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Hello everyone
I'm Makedonec, but just call me Chris. I love the Sims series and enjoy all the awesome mods the community has to offer. I have a particular interest in all of the supernatural stuff (cause I'm a gigantic fantasy fan), so that's mostly what I tend to dabble in (even though I haven't really learned how to mod, myself yet...). Although I do love a good gameplay mod as well as gameplay tuning and stuff like that. Hope I can get to know everyone better soon!
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Hi Chris, nice to meet you! Do you play Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4, or all of them?

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Hi Chris! Welcome to the forums! If you are interested in learning how to mod there are multiple resources on each Sims category on the top of the page, from tutorials to forums where other creators can help you out with your creations. I hope you have a lovely time here

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