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Default WCIF a default replacement for the insect terrarium?
I was thrilled when I found a rare Dragon Dragonfly in GF, and then equally horrified when I saw the gaudy orange trim on the terrarium. I'd prefer a simple black trim like Sims 3 had. I have seen the glass bottle default replacement but that was all I was able to find searching Google and CC find sites for hours. I wasn't able to find anything else and I'd prefer just a simple recolor, though I'll take the glass bottle over the default orange. If it doesn't exist, I may look into making it myself...
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I would like something like that too, time like this is when I miss the self style color wheel of Sims 3 so much.
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Your post is really underrated...I was looking for that too!!!!! IDK if it´s really hard becayse nobody replied but I think it´s possible, I was exploring with S3OC (a tool for TS3 objects that is used in replacements and object creation) and I find that the terrariums are a separated object from the bug, maybe is possible to use a default replacement for the terrariums?
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Mother of 70 has one here .. She uses Kativips AL set terrariums
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