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So folks, we have some exciting news today. As many of you hopefully know, we have a server on Discord, the world's latest and greatest gaming chat service. If you didn't know that before now, come say hi!

Discord has recently launched the ability to stream games directly within Discord servers, no external programs or secondary websites or wrangling with OBS Studio required. And since gaming is the reason that all of us are here on MTS, we figured we'd be the perfect place for people to share their games, Sims and otherwise, with the world! That's right, you, too, can become a streamer. It's super easy, and a great way to show people the latest drama in Veronaville, check up on what Gobias Kofi is doing in Sunset Valley, or catch up on Bob Pancakes' adventures in Willow Creek. You can give people a glimpse into your creating process, or just let them enjoy the soap-opera-level dramatics of your gameplay.

Full details about how it works and our rules about streaming are available in the server-rules channel of our Discord server.

Sound exciting? Then come on over and give it a go! We're looking forward to seeing your games.

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