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ACR did quite a number on some wedding plans I had this weekend for two pairs of sims.

So I have these twins who were going to have a 'twin' wedding, a.k.a get married on the same day at the same place. I had the two twins - sisters Rhapsody and Sonata - and one of the fiancees (Sonata's) graduated and waiting around the chapel for the second fiancee, Felix to finish school.

Pic of Felix, Sonata, and Rhapsody for reference

Come his graduation day party, Rhapsody decided to make out in front of everyone with one of his best college friends. Like, this was such an affront that his mother and other friend are slapping the future bride upside the head for this. Party ends and he graduates, and I (with so much hope) put him into the chapel and he's just, so rightfully furious with Rhapsody at this point that a twin wedding isn't gonna happen without some relationship cheat manipulation, which I don't want to resort to. So instead I opt for them to go to couples counseling offered by the Officiate of the Chapel after they attend Sonata's wedding. I make Rhapsody apologize and them talk a lot of their issues out. I can't give up on this couple, they are triple bolts and have been with each other all of college.

During the wedding party of Sonata and her new husband, I spy Felix making out with someone in the kitchen, for a moment I get my hopes up and think it's Rhapsody. Well the sim in question looks like Rhapsody, but only because it's her older sister Melody! And I'm just aghast at this because Melody is already married and I'm just like 'ACR, I curse you for ruining plans, but praise you for making things interesting!'

So I guess Felix is getting back at her for making out with someone close to him, but her own sister?? Low blow, Felix.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Jasper Smith (son of Johnny & Naenae Smith): While in college, Jasper fell in love with the atrociously evil witch Theresa and became a warlock himself. They got engaged and moved in together after graduating. This is when the trouble started. Jasper is a fortune sim with a LTW to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers. He works as a part-time vet and spends the rest of the time training his 4 dogs. Obviously, this requires a lot of work. Well, Theresa was lazy for one thing, so she wasn't much help. On top of that, she was messy and made more work for him instead of less. The worst thing, though, was that she was a romance sim with a LTW to woohoo 20 different sims. She saw no conflict between marriage and that particular life goal. So, she blatantly woohoo'd a visitor right in front of him and was shocked when he was angry. This was all just too much for him. He broke up with her, but allowed her to stay there until she was feeling better (she had been ill). Of course, the illness ended up to be a pregnancy. She didn't want children and certainly didn't want Jasper's children. However, after much apologizing and talking things over, they ended up friends and she agreed to stay until the baby came. They also agreed that he would take care of the child and she would move back to her evil castle and go about her life. Well, she had 3 babies instead of 1 (Raven, Ravenna, and Theodora). Poor Jasper. Four dogs and three children with no help at all. Theresa left immediately after the birth and never looked back. Finally, he hired a live-in nanny. A girl he had known in college. She was a family sim, very active, and nice. Due to her influence, he started learning good spells and is aspiring to be a good warlock. With all the work, they were together constantly so it was no surprise that they fell in love. This time Jasper is sure that he found the perfect woman for him. Now he just has to worry about finding the money to expand the cramped 2 bedroom house.
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@Charmful, sometimes I debate on even having large weddings because it seems like where most of my hood's drama happens.

One time Emette and Reiko Davis attended a wedding and Emette got a little too tipsy and kissed Sephora Reeves, the one who got away, right in front of the entire wedding party near the wedding arch. Talk about public humiliation ! They are no longer together and Emette is actually married to Sephora now :D
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Originally Posted by Gcgb53191
@Charmful, sometimes I debate on even having large weddings because it seems like where most of my hood's drama happens.

One time Emette and Reiko Davis attended a wedding and Emette got a little too tipsy and kissed Sephora Reeves, the one who got away, right in front of the entire wedding party near the wedding arch. Talk about public humiliation ! They are no longer together and Emette is actually married to Sephora now :D

Oh jeez! at least Felix was discreet about it and it wasn't his own wedding I need to get into the habit of friend-zoning those I know are triple bolters but not supposed to be together

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Originally Posted by Gcgb53191
@Charmful, sometimes I debate on even having large weddings because it seems like where most of my hood's drama happens.

One time Emette and Reiko Davis attended a wedding and Emette got a little too tipsy and kissed Sephora Reeves, the one who got away, right in front of the entire wedding party near the wedding arch. Talk about public humiliation ! They are no longer together and Emette is actually married to Sephora now :D

after I made the ACR relatinships requirements higher for a some of the aspirations that cut back on a lot of the drama. it didn't disappear altogether, but my sims now have impulse control to an extent. which makes the drama that much more enjoyable when it happens.

Check out my simblr

Click the link, you know you want to. ;)
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Got my first squiggly lines in a long time. This time, in technicolor!

In all fairness, there was a modded item nearby that I very recently downloaded that I think could have caused it. (Some do. I've had another one for years that does this ... the creator actually mentioned it, and people have used it for years with no problems.) Plus there was a major route blockage. But it was a little disconcerting. I'll continue to see if squigglies pop up whenever this item is not too far from the Sim. If so, it's less worrisome.

It was an item from here, though, and I'm en route to seeing if anyone else noticed any problems, or if there have been updates that I missed.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.

RIP Sunni ... truly a ray of light.
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The Ramirez family is fairly quiet, and their furniture store is starting to do well. For the summer, Tessa accompanied her parents to the shop and sold lemonade while they ran their business. She has also made friends with two other playable children. Lisa trained their beagle to do a couple of tricks and worked on her cooking skills. Checo invited the headmaster to dinner and got Tessa into private school; starting in the fall, she'll be the first child in my 'hood to attend private school.

At the Delarosa house, less time was spent on business - the home based flower shop was only open twice and Cyd's pet park was open once all summer. Instead, Cyd and Florence spent the summer battling flu, building up stock for the flower shop, and having dates with each other. They are also building relationships with passing wolves; Cyd has a relationship greater than 50 with three different ones, and both he and Florence roll wants to see wolves, play with specific wolves, and to become werewolves fairly often. I don't recall seeing the pack leader on their lot this rotation, though. Cyd wants to get married to Florence soon; she's content with being engaged and wants to wait on the wedding.

I've also been playing with my build game folder. I normally just build houses as I play on the lots and expand as my sims get the money needed, but that means I can't reuse the lots that end up working really well. I started the build folder to have a faster loading game (no cc except essential mods) where I can recreate houses I really liked so that I have clean copies for other 'hoods and I can experiment with build ideas and not worry about sim funds. The last three days of fast loading have spoiled me - I am contemplating cleaning out extra cc from my play folder, but I probably won't get rid of much.
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I'm beginning to get a little worried about Gregorian Exodus. A little backstory, he has one child who survived the Rat Pit Plague. As a teenager Aster fell hard for neighbor Tang Ramirez and got a little big preggers. Gregorian was livid. The good news is it was the impetus he needed to finally move the family out of the Rats Pits, and he is proving to be a wonderful grandfather to young Ramirez. The bad news is he's still really angry. He won't allow Tang anywhere near the boy. Recently he became aware that Aster, now an adult, was doing a little innocent, mild flirting with a man visiting their home business. He became so enraged he went to a witch and bought a cursed object that saps the strength of any non family member on the lot. Now a normal person would have figured out that was a good way to lose business, but Gregorian was betting that the people would come and buy their tickets before growing tired and heading home. So far he seems to be right. But, this leaves Aster as a lonely, young woman. Yeah, she made a mistake, but she payed for it. She didn't go to college, staying home with her child instead. And she's a good mom. But as long as Gregorian has a breath in his body he will never forgive her and will never let her move on with her life.

"Fear not little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom". Luke 12:32 Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: . Bulbizarre's website:
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I just played my fishing family. As it was summer vacation, there were plenty of people about to fish and build stock for Henry's market in my harbour sub-hood. Henry's wife Veronica is an ecological guru and didn't have work all summer, but three of the teenagers have part time jobs, so they occasionally had a few hours of work to go to. Henry and Veronica have had three sets of twins - Jason and Jessica, Michael and Grady, and Rose and Harold. Grady was abducted by aliens shortly after becoming a teen, and his daughter Athena is a toddler and will age up at the beginning of fall. The family also has a cat - a stray they befriended and adopted.

After fishing for most of the first day of summer, Henry invited over the other couples that had been the founders of my 'hood for a house party. A few relationships have dropped below friendship, but as their children are all growing up, I'm trying to reconnect everyone. Henry cooked up a couple of fish dishes and everyone socialized around the table before moving to the yard for a group smustle. While that was going on, Rose and Harold aged to teen, and I paused the game to look at their wants and interests before I was prompted to select aspirations. Harold is very serious with a few points in the science hobby (that's his OTH), interest in school and sci-fi, and he rolled a want for the extra-terrestrial reparation grant - he became a knowledge sim and went outside to summon aliens. Rose also wanted that scholarship, the undead educational scholarship (I haven't seen that want before), and the athletic award, and to go to college. She has higher interest in school and sci-fi than Harold and she likes the paranormal, but prefers nature to the science hobby - she also became a knowledge sim, but with so many wants for scholarships I figured she should have a fortune secondary. Rose left for downtown to see if she could meet a vampire while the party continued.

Downtown, Rose met a count and became friends with him, but she wasn't bitten before she got too tired to stay. She went home and slept through the end of the party (it ended as a good time). She also slept through Harold's abduction, but I woke her up to invite the count over before the aliens returned her brother. Even after many other interactions, she still wasn't bitten, so Henry influenced the count to bite her. She then became the first playable vampire I've had in any of my games. She called the college and the want for the undead scholarship was filled, and she then rolled the want for the alien scholarship again. Her brother came back from his abduction pregnant, and after calling the college to qualify for the scholarship Harold rolled a want for the undead scholarship and a want to become a vampire. Rose happily bit him - and their mother then rolled a want to become a vampire too, and fears of either of them getting cured. Veronica is going to be disappointed, as I don't think all my knowledge sims need to become vampires. Grady also rolled that want a few times during the summer, but he's not getting bitten either - although his girlfriend rolled a want to become a vampire during their date on the third day of summer, so maybe they both will become vampires in college.

On the second night of summer, Rose was abducted. Around that time, I realized that turning into a teen vampire seemed to have ended Harold's pregnancy, so I used simblender to make him pregnant by aliens and then accelerated the pregnancy to get him back to about the point he was supposed to be. Rose came back from her abduction with little change - I don't think anything happened to her (I'm using BoilingOil's alien experiments) but she wanted Harold to get abducted again - sorry Rose, not yet. She spent the rest of the night fishing, as she did for the rest of the summer. Most of her wants are nature hobby related, and she had spent most of her childhood fishing; she already has a gold fishing badge. I'm surprised she likes being a vampire so much; I had seen her more as a potential plantsim. Harold spent the nights during his pregnancy studying cooking.

Jason brought one of the Tricou teens home from work, and Jessica was very attracted to her. They had a date, and both girls rolled wants to do all the same things (a mix of flirting and silly pleasure wants like playing on the couch). By the end of the summer, Jessica and Coco were in love, so Coco will be attending university with Jessica and Jason. Jason rolled a couple of wants for dates, but I couldn't recall which of the girls he has crushes on were in relationships with other sims so he didn't have any dates. Instead, he ate grilled cheese sandwiches to keep his mood up - unless he turns his life around in university, he may abandon his dream of becoming a ballet dancer and join the Cult of Grilled Cheese.

Michael finally got promoted back to the top of the teen journalism career. Any time he wasn't helping catch fish or at work, he kept going to give financial counselling or trying to find people to play catch with. He came home from work on the second last day of summer with Georgia Newson, and finally rolled wants other than money related ones. He really likes Georgia, and they became friends quickly. Unfortunately, she was more attracted to his twin, Grady, who just sees her as a friend. Michael resorted to a love potion to make himself a bit more attractive, and after a date Georgia preferred Michael to Grady. She and Michael share more interests and their hobbies overlap better than she and Grady do; her initial preference to Grady was only due to having known him for longer. Grady was happy that she and Michael were getting on so well, and he and his girlfriend Sian had a double date them.

On the second last day of summer, Harold gave birth to Diana. His motives plummeted during the morning, and he needed to be in his coffin. Henry and Grady took care of the infant for him during the day, but Harold still got woken up a few times. The house is tiny, and the only place I could put both Harold's coffin and Diana's crib was on the main floor near the tv - sims turning on the tv, the baby crying, or the phone ringing kept waking him up. Harold had a terrible day as a vampire, and the night was half over before his motives had been brought completely back up. The last day of summer didn't go much better for him, and when he woke up on the last night of summer, Harold rolled a want to be cured of vampirism. He bought the cure, and taking it filled fears of both his sister and mother - Veronica was knocked out of perma-platinum by it.
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awww poor Aster.
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Originally Posted by SleepycatDSL
awww poor Aster.

I know. I swear this wasn't my plan for this family. Sometimes the stories write themselves.

"Fear not little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom". Luke 12:32 Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: . Bulbizarre's website:
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yep, totally understand stories writing themselves!
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Playing the Goodies. They got a roommate...who double-bolts with Faith. There hasn't been much more than a few glancing passes between them, but when Herbert found himself getting restless, his wife was all too eager to encourage him to find a job.

We'll see how this goes.
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I have started on my new (or rather, makeover of the former) military hood, and have 16 Sims and 6 townies. Since the hood is called Kipling, the townies all have that surname, and since it is a military hood, the townies are dressed in uniform. The houses are all temporary, there is only one pond and one little diner, and besides the military Sims, I have made one beginner in the medicine, architecture, law enforcement, political and culinary career. One of each is probably enough for a base with such a small population. The one in the political career should become the mayor later on - for now she represents the Mayor in Sim City's office. I have never made or played such a tiny hood, so it is a brand new experience for me, and quite fun. I might make more townies later, seeing townies in uniform really helps to create the atmosphere somehow. I played them for a full five Sim days before building the diner; they had to meet at the pond, which is really just a pond. That means that there were no NPC in sight either until the diner got built. So these Sims had little else to do but to get to know each other well. (And it gave me time to get to know them well).
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Toddler Declan wanted to play with his teen brother Cameron, but he didn't want to. But then Cameron felt bad and talked to him anyway. How sweet.

Having a big family is awkward, since a school bus will arrive for six kids (out of ten) in an hour.

Kennedy and Ezra, the children of the family, seem to like playing on the computer a lot. Ezra's waiting for Kennedy to get off...only to find that she broke the computer. But Ezra forgives her by tickling her.

Then the bus came, and I had to redirect Sawyer (who was reading to Declan) and Murray (who was blocked by his parents standing around and then wanted to play Punch U Punch Me with his mom). Once the bus finally left (Murray almost missed it), it was just the parents and the toddlers.

Not a whole lot happened after that, just the toddlers playing and the parents talking. Then I realized how little value this game brings. It's for the better that I don't play anymore. I'm moving on.
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At the Marshalls household, Ryan didn't open the farm shop for the day -- instead he went and reseeded the garden patch. That took up pretty much the whole day, so no opportunity to open the shop even in the evening.

Rosaline had the want for another baby, locked, but she may not be able to achieve that. She's 44 at the start of the rotation, with five kids already, and a fertility of 12% or so. She can hope and dream, but unless she gets pregnant on her own she won't be getting a sixth child.

Lyle invited over a potential girlfriend on the Tuesday, and they hit it off extremely well with him having three bolts with her. With a business and a garden to maintain, the teens and children in this household pretty much run on free will doing what they want.

Anyway, both Alec and Lyle have a similar personality, and being Knowledge and Family (respectively) a lot of their potential matches are the same. They both had three bolts with Rose Chase, but in leaning towards Lyle for house heir I decided that Rose would be better with him.

Cassandra headed off to university on the last day of the rotation, gaining only the SimCity Scholar's Grant.


The next family was the Storm household, with their six children (including three toddlers).

Duncan got promoted to Battle of the Bands Judge (Music level 5) thanks to a chance card, meaning that Elaine wasn't left at home looking after three toddlers on her own. Thankfully the triplets all grew up okay -- no more work promotions (because Julianne is at the top of the career; Duncan needed to skill up on his days off; and Elaine doesn't work).

Eldest Cory is only one day away from becoming a teen, Kayleigh two -- that means I'll be getting some new teens into the mix for the next rotation.


Onto the Stultz household, where Stella is pregnant and has zero chance of a singleton baby. She has over a 2/3rds chance of having twins, a 1 in 5 chance of having triplets, and a little under 1 in 10 chance of having quads. Unlike the Storm household, they've only got one child so far.

Tony also finally had a want to get married when I loaded into the lot. So I took the opportunity and they had a nice wedding, in their underwear, just after Stella had gotten pregnant.

...And apparently Estelle had met Martin Lyndhurst and really not gotten on with him, as she had a want to see his ghost.

Stella gave birth at 5AM on Tuesday to twins, a girl with blond hair and brown eyes, and a boy with red hair and lilac eyes. Named Amanda and Miles. Being the quintessential Family sim, Tony immediately rolled the want to have 10 babies.

Stella got promoted to Unnatural Crossbreeder (Natural Scientist level 8) thanks to a chance card -- sadly, Rylan died that day, not even seeing the twins grow into toddlers the following day.

The twins grew up and I think I screwed up -- while Estelle and Amanda have different personalities, they look rather similar. So I may have had accidental first born syndrome.

Miles, however? Is incredibly cute (see picture at the end of this post)! And as a bonus, he doesn't seem to have as much of the Storm jaw as his sisters. So...I have a major front-runner for house heir. Both twins are average motivation.

Tony naturally rolled a want for another baby as soon as the twins were born. He and Stella have been trying -- unsucessfully -- pretty much since the twins were born, so it looks like we're heading for another round of IVF.

After four times of trying (and me just about ready to have them pay another $10k to keep going), Stella finally got pregnant. I sped up the pregnancy once 6PM had passed -- note that we're still running under the increased odds listed above.

Stella gave birth to triplets -- a girl, Brynn, with blond hair, green eyes, and mediumish skin; a girl, Gemma, with red hair, brown eyes, and a slightly lighter skin than Brynn; and a boy, Richard, with black hair, green eyes, and a slightly ligher skin than Gemma.

Six kids should hold off any more autonomous TFB on Tony's end.

(I seem to be getting a lot of households with six kids.)

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My education minister's house/school is now just a high school. He's hired Jane Stacks Nova as an elementary teacher and given her the items meant for younger students and a cheque to fund the building of a community lot elementary under her ownership. Similarly, mayor Emily Stafford has given a cheque to Peta Kratz to fund a new post office. The summer was quiet at the school, as this summer there weren't any students in danger of failing who needed extra classes (last year Ginger Newson had some extra classes). The school was used by the community as a recreation center, open to all ages on some days and teens only on others.

Erol and Emily finally got their apartment within the school properly furnished. It has a kitchen/dining area, a small bathroom, a living room, and three very small bedrooms - one for them, one for their daughter, and one shared by their four boys. The oldest boy, Oliver, won't be starting university until the winter, Alex is a bit younger and will start in the spring, and the other three children are triplets who will age up at the end of fall (I think). Emily spent some time at city hall - it is now fully furnished with the exception of one room that I haven't figured out a use for. Erol spent a lot of the summer serving comfort soup to visitors and to his family - colds and flu always spread well at schools. Oliver met Molly O'Neil from my farming household and has high chemistry with her - both are knowledge sims with similar personalities, and I think they will pair up in the fall. Alex has 10 neat points and spent the summer obsessively scouring surfaces that no one else noticed was dirty - it fit well with his wants to improve his cleaning skills. Isaac and Andrew love living in the school - they spent their summer playing in the music room or shooting hoops in the gym. Poor Ilene was hit repeatedly by flu and spent most of her summer quarantined in her closet of a bedroom - she kept reinfecting herself after eating soup. She did finally recover at the end of the summer, but her social need is very low. On the last day of summer, Erol rolled a want to woohoo in a bed and both he and Emily had low fun, so they woohooed and got chimes. Their fertility is low and their risky woohoo chances are low (so chances of pregnancy were something like 3 out of 10 000) - I was very surprised. I guess their tiny apartment's living area will temporarily become a nursery and the school's office will get the tv and couch.

I moved a few of the teens that had moved to college over the summer into a dorm. Most of my sims at college get three semesters/rotation, but as these sims started part way through the summer they only had one or two semesters. Jordan Farrell, Melody Tinker, and Dixie Land moved in first. Jordan and Melody were already friends and had shared a first kiss as teens but I wasn't sure if they were going to pursue a relationship with each other or not. Dixie rolled a want for a first kiss, but didn't have anyone she particularly wanted to kiss in mind. She did have repeated wants to phone family and friends back home, and wants to gain skills. She's a fortune sim, and her wants aren't helping me narrow down a secondary for her. All three of them all rolled wants to write papers, go to class, and do assignments, and part way through their first semester they all wanted to choose majors (math for Melody and Jordan and biology for Dixie). Jordan had one odd want (he's knowledge/grilled cheese) - on the second day at university, he wanted to read someone to sleep (at university? really? I think it may be that he misses his nieces or younger brothers). I might change his secondary to family when the option to change aspirations comes up later at university. After acing their exams, they were joined in their dorm by Sharla Ottomas and Patrick O'Neal. Patrick started rolling wants to become friends with everyone but he also wanted to write a term paper. Sharla's only academic wants were to do assignments - she mostly wants to find someone to flirt with and make money, which is no surprise from a fortune/romance sim. She rolled a want to choose a biology major, but I might change that later to one that better fits her dream of topping show business. Near the end of the second semester on this lot, Dixie had a first kiss with a dormie, Chuck Wagon, and Jordan started flirting with Melody, who now has a crush on him. Patrick rolled a want for a political science major as he came back from his exam, which fits well with his desire to become a general, so he registered for that just before I closed the lot.
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New in Kynareth Valley is Loveleen and Camila Oval. Loveleen is definitely just another family-orientated sim ready to fill the world with crotchfruit and her garden tomatoes, not to mention that Loveleen is totally her actual name. Her lovely wife Camila is a Kynareth Valley native that came back home after college and married a cute new girl that hung around at Bubbles 'n Juice long enough to have an unofficial job there making sure that bubbled out patrons don't wander into the back. What she doesn't know is that ""Loveleen"" was born as Rilena Token, one of the last big fish of Arrabbiata and she's laying low in Kynareth Valley after fleeing from Test Vale. For the first two days, Loveleen gardened and Camila worked on articles for the newspaper but the first day they were there, baby chimes were heard. Days of work, pregnancy, and Camila hitting Bubbles 'n Juice after a day of working at home, the baby was born. Stevan Oval is the first boy in the neighborhood and he's already adorable.

Loveleen trying to drop subtle hints about her line of work.

A heavily pregnant Loveleen comes home from a long day of running a counterfeit operation.

Loveleen and Camila welcome Stevan into the world

Stevan learns skills and plays with his mamas.

So far in the Ebonhand household, Savra got a new look and Rock and Roll grew up into toddlers. The house also got a facelift and new furniture to support a bigger family.

Savra's new look.

Rock [top] and Roll [bottom] grow into todders.

My simblr
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Recently discovered Vimpse's Beyond The Scale skins, and installed those along with the regular ones that go together with them (Lilith's Honey skins). I started a new subhood where all the playables are different colors. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Also, I am going all out with community lots. So far, I have made a doctor's clinic/gym/kindergarten, a pet shop/shelter called Kitty City and a single's club. The combo lot is owned by a couple with a young daughter, Merlot (doctor), Tangerine (Education) and daughter Cerulean (born in-game).

Can you guess what colors these sims are? :P
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Default Williams, Morgan, Davis
Watch out! The Williams officially have four teenagers in the house! Moodiness will now be lurking in every corner... Other than that its been pretty calm there. Which is funny because they used to be my most chaotic household since the children were so close in age.

Adam II aged into a teenager and rolled a popularity/romance aspiration with the lifetime to become a hall of famer. Time to start gaining those body points. Emily managed to make another boy fall in love with her for her LTW. Poor Isiah, you were just a pawn in Emily's game. Peyton and Aaron have just been trying to lose weight and working on their skills. They're all doing really well at school and even managed to get A+ on all of their report cards.

Their father, Adam managed to finish his master's in education and got promoted to a high school teacher, where he'll now be keeping an eye on his children. His wife Sara is still working at a fast food restaurant but its better than not making anything I guess. They're so broke they didn't have to pay a thing this recent tax season. They got a grand for each kid which all just went to their new mortgage. They recently bought the home off of Sarah's stepmom. They haven't even made a dent on their IVF loan. But that'll change soon, they're expecting some money to come in soon on both sides of the family. That should at the very least pay off all their loans and hopefully have some leftover to give their teens some decent clothes

After the Williams, I headed off to the Morgan-Davis household where Sarah's brother and father live. Dakota was able to spend one last Thanksgiving with everyone and even invited his baby mama, Emma over. (When I had played the Williams', Dakota and Emma had fallen in love again at Adam II's birthday party.) I guess when your spouse dies (her spouse just died as well) you just want to relive whatever moments you can from your earlier life. I was going to prevent them from it since it didn't really make sense story-purpose wise. but I figured hey, its their last couple of days so why not? They seriously had a one stand and then Dakota started dating and eventually married Emma's best friend, Lilly. The things you do when you're lonely.

Dakota passed away surrounded by his all of his family. Now its just Emette and Sephora in the big house.


Emette's son had a lot to celebrate. Parker and Savannah's daughter, Karen, aged aged into a child and announced that they were expecting another child! Things are looking up for them, not that they were horrible or anything but little Karen wasn't exactly planned. They wed quickly after she was born and sort of just stumbled into their current life. Parker found a well paying job in the surveillance field last rotation. He works nights so he's able to spend the days taking care of Karen. If things go well in the upcoming rotations his mother, Reiko, may be able to retire early once Parker's younger sister heads to college.

Reiko and Emette currently have 50/50 custody of Kessi. But with the announcement of Parker's second baby on the way, Kessi may just live decide to live with her father. (Plus its easier for me so I can give Kessi equal attention) Reiko isn't going to take that well, along with not getting Emette's child support. (He just recently got two raises so it got bumped up )

Kessi broke up with her boyfriend, Logan, since she caught him cheating on her at one of the college campus' parties. To distract her from her heartbreak she decided to enroll in culinary school until she heads of college.

Parker and Savannah had a baby boy they named Caleb and Kessi headed off to her father's house. Its his week to have her anyway but I'm pretty sure she'll be staying there permanently.
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My hood population went from 38 to 32 within two days. Had six elders all close to the end of their lives so they all kicked off either Wednesday or Thursday evening. Now so many of my sims have at least one Fear of someone dying. Sad. I'm sure it'll get better but this is kind of rare to have so many die almost all at once.
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In the beginning of each round I roll for deaths, there were quit a few this time, it was bound to happen considering I usually get off fairly easy. Well, tragedy in the name of death befell the Peterse household. 17 year old Claren, sole heir for the family rolled the short end of the dice(?). But at the end of last round he had married 17 year old Ada Fortichiari. And she had quickly fallen pregnant. She gave birth to quadruplets, and of course the birth was very hard on her and she died shortly after birthing the last child. They had two sons and two daughters. One of their sons, named after Claren's father, Tibalt, was far smaller than the others so he will be joining his parents to an early grave as well. Grandma Vicki now has to care for these three small babes on her own, and hope the Peterse name lives on through Haymo, named after his paternal great grandfather. Honestly i'm starting to believe this family is just doomed to end. Every single child has died at young ages, even the founders both died in their 30's. I wonder which witch they pissed off. :P
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I've played one semester in each university residence at LGU and will play two more in each before going back to the rest of the 'hood.

Laurie Poireau and Gavin Newson started their senior year by moving into a house with Ginger - she's a sophomore, and pregnant for the second time by Laurie. She and Laurie got married, and that somehow made Ginger interested in passing classes. Her wants suddenly changed from wanting to skip class to do assignments and write a term paper (she's family/pleasure). She is still rolling wants to juggle and play on the couch, so I don't think she's glitched, but marriage seems to have made her more responsible. Gavin had a date with Sharla Ottomas (freshman), and they immediately fell in love and then both rolled wants to get engaged, so they did. Sharla seems happy even with her romance secondary, and Gavin (fortune/family) rolled a want for another date with her. They went downtown, and photo-booth woohoo lead to both rolling wants to woohoo three sims in public - why??? It made sense for Sharla, but aside from romance sims I normally only see knowledge sims roll that want, and Gavin hasn't ever been interested in anyone other than Sharla.
Laurie got abducted to the secret society near the end of the semester. Fortunately I'd saved before the limo arrived, as the game glitched on his return home - dormie Gene Poole ate cowplant cake just as the limo was leaving, and the loading screen refused to come up and I couldn't get Laurie back onto the lot, either. I quit without saving and Laurie got abducted again. This time I locked the gate to the cowplant until Laurie could feed the poor thing and Gene Poole survived to participate in a tangled mess of first kisses and new crushes between the dormies (there were at least four kisses - I turned off the cinematics after the first one, and a couple of the dormies seem to have multiple admirers). Laurie got home just in time for Ginger to give birth to triplets - like their older sister, their names all start with L. Laurie's exam was earlier than Gavin and Ginger's thanks to time at the secret society, so he had his exam while they fed babies, and then he watched the babies while they wrote their exams.

The sorority, fraternity, and band households have me very confused; I've lost track of some of the relationships and love triangles, and thanks to a couple of changed aspirations chemistry has changed for a few sims. Three of the frat brothers have crushes on or are in love with Ida Juana Knowe; Helen Wheels is in love with two of those brothers and both love her back but their chemistry has changed and they are now rejecting flirts from each other. The one frat brother (Tony) that Ida Juana loves back is the object of crushes by several other sims in town; though he prefers Ida Juana, Tony accepts flirts from others, including both Dot Matrix and Daisy Wheels at the Printer Sisters household. I think Tony is the root of most of the relationship troubles in town - he's a popularity sim that double bolts almost everyone, he was a dormie before joining the frat and he has many best friends. He wants to be a cult leader - I don't think he'll have trouble attracting followers, and I don't think his cult will be as benign as the Cult of Grilled Cheese - Tony seems manipulative and charismatic to me and I think his cult will center on him (he's also got low nice points). Spring has just started for all three of these lots, and Helen, Andy, Hi, JoAnn, and Daisy all want to ask sims out on dates, and with their multiple crushes, I have no idea who each should ask out. I tried drawing a diagram of who is interested in who, and it is just a messy web of lines.

Also at the frat, Isha Bugeja finally got Eva Besson to agree to an engagement - it took over a year of university for her to forgive his drunken behaviour at a party. They both graduate next semester, and I am not sure how well their relationship will last - both have 3 nice points and opposing LTWs. Isha wants to be a criminal mastermind, Eva wants to head SCIA. Between the conflict with their work goals, their rocky past, and Isha continuing to drink too much, they have a lot of potential for drama. A more stable couple between the frat and sorority members is Bo and Pavarti. They were dormies that fell in love before I started playing them, and they both have simple career wants and cuisine hobbies. I think they may end up as restaurant employees - a bit dull, but needed in my town. Erik and Maik graduated at the end of the semester I just played; they will hang about the frat to recruit a new member or two and to throw parties. They are engaged, but haven't rolled marriage wants yet. They'll move into a small house in my shopping district - Erik wants to be a city planner, and Maik is a criminal. The prison is being built in that district, and Maik and Isha are likely occupants of it in a rotation or two.

The Nerdist household has a much simpler love triangle than the frat/sorority/band mess. Sara loves both Cliff and Hugh, they both love her, and they are all best friends with each other. Sara spent the winter rolling wants to get engaged to either Cliff or Hugh and sometimes to both at once. Neither of them rolled that want, but both rolled wants to flirt with her (and all the other related wants). All three of them are still focused on university, but spring has the potential to be interesting.
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The new soldiers in Kipling have to go to the pond for fitness training on the obstacle course in the afternoons. That means they have to ask somebody there to train them. To my surprise, the good witch joined in and trained a recruit rather well!
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A fire started in one my apartments. Even though the kitchen had a fire alarm (meaning that the fire department came), the fire couldn't be put out because the 4 cats were blocking the firefighter's way. The fire lasted for about 4 hours until the kitchen completely burned down. It was really funny. BTW, I didn't know that controlpets on can't stop the "Fire!" action...
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