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Default Replace Adult-Sized Skeleton With Child-Sized One
Hi guys,

Can anyone explain to me (or link a tutorial) on how to replace the adult-sized skeleton attached to this mesh in Milkshape 3D with a child-sized one? This is something I want to convert from TS3 to TS2, but weirdly enough (in my opinion) when I exported it from S3PE into Milkshape 3D, it came with an adult-sized skeleton instead of a child one, which makes recreating the T-Pose style needed for TS2 a bit difficult.

It is an outfit from the base game without any CC or anything. That's why I find it very weird.

Thanks in advance!

(I already posted this question once in the TS2 forums, but as it has to do with importing a TS3 mesh into Milkshape 3D, it's maybe better suited in this forum.)
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