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SneakyWingPhoenix I like the idea of opening up the services when a Sim has maxed out the relevant skill. Definitely adopting that one!
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Originally Posted by BlueAlien
SneakyWingPhoenix I like the idea of opening up the services when a Sim has maxed out the relevant skill. Definitely adopting that one!

You're welcome. Incorporating my whole challenge is quite a pain, because of the whole all-objects-unlock-when-establish-store deal. Guess I'll be playing Icad's original for a while.

Here's my progress in Veronaville.
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#328 Old 14th Jan 2017 at 11:51 PM
Started this a while ago as a break from my Pleasantview Challenge. It's going quite well so far, but I'm slightly concerned about how to reach the 50.000.

So I'd just like to know; all you people who have actually finished this thing or are close to the end. How many Sims did/do you have and how large is your multiplier? And how did you get the muliplier high enough? Just building massive amounts of community lots? Opening multiple Business Districts?
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Do any of you have rewards when they reach the top of any careers? As i want there to be a point for them to be in a career like there is a point to having a business and being in the business career, I know some unlock other careers once someone has topped it, Im just looking for ways to make each household different
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Has anyone found a BACC version that does NOT require sim-owned businesses? For me, playing them are a pain and I hate the tediousness of it all. Requiring sim-owned businesses to do this challenge is the reason I can never complete it. It gets so boring so fast. I would come up with my own version, except I have not been able to do so. I am not as creative as so many of you are. Any ideas anyone?

No chemicals or GMOs in my sims' food.
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#331 Old 27th Jul 2017 at 6:34 PM
I mostly use iCad's rules linked in the first post, with several of my own additional tweaks.

Those rules do heavily involve businesses, and like you, I generally dislike playing them. But here's the thing: most of those rules only require you to have businesses, not play them.

In my 'hood I have one rank 10 business. All of the others are 0 or 1. It's vitally important to play one business to rank 5, because that opens the Business career which is required for business districts and expansion. At some point, I will also need to actually play a dance studio to open the Dance career.

That's it though. Most businesses in my game are set up, played once or twice, and then ignored forever. This is not without consequence however. If someone owns a business (and I only allow one business per household), they cannot also have a job.

This, combined with my aversion to playing businesses, and the fact that sims still have to pay taxes on their businesses as well as their homes, means that business owners are often among the poorest sims in my 'hood.
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#332 Old 29th Sep 2017 at 11:30 AM
Just thought I'd add my additional rules/clarifications =) There's a bunch, and they're mostly for my own sanity, but may be of use to other people. Note; I am using Monique's computers for loan purposes.

Open For Business:
1) Using Cyjon's 'Donate Lot' feature, a Sim may donate their player owned business back to the community if they:
- Have reached Level 10 for said Business
- Are of retirement age (Elder)
Donating the lot to the community does not give more CAS points. It simply lowers your POB count and raises your Community Business count by 1. Lots cannot be sold to the community under any circumstances (the community is too small for that!) The main purpose of this is relieving you of the responsibility of keeping up with every business you've ever established.
2) If the lot is not Donated, it still cannot be sold, and MUST be given to another sim before the death of the current owner.
3) Optionally, if the business is a home business subtract either 1 Household or 1 Business from the total count. Just to make things slightly harder if you like more challenge.

Bon Voyage:
1) In order to gain a vacation destination, there must be a business district available AND one Sim at the ninth level of the Adventurer Career. (That means, altogether, 5 businesses, 1 Business Tycoon, and 1 International Sim of Mystery for every 1 Vacation Destination. Which also means that there must be a Museum in order to even unlock the Adventurer Career) Once a vacation destination is unlocked in this method, all of the lots are available for use. Optional: No CAS or Multiplier points are awarded for Vacation Destinations.
2) Bigfoot DOES count towards Population.
3) Preferably, Vacation Houses should only be bought outright. However, if the sim has a high enough paying job they may consider getting a loan.
4) Campgrounds may only be used by families with under 15,000 Simoleons.

Apartment Life:
1) One Apartment building is available for every 10,000 population. This includes duplexes, townhomes, trailer parks, and even small communities. Basically, anything that counts as Apartments to the game is an Apartment building. Each Apartment Lot is worth 1 building towards Architecture, regardless of how many there are, but each family on the lot DOES count as a separate Household.
2) A Sim may become a Witch/Warlock at any time so long as they do not currently have a Fear of doing so. There are no other restrictions for Witches EXCEPT that if they have crafted the Throne of their corresponding Alignment, they must maintain that Alignment. If they slip into Neutral they must immediately begin working back to the Throne's Alignment, and if they slip to the opposite Alignment they must IMMEDIATELY buy or make the potion to cure them of their Witchiness.
3) Sims may only rent an apartment furnished if they have more than 50,000 Simoleons at the time of moving in. This is to mirror real life, where included furniture is often added to the rent.
4) Before Nannies are available, it is perfectly acceptable to ask neighbours to babysit. After Nannies are made available, this should be used sparingly if at all.

Mansion & Garden Stuff:
1) Solar Panels and Windmills may only be owned by households with:
- NO Debt
- One sim at job level 6 or above for each Panel/Mill
- Full Furnishings (if you don't have every room furnished and decorated, you can't have a panel/mill.)

Weddings!! At first I paid no mind to it, but now that I have the Wedding Planner career by lientebollemeis of this site, I decided to add some rules specifically for them.
1) In order to become a Wedding Planner, there MUST be a community Wedding Lot in the neighborhood.
2) One Wedding Planner position opens for every 3 formal weddings in the neighborhood. That means the full wedding party with the arches! They do not have to take place on the community wedding lot, but that lot still has to exist.
3) Once a vacation destination has been made available, the marrying couples MUST go on a formal vacation Honeymoon. Therefore, it's recommended to have proper funds available beforehand.
4) It is still allowed to have normal, non-formal weddings. These are good for poor families and for when you're lazy. But these weddings do NOT count towards the Wedding Planner career, AND these sims are not allowed to go on a vacation Honeymoon.
5) Optional: Only the Bride can wear a White Dress. This depends on your wedding's theme, of course. It also forces some sims to go on a shopping trip for appropriate dresses! Just something fun to do.

1) Dead Sims count towards the population because I'm lazy and didn't feel like doing it any other way, and couldn't find an official rule about it.
2) The YOUNGEST child of every family must stay with the Parents and stay in the home. Older children may move out if they choose to.
3) Sims can only become Vampires or Werewolves if they have a current want to do so. They can never be cured.
4) When a child becomes a Teen you may not change the turn ons/offs for them. For a bit of random fun!
5) To be honest, I've never HAD a Plantsim, so there are no rules for them. Whoops! If that changes in the future I may edit this post.
6) Loans should be paid off as soon as possible, and before the sim dies. I personally have not working sims writing tons of Novels for this purpose.
7) Rod Humble's computer can be used or sold or even just kept in an inventory.
8) There can only be ONE Space Pirate at a time. Cyjon's job stopinator is good for this challenge in general, due to restrictions such as one Mayor and one General.
9) For EVEN MORE FUN (read: extra craziness) I also use twojeff's Triplets & Quads adjuster over on Simbology. I have the odds set as: 1% Quad, 3% Triplet, 10% Twins. I've been playing with these numbers, though, since I keep having triplets! Since I haven't unlocked Nannies yet... this gets pretty crazy. I've even had a set of Quadruplet Aliens born!
10) Finally, College Donations! Taxes are a hassle, so instead I abandoned them and I added a page to the spreadsheet. Three columns, 'Family' 'Amount' 'Total.' Using Monique's computer I donate money, then on the spreadsheet I note which family donated how much, and then the 'Total' column adds them all up [=SUM(C4:C22)] and I don't have to do any additional work. I'm up to 360,100 Simoleons this way!

Current Population is 76. I think I'm doing pretty good =) I've been playing for a couple weeks now, but I don't put down a lot of Sim Run businesses. I only put one up if I feel like the particular owning sim would realistically be able to run that sort of business. I've had a Grocer and a Clothing store- both donated to community- and currently have a Bar & Bowling spot owned by the Dawson family! This leads to slow growth, but more of a challenge and not too much crazy. I HAVE earned a Business district, but haven't added it just yet (waiting until the end of this play cycle) so I guess technically I have more than that but =P Well, we'll see after today.
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#333 Old 29th Sep 2017 at 4:46 PM
Sound good idea but which Neighborhood map will be suitable or better for this Challenge,
If anyone reply to me with a good neighborhood then thanks cause I want to try it
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#334 Old 29th Sep 2017 at 5:16 PM
Almost any map with a reasonable number of roads would do. Make a few decisions, like - do you want the settlement to be spread out, or concentrated? Should it be desert, lush, or dirt? Do you want beach lots? How flat is flat enough? What's the general backstory - is this pristine wilderness, a new planet, a post-apocalyptic setup? Once you have a rough idea of what you want, scroll through the SC4 terrains in your game and available for upload - we have a number of lovely ones right here on MTS - and you'll know when you see it.

This one here is a delight to work with, for example:

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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I'm always willing to tweak rules to suit my situation, while trying to keep in the spirit of things. (For example - I might not have an EP, I'm having technical issues somewhere, or I might want to run a challenge within the larger challenge.) If something is just not fun, I try to find a way to make it more so, while keeping with the general theme of things.
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Is it just me, or literally none of the links to the boolprop forum are working? I tried multiple sites that linked to it. I'm assuming it's down and I just didn't know. Anyways, I found the original rules posted here [] if anyone wants them, the purple text is what the author added, so just ignore those parts.

I ramble a lot, and get confused easily, so my apologies to you in advance.
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Well, I started this challenge again.

For now I have finished 5th week and now there is 11 households, 53 sims, 14 MP(+1 B. T.) and population of 742.
There are 3 houses of baby machines, one poor couple with 6 kids, and witch couple with twin toddlers and quad infrants and romance/familly combo.
Also, there is crazy granny with wish of having 20 grandkids. My luck is that she had 4 kids.
Pretty fast and interesting stories are happening in the town...
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Originally Posted by Alpal425
Is it just me, or literally none of the links to the boolprop forum are working? I tried multiple sites that linked to it. I'm assuming it's down and I just didn't know. Anyways, I found the original rules posted here [] if anyone wants them, the purple text is what the author added, so just ignore those parts.


The site has moved since this... the link to the BaCC on Boolprop --
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#339 Old 2nd Feb 2018 at 3:59 PM
I stopped playing BACC because the rules are too complicated for me to mesmerize them without having to check with the given sheet of the link'ed site. I kind of thought and made of an alternative one that suits my playstyle. As I play, I add to it new rules or tweak the existing ones. For anyone interest to here my alternative concept of this challenge.

It kind stands out from the rest as far as I observe, so my name for it would be Create a City Challenge!

{Beginning of the founders & Population} You start of this challenge by either creating six sims separated into household of 6 per each with all different aspirations, or (which is the one I started with) by moving in maxis pre-made sims from the sim bin or (I have gone by) dropping down occupied houses bin that came only with TS2 pets expansion pack. From there forward, you cannot create any more sims straight from cas or through any other (unvanilla & cheaty) means in that matter, other than moving-in/procreating/adopting, until you reach the goal.

{Establishing Lots} As your population grows you drop in a lot or two of premade houses from lot&houses bin from start to finish (right to left) order for your sims to reside in. [i]This makes a lot sense for me personally, and I find it a lot easier to know when there is a need for the hood to have another residential house established instead of having to keep track and write down If the criteria 'four community lots -> unlocked residential property' as I find that too tedious of a task.

{Using Services} You can only hire exterminators, bartenders, matchmaker, obedience trainer and emergency (or not If you're up for a challenge and idea of unlocking each respectively when there is a citizen in your town present with either fire safety skill or works in certain law enforcement rank). As for unlocking others, I listed the requirements in other previous replies back. You can not use the delivery services of groceries (that also involves another restriction, which is repurchasing a refrigerator for the sakes of restocking it, of this rule) until a grocery shop + inhabited farm is built in the world. Furthermore, you will also have to have a restaurant situated in order for your sims and MunchieBot to fetch pizza (so don't activate them: acknowledging the fact that they simply cannot fetch it If there no one to pick it from ) and Chinese food.

The Goal of the challenge could be is to establish and end up with all the possible lots from the bin place down in the neighborhood, along with making sure that all of your resident sims are applied to all the possible career tracks.
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#340 Old 24th Apr 2018 at 1:28 AM
I've actually been writing all of the rules up into a more orderly format this past week. It's a .zip with a pdf in it. I'm not done- not everyone is credited yet and I have a couple more sections to go through (such as add-ons I use, like Monique's computer, the donate lot feature, multiple birth odds, as well as the actual career section) but I've got the rules done for the most part and sectioned out between each expansion pack so it's easier to keep track of which rules apply to individual players. I thought people could give it a read through and see if they had any thoughts, suggestions, etc, before I continued on working with it. I also made a lot of updates to the spreadsheet that I might describe in a later pdf or even another section in this guide.

Also, I'm trying to write it so that it can be played with any combination or lack of expansions, so some careers will probably be edited.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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#341 Old 1st Jul 2018 at 2:09 PM Last edited by Yvelotic2001 : 1st Jul 2018 at 4:43 PM.
Sorry to only reply now, @Pippit , but your guide is very good! Not only is it very easy to understand and separated between EPs, you actually clarified some points iCad originally didn't (I'm thinking dead Sims sounting or not towards the population, vacation hoods and apartments). I also like some of your additional rules, which I will be adopting in my own BACC (I'm currently at 42 population - still a long way to go!).

One (actually, two) minor mistake: rule no. 11 says that "Townies/downtownies/etc that move in to a households with money are allowed to keep their money. However, if they have a job in an unlocked category or with no positions available must quit immediately." I believe you meant in a "locked category". Also, there's a minor spelling mistake in rule no.2 of Seasons : "It is therefor recommended that the fridge is well stocked before winter arrives.", you forgot the 'e' in "therefore"

Some suggestions I have:
- Clarify if Sims can be transformed into and from PlantSims at any time (except accidental transformation while spraying)
- Also regarding the note above, if spraying can be used at any time or if the city has to achieve some degree of development in order to use industrial products in agriculture
- Clarify if witches can drink the potion to cure them at any time or only when they slip out of alignment
- State that residential houses (not vacation homes) and player-owned community lots can be bought after taking a loan if the household doesn't have the money outright

These where my thoughts while reading it. All in all, great job! I hope you continue your guide and add careers.
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#342 Old 20th Apr 2020 at 12:39 PM
Hey there, everyone! Here's my variation of the BACC rules that I've been developing for some time. It incorporates some of the common features of other rule sets but also adds some original ideas here and there. I'll post a short summary of the rules here and I will also attach a detailed pdf guide.

Some features of my rules:
  • No abstract sim count, thus no population multiplier;
  • 3 milestones as the main goals - think of bronze, silver, and gold talent badge rewards with increasing difficulty;
  • Unique career system that is flexible to any custom ones you may want to have;
  • Optional Sin City rule set for exciting Crime VS Law dynamics in your town;
  • Relatively high difficulty compared to other BACCs, bun rather easy to tweak to your liking;

The Start
Like many other BACC, this one starts with a clean neighborhood with no townies. You may have as many founder sims as you like, I prefer to start with 4-6 sims. Initially, you will have most of the game features locked, including even basic ones like electric appliances, plumbing, bill delivery, telephone calls, building houses and many more. Gradually, you will unlock all of that by investing a certain amount of money with your Mayor. Each unlocked feature would also require constant upkeep, so you will never have too much money you don't know how to spend.

Every round each household must send a 10% tax based on their net worth and the price of business lots they own. If the family is not able to pay the tax, they are either banished from the hood or spend some time in prison, once you unlock it. The taxes are collected by the Mayor and can be spent on:

Mayor Tasks
General things for your hood, like building a road, a water tower, providing a telephone line with the internet etc. The complete list is in the attached file.

Municipal Lots
These are your regular School, Police Department, Fire Station and so on. The majority of these lots unlock careers, but not only.

Funding Careers
Each career position must be unlocked by building a corresponding lot with a certain price - 10 000$ to unlock the 1st position, another 20 000$ to unlock the 2nd, and so on up till 100 000$ for the final 10th position.

Fighting Crime
If you choose to try out my Sin City rules, the mayor will also have to spend a considerable amount of money to fight crime.

All of the above would require a one-time investment as well as constant upkeep which makes the challenge... well, challenging

What Are the Goals?
For the Bronze reward, you need to complete all of the Mayor's tasks;
For the Silver - you need to add at least one of all the possible community lots (it is up to you, what kind of lots you set for yourself, you can use my list for reference);
For the Gold - you unlock all the careers and fill each position with at least 1 sim. Again, it is up to you to choose what careers you want in your game, I personally use 15 default careers + 10 careers from NPC Career Mega Pack - Thus, to get the Gold reward, I need at least 160 (15 careers * 10 positions + 1 sim for each NPC career) playable sims not taking into account business owners, kids etc.

Yeah, that's pretty much it for the extremely summarized version of my BACC rules. Feel free to check my guide for a much more detailed explanation. I will also be uploading let's plays based on this rule set, you will be able to check it here soon -
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#343 Old 28th Jul 2020 at 6:08 AM
I started this about a couple of weeks ago. My founder is Michael Fiontraí. The last name is Irish for entrepreneur. As you can probably see, he has elf ears, lol. I started him out on a fairly small lot that he could afford to build and furnish a house. I took him to painting and he started to earn some money plus digging some holes in his yard. His aspiration level was getting VERY close to red and he rolled a wish to buy a car. He could not afford to buy a normal, non cc car so I bought him a bike which is cc. However, this created a dilemma. The bike costs $34 and increases to $2500 after midnight. I couldn't delete the bike immediately or that would definitely have put him into the red. I decided the next sim day I was going to sell the bike and reduce the family funds by that amount. Well, the burglar came that night and guess what he made off with?? You guessed it, the bike!! YAY, problem solved! He planted a garden and it did OK, good enough to stock the fridge anyway. He is now married to La Shawn whose name was Cameron. She is actually quite pretty when you put a decent hair on her and a little makeup! They have 6 children now, Evienne the oldest daughter, Nicholas, Nolan, Rowland, Herschel, and Betram. So far, Nicholas is the only child w/dad's ears. We'll see what happens when the infants grow up. Evienne will be his heiress who keeps the house and business and the others will branch out into their own households. Evienne will also keep the tombstones of her parents. They started up a grocery store business so that other sims could go there and buy groceries instead of growing them. Their business is now lev 7 which earned me another CAS sim. For my CAS sim, I created a lady I named Camille Neville which means "new town." Among the first visitors of her lot was Nery Turner. I had them hangout until they were friends. Then I took her to the grocery store. She met Remington Steele the housekeeper (maid) there. After she became friends w/him, she invited both men over and did the flirt/check sim out. She had 1 lightening bolt w/Remington and 0 for Nery so I worked her relationship up w/Remington and they are now married w/3 children, Jaime, Anna, and Isaac. On my next rotation to that family, I'll have them start a sports themed store. I will also have one of the kids (not decided on who yet) work u to business tycoon. I also have Monique's Landlord mod which enables Michael or on to the next gen and so on to be the landlord. I am keeping track of the money which will be used eventually to buy a univ. Here are some pics. Jaime is now a child. I don't have a pic of him as a child yet. He is at school and my rotation is on the Fiontraí family atm. The other 5 children are still infants. I'll upload pics of them when they grow.

If anybody sees this though, how do you do the museum? Do I just plunk a museum down on the largest lot or do I have a family buy it as their community lot? If the latter, do I just cheat the money into their account to buy it or would I have to earn the money?
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#344 Old 28th Jul 2020 at 6:52 AM
I've got a BACC in Dodge which is in the fall of their second year and are facing the winter of 1841 in a short time though they've had a drought all summer and hope it will end soon.I would just use the charisma podium career rewards ither on the home lot or at a community lot to have them earn enough money to eventually buy the community lot if it's to be owned by s family in town.I still have to play the Jankowskys on my next BACC session and rotate though my Hobbs family and return to the Jankkowskys after that in a later session.
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#345 Old 2nd Aug 2020 at 10:01 PM
Here is an update on my family. The triplets finally grew into children and Betram and Rowland are the only ones w/dad's ears. The two older boys also grew into teens. I now have 3 teens and 3 children and both mom and dad are elders now. La Shawn's ltw is to marry off 6 kids. I think if push comes to shove meaning that she gets to the end of her life bar and the youngest ones are not old enough to marry yet, I'll move them out w/their older siblings just so she can get her ltw. Their grocery store business is now selling other things besides just groceries. It is level 10 now. Also, everybody keeps rolling the wish to buy a car so, I'm going to have Remington and Camille run a car sales place and once it gets to lev 5, car purchases will be good to go. Evienne is about half way through her teens now and will marry soon. The last pic is of Jaime Neville as a child. Oh and I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Jaime has twin brothers. I'm also thinking that if the next gen doesn't start to have some girls, I'm going to save during the birth, quit and reload until I get girls. Can't have all boys! Here are some current pics:
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#346 Old 5th Aug 2020 at 7:48 AM
My Dodge Community service center is expanding to both get ready for the coming winter and to expand to allow another couple to move in over the coming year.
#347 Old 9th Feb 2021 at 11:12 PM
I’ve started a new hood with a twist. I went through all the careers in the game and thought about what buildings you’d need to go to each job at every level. As a building opens, sims can take any entry level job that can take place in the building. They can advance until they need to go to another building and it doesn’t exist yet. Then I give them a job stopinator and they have to stay at that level. I’m also trying to make things logical and as natural as I can while still making a good story.

First I built a small farm with a garden, orchard and a pond. I put in a family sim and she’s going to invite sims over to fish and sell or give produce away to keep the rest of the town stocked up with food until there’s a grocery store.

Then I set up a trailer park apartment complex (banned the landlord so it’s like he doesn’t exist. I banned all NPCs). This is a work camp for the construction crew. I built a construction site community lot. This lot opens up the architecture career — but only up to level 3. There are unlimited cement mixer and bricklayer jobs available. Only one sim is allowed to be the foreman. The foreman is currently saving up to buy the construction site. Once she buys it, she can take the level 4 job, head of construction company. Then one of the low level workers can become the foreman.

Because there’s a building boom, instead of unlocking new starter sims as a reward, I create one whenever there’s an empty trailer at the park. This is so a random townie doesn’t get generated. And story wise, they need lots of brick layers. So anyone can come take a construction job! The places are becoming free as the sims who move in get married and shack up together.

After that, I’ll start working on the post office. I know that might sound strange, but it’s for a few reasons. First, there are many incorporated towns/villages too tiny for a city hall, but big enough for a post office. In the very smallest towns, sometimes a post office is the only non-residential building. I’ll also be able to unlock the mail carrier and start collecting taxes. One sim will be able to take the mail carrier job. I have the service sim job pack. They can go up to level 5, when “edukashun is gud” will stop them. They will be the de facto mayor until the town is big enough for a town hall.

I’ll have to think about what to open after that. I am interested to see what it’s like to play working class poor sims who aren’t desperately broke, but who will pretty much stay poor their whole life. How hard will it be for them to buy a home? When will one break out of the trailer park apartments and houses and become middle class?

I’m not making official rules, but if anyone is interested, I’ll update and explain why I picked my next unlock and see i can turn them into rules.
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#348 Old 10th Feb 2021 at 5:58 PM
I've got my BACC on hold until I get ACR in and set up because I want to make sure some unwanted events can't happen.I've also got my residents there preparing for the coming winter and they might also be dealing with a drought as other settlers arrive to claim their homesteads.It's still in the 1840's and they've got a homesteading land act in place though the homsteads will eventually have to be placed in a newly added shopping district before too long.
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