilith would miss this wedding, as it was day time, and they had no choice but to remain in their coffins. This adds yet more anger to Mary-Sue, as Lilith is responsible for Angela's inability to be exposed to the sunlight. But Ti-Ning refused to wait until night time, he was so excited to finally marry a wealthy woman, and now! Mary-Sue would be sure to make it up to Angela, but was also glad Lilith wasn't able to be there and "ruin the atmosphere" (Now I'm thinking about how the Dursleys treated Harry Potter as apposed to Dudley >.<. When you think about this, the scenario in the Pleasant family kind of resembles that, at least in my own playthrough.). She would tell Ti-Ning about Lilith at some point, but at the time, she just couldn't be bothered. Mortimer and Cassandra believe Lilith to naturally be a bad egg due to what Mary-Sue fed them and the little that they've seen of her (and genuinely not knowing what's actually been going on), but still wished to see her anyway, as it would be an act of kindness in their eyes, but they were even more disappointed Angela wasn't attending. Mary-Sue lied and came up with the excuse that Angela is extremely sick and contagious, but that she would still get many festivities later on, easing the father and daughter a bit.

With that, Ti-Ning got antsy, and was anxious to begin the wedding. So, they did. (The good old cutscene plays) Ti-Ning and Mary-Sue then get married at the alter, Cassandra and Mortimer cheering them. Mary-Sue Pleasant becomes Mary-Sue Pederson. The celebration goes on, Cassandra and Mortimer giving their best wishes. Cassandra shares her excitement for getting ready to marry Don Lothario in the future, but that's a story for another day.

Herb and Coral was regrettably unable to make it that day, but still sent many cards, gifts, and good wishes.

Time passes, Ti-Ning learns about Lilith and begins to neglect her as well, understanding that Mary-Sue doesn't really like her, and was the unexpected second-born she never wanted. While at first Ti-Ning was not happy that Mary-Sue kept this little secret from him, he later "understood" why. Lilith also *hated* Ti-Ning. A pretty rich boy who wanted nothing but Mary-Sue's money, and vice versa. More toxicity in the house, and her mistreatment got even worse, with Ti-Ning even occasionally locking Lilith in her room in order to pretend she doesn't exist and not expose the relatives to her. He's worse than Mary-Sue. Mary-Sue, of course, paid nearly no mind to it. Just pretended Lilith didn't exist, but did still call Ti-Ning foolhearted to actively antagonize a vampire, only for him to exclaim that he wasn't afraid, being a man against a bratty teenager. It's becoming more and more clear that Ti-Ning is something of a narcissist. At least Mary-Sue is just toxic and dramatic (I wouldn't think her upbringing had anything to do with it, given the personality of the Oldies. Something else made her that way.). Ti-Ning is naturally malicious, vain, and greedy.
(Some of these things didn't happen in the game, mainly just my imagination. I just didn't think to have them act it out at the time. But the events leading up to Mary-Sue's little surprise, and Lilith and Angela's fate did happen...)

Mary-Sue then gets the surprise of her life. She is, once again, pregnant. While unexpected, Mary-Sue and Ti-Ning were surprisingly pleased with it. A child of Ti-Ning's blood, and a new heir (or heiress?) that would hopefully be a more successful child than Daniel's, and *not* twins. While Lilith is away doing her own thing somewhere (in the game, Lilith actually was still at home, but I decided to-) Mary-Sue and Ti-Ning approach Lilith's bedroom and begin to heavily modify it to be the new baby's room. New wallpaper and carpeting was put in, Lilith's things sold and replaced with a crib (and more baby things to come).

Lilith later came home (again, in the game she was already home, but bare with me xD. I did mention a lot of things would be purely my imagination, but it's still mixed with actual gameplay), and saw this new room that was no longer hers, and all of her stuff gone. Horrified and enraged, she sprinted down the stairs and into Mary-Sue's and Ti-Ning's room, woke them up and demanded why her room was turned into a baby room, leaving Lilith with literally nothing! She was only met with indifference. Lilith called her mother and step-father hypocrites, stating that they're excited for this new child alongside Angela, but they never loved Lilith. An actual second child that would be loved, but not her. Mary-Sue responded that this was a bit different, but Lilith wasn't buying the hypocritical bullbleep. They were just greedy hypocrites, nothing more. Ti-Ning just scoffed, called Lilith spoiled and self-centered, and said she had a couch in the living room, to make herself at home there, if she must.
That was it. The straw that broke the camel's back.

Angela, hearing the commotion, rushed downstairs to see what was going on, only to be met with another fight in-between Lilith and their mother and step-father.

Lilith screamed to the top of her lungs, shouting curse words left and right, calling them words I will not say here, and she then stomped into Mary-Sue's restroom, filled a glass with water, and marched right back towards Mary-Sue to throw the water all over her face and nightgown. Lilith threw tantrums, began breaking stuff around the house, calling her parents "evil" and a variety of other things. Angela was horrified, and tried to stop her sister, but Lilith wouldn't listen. Lilith's fragile mind snapped. Lilith then had the urge to suck both Mary-Sue and Ti-Ning dry of plasma, basically killing them while satisfying her plasma needs (no this is not taking place in the Sims 3 or 4, but I might remake it in Sims 4).
If Angela didn't pummel Lilith to the ground, and screamed to Lilith that it wasn't worth it, Lilith finally stopped her rampage. That's when Ti-Ning came in, and returned the favor to Lilith by splashing her own face with water, and began belittling her, calling her barely a human. Mary-Sue also poured water on her, and they both began to bully Lilith over and over.

Knowing this would just go on, Angela took Lilith's wrist and they both ran out of the house and into the backyard. Angela decided that enough was enough, and that they were going to call their grandparents, Coral and Herb to hopefully take Lilith away from all of this. Lilith, in a state of primal rage and despair, demanded why Angela didn't do this from the beginning, with Angela only saying that she wished she was a good enough of a person to do that, recalling her own memories of abusing Lilith. Seeing the remorse and tears in Angela's eyes, Lilith began to calm a bit, and try to direct her rage away from Angela, remembering that Lilith too became the same monster by killing Angela earlier. Now that things were different between the twins, it was time for a much bigger change. But before that would happen...

Angela reminded Lilith about the gypsy she knew, as now would be a really good time. Angela let Lilith borrow her cellphone and contact the mysterious woman. She came an hour later, and Lilith frantically approached the woman, and begged her for the Vamprocillin-D potion. She'd be willing to pay any price. The lady gave three potions for a reasonable price, two for the twins, one for good luck. Lilith gratefully received them, and said goodbye to the gypsy.

Angela and Lilith met on the front lawn, and slowly drew their potions. Toasting the potions to their health, they then both consumed them simultaneously.

First pain, then contortions, then screaming...

An hour later, they woke up to realize that they no longer felt thirsty, and their body temperature started to feel warmer and natural. When they looked into each other's eyes, rather than blood red, their eyes were the beautiful emerald green they were born with, and their knife-like fangs were replaced by ordinary human incisors. They both laughed and collapsed to the ground in relief. It was over, or at least just about...

The next morning, after basking in the sunlight for the first time in months, Angela contacted the grandparents and asked them to come over. They did (translation, I temporarily moved them in the Pleasant household so I could move Lilith away with them) and asked Angela about the sudden request to come over.
Angela took Coral and Herb while Ti-Ning and Mary-Sue were out somewhere, and told them the truth about Lilith's upbringing, and her current ordeals. Angela then confessed that she too was guilty of giving Lilith unnecessary suffering. At first, Coral and Herb didn't believe her.
Angela went to the living room to wake up Lilith (the only reason Lilith didn't run off again was due to the promise of her grandparents coming over), saying that their grandparents were there. Lilith rapidly got up, tossed away her covers, and ran into the dining room to greet the Oldies. The Oldies were a bit reluctant, given how they thought Lilith was all those years, but they still hugged her. They loved their granddaughter nonetheless. Angela reluctantly asked Lilith to show her bruises from last night, and then showed them the destruction of the house. Lilith had a severe mental break down last night due to Ti-Ning's and Mary-Sue's harsh treatment of her, and they then noticed some residual eyeliner that streamed down Lilith's face that she didn't think to wash off, like blackened tears.

That's when Mary-Sue and Ti-Ning arrived home. Mary-Sue immediately shouted at Lilith to get away from her parents, deeply afraid she was going to hurt them (and reveal the truth). Ti-Ning just excused himself to their quarters. She rushed to the Oldies and began frantically telling her side of the story, much to Lilith's dismay. She just went to the other side of the room, leaning on a wall and desperately trying to tune everyone out, looking out the window and daydreaming. The Oldies suspiciously noticed Mary-Sue was occasionally looking to the left, something they often spotted about her while raising her when she lied. They believed the parts about the rage and destruction, but they imagined it had to be caused for a reason. Whether it was because Lilith was purely being a rebel or was driven to that point, they would find out. They have known Lilith to occasionally sneak out, steal, and commit vandalism to other houses. Heck, Lilith even spent time in juvenile detention before, but they have never seen Lilith vandalize her own home to that scale.

They asked to speak to Ti-Ning, and Mary-Sue was more than happy to oblige. Almost immediately they noticed something odd with Ti-Ning. He acted awfully proud, and often spoke about himself and his achievements more than other subjects. Even when they attempted to change the subject, he'd just change it right back and act a bit rude towards them for "bursting his bubble".

Meanwhile, Angela and Lilith were talking, and much to Lilith's dismay, Angela said that if this worked, she'd still stay behind. Lilith desperately asked why and begged Angela to come with her (which surprised even Angela). But Angela's heart was set. She wanted to stay behind for their new half-sibling, to make sure the child wouldn't suffer the same fate the twins did. Lilith would be happier with her grandparents, with or without Angela, the latter promised.

Coral and Herb had enough of Ti-Ning's ramblings, and politely excused themselves. This annoyed Ti-Ning greatly, but he just turned his head and said nothing more. They warned Mary-Sue about this guy in private, but Mary-Sue was head over heels for him still. They warned again that this man may even be worse than Daniel if this continues. At least Daniel showed at least some genuine love to Mary-Sue and the twins. She screams at them to never mention Daniel again. She still hated him, and that Ti-Ning would be hundreds of times the man Daniel would ever wish to be. They wouldn't be surprised if Ti-Ning was partly responsible for Lilith's outburst, and Mary-Sue went along with him. He was very charming and convincing to Mary-Sue, unfortunately.

Hours pass, and the Oldies were finding more and more fallibilities in Mary-Sue's story, and she kept looking left when talking about Lilith. They tested her, asking how she would feel if Lilith spent some time with them, Mary-Sue's chocolate brown eyes lit up like the sun right at dawn and perked her head up. "Yes... yes that could be exactly what she needs..." But her tone gave away desperation and relief. "You can keep her for as long as you w-" Mary-Sue realized what she was saying and froze on the spot. That was enough for the Oldies to confirm that Mary-Sue really didn't want Lilith around, at least for the time being. At the very least, they kept the notion that they may just need a break from Lilith's shenanigans. Or it could be that Angela was being honest, and not trying to just simply get rid of her. They had a plan to have Lilith stay over for a little while, and observe Mary-Sue and Ti-Ning over time with Lilith's absence. If Angela was telling the truth, Lilith would be more than welcome to fully move in with them. They suspected that this could possibly be the reason for Lilith being the way she is. Either of the stories could be plausible, but there was a third side of the story. The truth, and they were going to find out what it was.

When Lilith was given the news that she could stay with her grandparents for a while, Lilith was more than ecstatic and beside herself with relief! She affectionately and excitedly hugged her grandparents, thanking them. That in and of itself was another red flag of Lilith's possibly mistreatment... or it could be she just simply didn't like her parents. Who knew.

Five months later...

Lilith was at last fully moved in and settled with her grandparents at their house, and her room was modified to look gothic, similar to her previous room that now belonged to the unborn child. But it had nicer things now, and her room was about equal to Angela's, just far more gothic. A computer and everything. Herb and Coral treated Lilith with the utmost respect, as if she were their own daughter, much like how they tried to raise Mary-Sue, but hopefully this time Lilith wouldn't come out so toxic. They made it an absolute point though that she was going to cease her rebellious and criminal behavior if she wanted to continue living with them, and treat everyone like she wanted to be treated. At first, Lilith was not happy about these new rules that her mother and biological father didn't even bother to teach her, but the strictness of her grandparents, and the gentleness of Coral's attempts to teach Lilith some lessons about being compassionate towards others. She had hiccups every now and then, but they kept giving her chances. She ALMOST lost her privileges one night when vandalizing a neighbor's front lawn, but an event happened to kind of snap Lilith out of it (not sure what yet), alongside some serious therapy and antidepressants. From then on, she began making somewhat better choices, and even started going back to school. She even did her homework one night, and that was a step forward. While she was still a bit rebellious, she was learning, and that was enough for Herb and Coral to continue letting Lilith live with them. She became more and more respectful to Coral and Herb, and in turn, they also began to give her little treats, such as going to the park, Cold Issue Clothing, seeing movies, going to theme parks or arcades, and just experiencing normal teen... experiences. They greatly rewarded her for her good behavior and disciplined her for her bad behavior. Lilith was finally experiencing what it was like to have normal parents who greatly loved her, but didn't idolize or severely spoil her like Mary-Sue, Ti-Ning, and Daniel did to Angela. As a result, Lilith was finally maturing.

During those five months, the Oldies did indeed keep an eye on Mary-Sue, Ti-Ning, and Angela. The couple were indeed celebrating Lilith's absence, giving Angela more gifts than usual, and Angela did appear sad to no longer have Lilith around. Coral and Herb would often overhear Mary-Sue and Ti-Ning giving a "good riddance" to Lilith and stated how Mary-Sue never wanted her to begin with since she was "tragically" born. Angela was still spoiled rotten, but she made a promise to Lilith that she would no longer be the toxic, greedy bully that she was raised to be.

She had hiccups too, much like Lilith, but Angela was improving. Angela's unborn new sibling kept her balanced as well. She was still enjoying being spoiled, but hopefully that would be something she could work on too, and maybe be generous for once. Especially when she got older, as she often talked about going to university in a few years to study the arts, and then hopefully also learn how to lead and fish so she could become that fishing boat captain she dreamed about. She enjoyed both painting and the idea of being at one with the ocean with people she could call her friends. She'd be a mermaid if she had her way, and swim away from all of the pressure and expectations put on her by her parents... finally free... if only mermaids existed. (Prelude to the Sims 4?)

All in all, there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel for the Pleasant twins. As for Mary-sue, who knows what awaits her or if she'll ever feel remorse for how she treated her daughters, or how she'll treat the new baby on the way. (In honesty, I don't know, she's pretty deep into the toxicity it seems. Those that are too far gone like that rarely ever come back from the brink in their lifetimes.)

To be continued... possibly.


Should this be put on its own forum topic now? It seems like this is getting too long for this topic, and I really don't want to take away from the other people posting their stories here!
Knowing me, I'm probably threatening to expand it due to my obsession with making stories. >.< I'm also on the autism spectrum, so that doesn't help with my self control or keeping things appropriate for the occasion. lol
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