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Daniel and Mary-Sue died on my game, and Angela moved in just before they died with her husband to inherit the house - and had twin/triplet boys. Poor Angie.

Mortimer II, Alexander Goth's son, recently completed college with an Art degree and has just got married to Neva Luna - an elven Sim.

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I only played two of the pleasantview households and they were the Brokes and Dina and Nina Caliente. (Mostly just Dina)

The Brokes - Dustin grew up and married Dina. He achieved the highest level of the crime career. They had two children, one boy who is a teenager and a girl who is now a child. Dustin and Dina are now elders.

Beau grew up into an adult and married a townie named Lexie. They have a baby boy together. He is also pursuing a career in athletics.

The youngest child, which I named Aiden, is now an adult and is married to Meadow. They have two girls, one is a child and one is still a baby and there is also one more baby on the way.

Brandi is an elder and is all alone in her house.
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I've been watching toooooo much Jerry Springer and Maury and my pleasantville is starting to reflect it. Don has kids with both Caliente sisters, Cassandra and Brandi. Dina Caliente is raising Don's kid with her husband Mortimer and is now expecting a baby with him. I think I might set up Don with Angela Pleasent next.
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I haven't done anything yet... I think I might extract them (or download them) and put them in my custom Hood!

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I started out playing the Goths for a little, where Cassandra got left at the altar by Don. Later that night, she saw a ghost, and so she moved out of the house.
Eventually, she showed up at Darren Dreamer's place and he flirted for a bit before inviting her to spend the night. Two days later, they both got married & a little while later, Cassandra was pregnant with her first child. Since then, she's become a science teacher, Darren's changed his aspiration to family, and Darleen's grave has been moved. Dirk grew up and moved Downtown, where I'm hoping to keep up his relationship with Lillith.

As for the Pleasants, Daniel was caught with the maid (after Mary Sue got demoted, ouch!) and so she divorced him a day later (she needed his paycheck). Mary Sue finally brought the remnants of her family back together, so now Lillith & Angela are actually friends! And Mary Sue is an elder, still rising the career ladder. Daniel is a bachelor who drinks one too many Elixirs of Life, but I haven't decided how I'm going to plot his downfall yet. Buuut, he and Mary Sue are still friends and have flings from time to time. Lillith & Angela have moved into a townhouse Downtown, where I still have yet to play them.

Brandi got married to one of my custom Sims, Chris Pollack, and so far has had two kids from him. Before that, however, Dustin snuck out and got arrested. Beau was the only one keeping the Broke family together. However, after her marriage, Brandi didn't have too much stress, Dustin made straight A's, Beau continually acheived Platinum aspiration, and Brandi gave birth to her previous husband's last son... I forgot what I named him. Since then, Brandi's given birth to Milo, her fourth boy, Dustin's moved downtown, and Beau has become a teenager.

I didn't do much for the Calientes and friends except for marry Dina off to Mortimer. I plan on making her the evil stepmother to Alexander and somehow killing Mortimer off so Dina can have her way with Don.

I've too much time on my hands...
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Default Pleasant household
I did some pretty bad stuffs to them.

First off, Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating with the maid, but they somehow repaired their marriage and stayed together. I then moved the Corals in. Everything was fine until I decided that Daniel should cheat on Mary-Sue again. But this time round, he's cheating on his wife with his mother-in-law, Coral. Herb was dead before they cheated. Mary-sue found out about the mom-and-husband affair and eventually drowned in the pool. Her soul then decided to leave puddles in the middle of the night. It was so irritating that I decided to move her grave. No one has visited her since then.

As for Lilth and Angela, both are adults now. And they still remain as enemies. Lilth is a Criminal Mastermind and Angela is unemployed. I have always liked Lilth and somehow mistreated Angela (because she kept on slapping and initiating fights with Lilth) by depriving her of school and homework when they were teens. :nana: Now, Lilth and Dirk are married and living in the pleasant's household. Angela is still in love with Dustin, but Dustin is not ready for settling down. Daniel and Coral got married and adopted a child. Her name is called "I-forgot". Lilth and "I-forgot" are very close and Daniel is trying to get closer to both his daughters.

And yes I know, very screwed up relationships.
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Just got the Prima guide boxed set today so I restarted the neighborhood again. This time starting the family and using the kickoffs the guide suggested. Can you believe this was the first time I actually used the wedding arch at Goth Manor or separated Nina from Dina?

Haven't done too much out of the ordinary yet. Don's married to Cassandra and living at Goth Manor with her and Alexander. Dina's married Morty and moved him in leaving Nina to move into a little townhouse across from Don's default place. Grew up Beau Broke. And pretty much just the basics for the Dreamers and Pleasants. Although the twins didn't catch Daniel cheating with the maid. Just Mary-Sue. Timing keep the girls from being in on things as well. Oh and Mary-Sue tried to pick a fight with Kaylynn after catching her with Daniel. Which she lost. I'm thinking I may have her spiral into depression as a result

Really the most interesting family since the restart have been Mr & Mrs. Mortimer Caliente. After moving Morty into the Caliente place they got robbed of the hot tub. (Since been replaced.) Adopted their first child Andrew and Dina's pregnant with number two. As a result I've RenuYu-ed her into a Family sim. I hate dealing with materialistic Fortune sims. Andrew's kinda cute and looks like he could carry on the traditions of his new family once he grows into his giraffe neck.
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First I gave everyone a make-over. Okay lets start with the Caliente's. Well first I made Dina marry a sim created by me and they moved away. I made Don move in with Nina, then I invited over Cassandra to end it with her and Don, with the result of trashcan being tipped over everyday. Anyway, Nina got pregnant with Mina Caliente who is now an Adult married to another sim I created. Then Nina had 3 other kids, Melinda, Steven, and Dillion.

For the Goths, I got the "fake" Bella to move back in and remarried to Mortimore. They had twins, I forgot their names. Anyway Alexander grew up and yaddee yaddee yadah. Cassie gets engaged with Darren, then Mortimore dies. THE END!
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I played a little bit more:

Broke: John Burb moved in and married Brandi. They got twins and Brandi is pregnant again. They want 10 kids... Beau aged to teen and is dating Alexander Goth. Dustin went off to college. Got Angela pregnant and was kicked off college (due to bad grades). He now lives with Angela in a small house with twins and no funds.

Burb: Lucy fell in love with Don, got pregnant. Jennifer wasn't too happy about it and Lucy decided to move out and live with Don.

Goth: Not much happened. Dina got sick and then got better. Alexander fell in love with Beau.

Caliente: Nina got pregnant by Don. She got a cute little girl. Don wanted to move in together, but Nina doesn't want a comitted relationship. Don visits regularly to see his daughter.

Pleasant: Mary Sue still doesn't know about her husband's affair. She got pregnant and got twins (I have too many twins). They kicked out Angela because she got pregannt as a teen and they were very disappointed in her. Angela went to live with Dustin in a small town house and got twins.

Oldies: Kaylynn got a son, Gabriel. Then she got pregnant by Coral's husband (forgot his name). Coral never found out. Coral's husband died and Coral went into aspiration failure.

Cassandra Cassandra filed for divorce. Darren came by a lot to help her with the baby. They fell in love and Cassandra moved in with Darren and Dirk. Cassandra doesn't like Dirk very much. She disapproves of his relation with Lilith.

Lothario: After Cassandra moved out, he got Nina pregnant. She didn't want a committed relationship though. With the baby and all their romantic relationship cooled down, but they are still friends. One day Lucy Burb walked by and Don fell instantly in love. They started seeing each other. Jennifer disapproved because of the age difference. Don got Lucy pregnant and she moved in with him. They got twins.

Lilith Lilith went to uni. She graduated and went to live in a nice little place. The relation with Dirk cooled down. And she started dating with another guy (some townie). He has recently moved in with her. (He'll probably move out again, and she'll get back to Dirk, I forgot they were dating, since I hardly play the Dreamer family. I'll have to catch up with them.)
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I'm going to describe what happened before I reinstalled my game...

Mortimer/Dina: Mortimer actually moved in with Dina - not really what I wanted because she didn't get the Marry a Rich Sim memory. I played them for a while. He died without getting her pregnant. She was unsuccessfully attempting to fulfill the Earn $100,000 want when I reinstalled.

Oldie: Played them both until they died. I could never get Coral out of aspirational failure after Herb died.

Don: Don fulfilled his lifetime want to Woohoo with 20 Sims. Near the end of his life, he had Nina move in with him (I always liked them as a pair).

Nina: Moved in with Don when he was an elder and she was a youngish adult. Eventually Don died, so I had a couple more people move in with Nina: Brittany Upsnott from uni (whose aspiration I changed to romance), and Marylena Hamilton the delivery lady. (She's gorgeous, btw. Even as an elder she's not bad.) With two romance Sims living in one house, things were bound to get ugly, and they did when Brittany (who loved Nina) caught Nina flirting with Marylena. I didn't want to deal with that, so I moved Brittany out. Then Nina got electrocuted trying to repair a computer. I didn't want her to be dead just yet, so I had Brittany - the only college-educated Sim who had known Nina - go into the paranormal career track to get a Reaperphone. She eventually resurrected Nina. They basically ran a two-woman bordello at their little house downtown. Except, you know, without the money.

Meanwhile, I discovered that Marylena Hamilton is awesome. After her lover (Nina) died, she married Mr. Big, had his child - and he also died. But she managed to raise the kid just fine. She also became my only non-university Sim ever to earn $100,000, which was her lifetime want. She is one hell of a resilient lady.


Burb: Jennifer was trying unsuccessfully to earn $100,000 but I don't think she ever even made it to $75,000. John became Captain Hero. Just before Jennifer became an elder, they had a second child: a son named David, who was extremely smart. Lucy went off to college and got engaged to Aaron Broke (Brandi's third son). They moved into a house that they couldn't afford to furnish, and after making some odd cash from a painting and some freestyling, they used dates to get themselves in a good mood, kick themselves into platinum, and get promoted. I've always found dates useful for that reason.

Pleasant: Daniel broke it off with Kaylynn after he saw her with another man (her husband Tim). Mary-Sue never knew about it. They both became soccer stars and were generally happy together. Lilith went off to college and got engaged to Aldric Davis. She repaired her relationship with her father a little bit, but it was only as he was getting old: she wanted the inheritance. Angela died from something or other - can't remember - and was resurrected by Dirk (more on that later). Mary-Sue died, and then Daniel had a thing going with Cassandra later in life...

Cassandra/Alex: Alex grew up, became a knowledge Sim, went to college. Cassandra never got married, and as she was about to become an elder, she didn't want to be old and unmarried or childless. First, in order to avoid having her be unmarried, I moved a Far East local in with her (a Vanessa Chen, who is drop-dead gorgeous and you should all use her genes for your kids). But that wouldn't get her children, so I set Vanessa up with a hot Russian guy and moved her out. Cassandra's biological clock was still ticking.

Enter Daniel Pleasant, who was approximately the same age as a Stegosaurus fossil at the time. Cassandra did about the witchiest thing any Sim has ever done: she voodooed him into having a crush on her, worked her feminine wiles for a bit, then slept with him and got pregnant with his child so that he would marry her. And he did. They went on a honeymoon, during which she was generally miserable because she was pregnant and her needs (hunger, bladder, comfort, energy) were going down faster than normal. When I had to reinstall, Cassandra hadn't had her baby yet, and Daniel was still alive... for a couple more days, anyway.

Brokes/Dreamers: I had them move in together and Brandi and Darren got married. For some reason, when you put two bankrupt Sims together, they become financially solvent. Anyway, they moved in, but there really wasn't enough room in the house for everyone, so I sent Dustin to college where he gathered dust in a dorm of Sims I never play. I never liked him much. Dirk eventually went off to college too, where he met Heather Huffington, whose aspiration I changed to pleasure. Beau and Aaron (Brandi's other son) went to college too. Beau paired off with Tiffany Sampson, and Aaron with Lucy Burb.

Dirk graduated and moved back in with his parents. Meanwhile, Angela Pleasant had died, and it was up to Dirk - as the only college-educated Sim she knew - to resurrect her. He did, and she lived with the Broke/Dreamer family for her entire teenhood. She became a serial dater, as her aspiration had been changed to Pleasure and she wanted to have 50 first dates. She went off to college and remained a serial dater. Eventually Dirk's fiancee, Heather, graduated and wanted to have 50 dream dates, so Dirk spent most of his adult life in an endless cycle of dates with his fiancee. On the 50th one, they finally got married. When I had to reinstall, Heather was pregnant with his child.
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Mortimer married Diana who is been pregnant forever...I just don't like to play them. The only time I see Mortimer is when someone looks through their telescope in the day.
Cassandra married some sim I made up and is now a grandmother. Brandi Broke married one of the town people and has a small bakery where she makes pies.
Nina and Don got married and had a baby but were to lazy to tend to it so it got taken away. Nina died in a fire and became a ghost...she missed Don I guess because she came and scared him to death. Everyone I move into that lot gets scared to death expect for two knowledge sims...It is actually a fun condo to play because there are like six ghosts.
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Originally Posted by DNK
Mortimer married Diana who is been pregnant forever...I just don't like to play them. The only time I see Mortimer is when someone looks through their telescope in the day.
Cassandra married some sim I made up and is now a grandmother. Brandi Broke married one of the town people and has a small bakery where she makes pies.
Nina and Don got married and had a baby but were to lazy to tend to it so it got taken away. Nina died in a fire and became a ghost...she missed Don I guess because she came and scared him to death. Everyone I move into that lot gets scared to death expect for two knowledge sims...It is actually a fun condo to play because there are like six ghosts.

How do you see Mortimer when someone looks through their telescope in the day?

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Pleasantview is my favorite neighborhood to play, and my Sims always end up with soap-opera-ish drama.Here goes...


Mortimer married Dina; they had two children, Christabel and Damien. (Dina also had an affair with Don after Mortimer's death; it resulted in twins, Mariana and Fabian.) Nina moved in with Dina in the Goths' old house; she also had a child by Don, called Martin. Cassandra and Don had a daughter, Cara, while they were engaged. Then Cassandra caught Don cheating on her with Dina. She left him and later married Darren Dreamer - they have a ridiculous amount of children, all of whose names begin with the letter D. Don's many affairs left him with a lot of children as well: Cara Goth, Joshua Montgomery, Max Wooding, Fabian and Mariana Goth, Martin Caliente, Talia Warren, Jonathan Lovann, and the James twins, Hattie and Lyra.

Cara, all grown up, married a Sim of mine named Quincy Montmorency; they have a son, Ben, and two daughters, Bella and Arianna.

Dirk Dreamer married Lilith Pleasant; they have two children, Sean and Yessica. They stayed in the Pleasant house with Mary-Sue until she died, at which point they continued to live there.

Alexander Goth married Liliana Hale. They have four children - Annabelle, Edward, and twins William and Gwendolyn. Liliana's sister Adelaide married Charles Montmorency, the brother of the Quincy who married Alexander's niece Cara. It's tough to keep all of these relationships straight...


Daniel Pleasant had an affair with Kaylynn Langerak. Mary-Sue kicked him out; he and Kaylynn moved in together and had three children, Griffin, Daniela, and Anastasia. He then died. Kaylynn and the children live with Dustin and Angela Broke and their daughter, Susannah.

Beau Broke married Victoria Hudson, a randomly spawned Sim that another Sim, Eliana Samarra, randomly "adopted" using a cheat. They are currently expecting a child.

Brandi (now an elder) lives with her third son, Benjamin, and her adopted fourth son, Jack. With the Brokes live Jackie Wooding and her son Maxwell (his father was Don Lothario).

John Burb got struck by lightning and died. Jennifer and Lucy live with Dirk and Lilith and their children in the Pleasants' old house. Lucy is going to marry Ben Broke.

I have way too much fun with this stuff XD
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I put them in a nice old place called the Recycle Bin. ^^
20th Jan 2008 at 8:07 PM
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For the Brokes, Brandi remarried to Axel Vega. They plan on having a child soon. Dustin and Beau recently graduated. Dustin is living with his fiance, Angela, in her parents' house while Beau is currently rooming with one of the most popular girls in the neighborhood. It's somewhat ironic after having him be the most ignored sim from his childhood to early adulthood. ;]
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Okay. My last round was kind of eventual. Brandi had the son she starts pregnant with. But there are still only two kids in the house because Beau crashed. He overworked himself and ended up getting so tired he feel asleep standing up next to Brandi's bed. And since Brandi was distracted by having the baby, named Bobby after his late grandfather Bob Newbie, Beau ended up getting taken by Social Services before he could wake up. So the plan is to not have any more kids adopted until Dustin comes of age and have him adopt Beau back into the family.

The Pleasant house has become an emotional typhoid house. Mary-Sue attacked Kaylynn a second time and lost. Then she attacked Daniel and lost that fight too. So she threw Daniel out and went into aspiration failure. Her social need plummeted so Social Bunny showed up and she attacks him. First fight she managed to win. After that I moved the Oldies in to look after their daughter's mental health. And no sooner do Herb and Coral arrive on the lot than they have a spat which causes them to fall out of love. Yet the twins are blissfully unaware about why their parents split up.

Meanwhile I've added the Burbs to a house and had them move Daniel in. Little has happened so far in this family. And I'm currently debating Daniel's direction. Whether to have John's family aspiration influence Daniel onto a path of redemption or whether he'll fall under the spell of the now solo-living Nina Caliente. Who Daniel is quite taken with but is unpopular with the Burbs. Especially his sister Jennifer. For Nina's part, the plan when I'm playing her is to have her try and seduce Daniel into her bed.
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In my current neighborhood, I've been playing the Broke family, Pleasant Family and Don Lothario. Brandi had a boy in my game, she let Angela pleasant move in with them cause Dustin kept wanting to sneak out all the time. The deal was he had to go on the straight and narrow, stay in school and they both had to get jobs and help out with the new baby. They got to be a very close knit group although Angela did set the house on fire by accident once but she saved little Beau'slife and got him out in time. Angela and Dustin got engaged, went to college and had a little boy. Brandi wanted adopted a little girl, Tiffany. Tiffany grew up to have 3 kids and she was abolutely adored by them all. With Don, he hooked up with a new gal in town named Ali and moved in with her. They were a pretty good match and they ended up with 6 kids together (and she also had a set of twins from Daniel Pleasant). Im currently on the third generation Don's grandson Johnathon and Brandi Broke's granddaughter Josie have just started dating.
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The Goths have been chumming along rather happily since I began to play them. Cassandra married Don in her backyard, just like she wanted. Now, Don can't keep his hands off of her or the dozen other ladies he's taken a liking to, including Nina Caliente! Dina and Nina moved in when Dina married Mortimer, but Nina later moved back into their old place to start a real life for herself. She was tired of being her sister's shadow--and she certainly isn't anymore.

Anyways, Cassandra quickly became pregnant. During her pregnancy, she gained a new outlook on life. Science lost its magic to her. Instead, she wanted to protect her soon-to-be born baby from the evils the world had prepared for them. She was soon to know that she would be protecting two lovely children, Adele and Stefan! About a week after, Dina gave birth to a set of twins herself, Marland, a boy, and a baby girl. Though the surprises didn't stop there. I left the family just when Cassandra found out she was pregnant with another one of Don's children!

There are currently four babies, four adults and a teen all living under the same roof. I'm gonna go crazy! xD
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I made Brandi Broke and Don Lothario have triplets and twins. They are now all grown up and living with their own families.
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Been kind of a busy stretch in my game. Most for the Burbs. But been story movement in for the Dreamers and Pleasants as well.

The Dreamers have been playing the love game. Darren been getting quite serious with Marylena Hamilton. It's looking like the relationship could lead to marriage. Darren and Marylena were just on the verge of hitting the sheets together when I left them. While Dirk's playing the two girls at once game. He's still Lilith's man first and foremost. But he does have a pretty nice flirtation going with Sophie Miguel on the side. Don't know if I'll let that last past the teenage years though.

Lilith is really going to need out of that house and Dirk's probably her top ticket at the moment. Her grandparents are starting to patch up whatever their little mystery beef was. Herb and Coral are crushing each other once again. But MAry-Sue is still very much the basket case. Had a visit from the therapist and finally got around to replacing that homewrecker Kaylynn with Lucy Hanby. And poor Lilith got her hiney kicked by Angela in another fight.

But the real change has been at the Burb house. Not all of it good. Jennifer Burb is dead. She and John got pregnant but her motives got nuked horribly. As a result she passed out two nights in a row and ultimately became so confused she couldn't decide whether to eat or sleep. So she ultimately did neither and now takes the Big Sleep in the backyard. The really weird thing is this came just before Lucy's 13th birthday and she grew up platinum despite learning of her mom's death just before school on the big day. Pretty sure this is the first time I've seen Lucy as a teen and she definitely takes after Jennifer. Very pretty young lady. Also Daniel has aged to elder and I'm thinking that I'll have him mellow with the combined effects of age and the loss of his little sister. Had thought of pairing Mary-Sue with Benjamin Long but with all this change hitting Daniel at once I'm now thinking reconciliation.
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Angela and Lilith got so furious with their father when they caught him cheating that they jammed the lock on his bedroom door. Kaylinn managed to go home anyway, but Daniel starved to death. (Much to the amusement of the two girls.)

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Originally Posted by sidneydoj
Angela and Lilith got so furious with their father when they caught him cheating that they jammed the lock on his bedroom door. Kaylinn managed to go home anyway, but Daniel starved to death. (Much to the amusement of the two girls.)

Man, that's classic. Sounds almost as quirky as my most recent death in the neighborhood. I'm playing Dina and Morty (Goth) Caliente's house. Dina has just delivered her natural child with Morty, a daughter named Amata. Mortimer goes to invite Alexander and Cassandra over to meet their new stepsister. But only Alexander feels like coming. I'm thinking Cassandra had a premonition and stayed home. Either that or she was too feverish. She's preggy by Don.

So Alexander comes over and bonds a little with his father and his adopted stepbrother Andrew. Morty goes over to the crib to take little Amata out and pass her to her big brother Alex when THUD. Morty hits the floor. With Andrew out of position to plead for him and Dina asleep because delivering Amata took so much out of her. It was just so tragic. If I were female I might have cried for poor Morty. I'm thinking now Aunt Nina may move back in if I can repair the relationship between the sisters.
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As I have had to uninstall and start the game again due to some uncurable glitches, here is what has happenes so far.

The Goth Family + Don Lothario + The Broke Family + The Caliente Family - Cassandra and Don got married, Don moved into the Goth manor, and all was perfect. But then, when Cassandra went off to work the next day, Don invited Nina around and they WooHoo'd. Then, Don had the want to WooHoo with Dina so he said goodbye to Nina and invited Dina around. Unfortunatly, Mortimer caught them making out on a bed and Mortimer and Don are now enemies, and Mortimer also now hates Dina - kinda bad, because I was planning on Mortimer marrying Dina. The storyline so far is that Mortimer doesn't want to shame himself and his daughter by telling Cassandra what he saw Don and Dina up to, and that Mortimer thinks that it was a one off...

Anyway, in a strange twist, Mortimer started dating Brandi Broke, and Mortimer moved in with Brandi adding over $50,000 to the Broke family funds. They moved out off Brandi's trailer (I kinda liked Brandi as glam trailer trash) into the large house next door to the Goth Manor, and Mortimer and Brandi got married. I'm planning for Cassandra and Brandi to become enemies over this. I'm also planning for Brandi and Mortimer to have kids, and for Brandi's 2 out of 3 sons she had with Skip - Dustin, and Beau - to hate Mortimer, but Justin is too young to know his dad.

That's all I've done so far. Cassandra and Don had twins - Demetrius and Cleopatra, but the babies disapeered in a glitch, so they don't have kids anymore. But will do again soon.

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I just started playing with the maxis-made sims, Yesterday.

Pleasant- I had Daniel cheat on mary-sue while she got demoted and came home nothing happend, then my evil self made him woohoo with the maid Kaylynn? Yep, Mary sue caught him and I made her break up with him. Kaylynn also got mad and got out of the house went home? Daniel got kicked out, the twins cried. The twins are now bffs! I never thought of them ever stopping the fight, yet the goth one [I get the names mixed up] has issues with her mom.... :smash:

Don Loth- I made him and Nina spend some time together, after the maids visit only a peck for her. I am thinking to get Nina and Don together and hopefully be able to change his aspiration thing and make him more nicer and open up to ONE girl. :taekwondo

The goth- Their house creeps me out, I couldn't stand it! It was dark,mysterious, haunted in other words! Every time I even try to click the house I get the shivers. But I managed to get them a make over and get the hell out

Thats all for now :D
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Originally Posted by Valerie

The goth- Their house creeps me out, I couldn't stand it! It was dark,mysterious, haunted in other words! Every time I even try to click the house I get the shivers. But I managed to get them a make over and get the hell out

Thats all for now :D

Think I'm inclined to agree with you about the Goth house. Not so much about being creeped out. Although I could definitely see that if it were a real place. But that house is a monstrosity. If I were comfortable with anything more than basic Sims interior design, I'd make the place over.

It's angular to the point of annoyance. You have furniture in places that impedes smooth game play. And the lighting. Sweet mother of Madagascar, the lighting! My kingdom for a good couple dozen chandeliers. If I can find another place I like better I'm thinking Cassandra and the remaining Goths will be moving out of the ancestral family home. Why couldn't Maxis have made it as smooth playing a house as it was in Sims 1?

But while I'm on the subject, here's what's up within it. Cassandra just had her child with Don. A little daughter named Hecuba after the queen of Troy. The same queen who was also the mother of Cassandra's mythic namesake. That night when Don comes home from work and wants to woo hoo so I try to have him do it with Cassandra now that she's back to her usual shape. But Kaylynn has been at the piano the whole time and no sooner do Mr & Mrs Goth dive under the sheets than that broken spring sound happens and Kaylynn is mad about Don cheating on her. Um HELLO? She's his WIFE, you little homewrecker. The next day CAssandra bribes Kaylynn 50 simoleons to just go away and to try and cement things I have CAssandra fire Kaylynn. But when I go to hire another maid I can't. It's not until Kaylynn reports for work again I realize why.

Meanwhile I try to get Don to hire a nanny for baby Hecuba so he can bond with Melissa Fancey and move toward bedding her. Had originally intended to move Don toward being faithful but I always play Melissa as the townie tramp anyway. So I figured why not? Did manage to get Melissa over so they could hang out in the school and build that bond. But the nanny didn't show up until five in the afternoon. And it looks like Alexander has a bit of nerd charm. He's dated Lucy Burb but has relationship potential with both her and Sophie Miguel. Who's also been seen flirting with Dirk Dreamer. Thankfully I've played Hecuba through that baby stage. She's in toddlerdom and wearing a tuxedo. Who ever heard of a toddler in a tuxedo?
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