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Default MTS movie night 2019 winners
A big thanks to everyone who voted in our first ever MTS movie night official selection poll! Though all of the movies had strong support, our two winners pulled ahead of the pack by a notable margin. And to everyone who suggested movies, there were so many good choices, but no single one attracted many votes. You've definitely given us some ideas to put on the official poll for next time, though!

Not that newfangled live-action thing, the original animated version! Aladdin was the clear overall winner, so clearly you folks are itching for some good old fashioned Disney magic.

Jurassic Park
Roaring into second place is Jurassic Park! A timeless classic about a misunderstood heroine who sticks it to the patriarchy by eating her oppressors. Wait, what's that? The T. rex isn't the heroine? Well, fine, I guess those humans are cool too.

When and where do I watch?
Saturday, September 28 in the MTS Discord server, specifically in the mts-events channel.

Aladdin: Running time 90 minutes - UTC 5 PM, EDT 1 PM, CEST 7 PM

Jurassic Park: Running time 126 minutes - UTC 11 PM, EDT 7 PM, CEST 1 AM

How do I watch?
There are two options for those who wish to watch. The first is to source your own copy of the movie. We will sync everyone up using a text countdown, and chat along in Discord as we watch our movie on our own device.

Regretfully we have had to cancel our official streams. See below for details. However, new this year!! Some of you may know, we have a Discord chat server in which our group movie watch will take place. But new this year, we are considering utilizing Discord's new Go Live streaming service to stream the movies to you. This works just like watching any other stream, you log into Discord and the movie is beamed to you. You don't require your own copy of it. And don't worry if you don't have a mic, most of us don't either!

At this stage we are trying to gauge interest in this. At present Discord Go Live requires viewers to be using the Discord desktop client (not mobile or web) on a Windows 8 or 10 PC. We will also have limited slots available, currently 9 viewers per film. If you want to try this, please fill out this poll, indicating whether you wish to stream the earlier movie (Aladdin) or the later movie (Jurassic Park). Please note that this is an RSVP, and if you sign up we will be counting on you to show (we understand that sometimes life happens, but just do your best). If interest is low, we may not go through with this, so if it sounds good make sure to sign up!

We can combine both of these methods, so some of us are watching the stream and some of us are watching our own copies, so no one will be left out.

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who has ever seen such insolence?

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Are you folks all getting excited? Because we sure are!

There is, however, one slight change we need to make. Due to changes in staff schedules, unfortunately we have lost both hosts with the ability to stream. At this point, we are not able to offer an official stream of either movie. Therefore, if you wish to participate, you will need your own way to watch the movie.

However, we are leaving the door open for people to volunteer as stream hosts. The criteria:
  • Must have a copy of the movie in question which is playable on your PC. Disc, file, we won't ask questions. But this will likely not work well if you are streaming the movie from Netflix etc
  • Must be running Windows 8 or 10
  • Must have a stable, good-quality internet connection

Sound possible for you? Then head over to Discord and @ me, PharaohHound, in the streaming channel. We'll chat.

The meadows are in bloom:
who has ever seen such insolence?

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