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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
hippy70Animated photo wall (Decorative)
dreamWalkeringReclamation Homewares Ceiling Lamp Recolor (Lighting)
StormyWarrior8Borderline Personality Disorder Custom Trait (Traits)
LukeSimoleonMagic Is Fun - Practising Magic Becomes Fun! (Script & Core Mods)
AgnijaraPotion of Plentiful Needs requires Cowplant Seed (Overrides)
EMPCamera Rotation Enabler (Overrides)
[email protected] €.$.Cleared Incantation Escritoire from Realm of Magic (Surfaces)
IwillseeThe Real Magic Realm (Community)
CharmingBirchRetail Career — Rabbit Hole Career for TS4 (Reupload) (Careers)
callmemakeA Functioning Medicine Cabinet with Storage for Medicine (Object Mods)
sophie006Adult Gardener Career for Teens (Careers)
RBMFaustSim High Wrestling Team Career (Careers)
nugukotoBaby Hatch (Script & Core Mods)
NicolasLindolphoHome Aroma Inator ( Extraordinaire-Inator ) (Overrides)
nettek00Boxed In (No CC) (Residential)
DebbiepearlGalaxy Loading Screens (Overrides)
horrescoClassic wizard hat [Maxis edit Spooky Stuff required] (Glasses & Other Accessories)
AristoBonehilda Pin-Up Calendar (Decorative)
Viktoriya9429Restaurant "Golden Oasis" (Community)
NarcolepzzzyMore/bigger slots for Realm of Magic furniture (Overrides)
IntrepidVectorSulani Mohawk Dip Dye Colors (Male)
EachUisgeOhmes-Raht - Feline Skins and Eyes (Skintones)
staibuzVilla Immodestamente [CC FREE] (Residential)

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