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Default Trashcan - Animation Doesn't Work
Hello everyone,
I really like Rebecah's Trashcan, but it's not really a default replacement (you have to delete the standard trashcan and then put hers) and I want the kick can and pet options (they were removed by Rebecah). Thanks to Rebecah's generous policy, I decided to create a default replacement based on her model. The replacement itself worked (the basegame trashcan became Rebecah's), but I couldn't get the lid to open when sims used the can (it works in the original object). Could anyone help me please? I never worked with animations before and I don't really know how to fix the problem. I followed this tutorial, but it doesn't seem to cover my problem.

Bonus: When the trashcan is done, is there any way to link the existing recolours to it?

Thank you so much for your help.
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Animated objects need to also be replaced as animated objects (right-click the GMDC, choose "extract", and to import it cright-click and "replace", though you absolutely need to copy the original GMDC name and paste it in after you've replaced the mesh, or it might not work properly). If you used the OBJ import/export, animations won't work.

Linking recolors is done through the repository/slaving method, though if you're making a default replacement it's best to make proper recolors, because the repository method involves changing subset names.
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6th Nov 2018 at 8:25 PM
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Hi @simmer22, I tried to do it like that. However, the replacement doesn't work at all now. Not really sure what I am doing wrong. When I replaced the GMDC, a pop-up came up: "The parent CRES was not found. This means, that SimPE is unable to build the Joint Hierarchy". All the joints were missing in the plugin view. I am also not quite sure if this is the right way to start (please see the screenshot) at all. Thank you so much for your help and sorry for being such a noob.
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It's possible Beck's trashcan has some changed names and such.

The issue with the parent CRES can happen if something went wrong with the skeleton/joints when importing, sometimes if there's a problem with the resource names, or if you've edited the mesh and accidentally included a second skeleton.

(It may be possible to add in the missing options. Normally it's just the BHAVs, pie menu resources and animation Text list that controls animations. Extracting those, adding them to Beck's files, removing the old ones, and making sure they have the proper resource names and group numbers and such should be enough - but that's perhaps a little more advanced).
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Did the assign the joints to the trash can. Am sure you will have more than one joint for it. One that is stagnant and another that controls the lid.

Have you read this post

Though its for a different object, am surr the instructions serve the same purpose
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Thank you so much! I'll try to do something else when I get home.

@simmer22 would it be possible to edit Rebecah's object to have the kick and the pet options and to default the trashcan?
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Beck's trashcan does have assigned joints, so like I said above it needs to be replaced as a GMDC file (not OBJ) for the animations to work.

Aileena, I think so - but you'd have to extract these functions from a copy of the trashcan where these functions are present, and replace them in Beck's file.

I'd actually advice against making it a default object. Then you most likely will have issues with recolors of the original trashcan trying to interfere with yours, and if you package and upload lots or if you download lots where the creator didn't clean up the CC properly, trashcans are a pain in the behind, particularly default replacement ones.
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Just replace the mesh, not the whole thing. As you said Rebecah's original does work, so it did already have the correct bone assignments.
There's one here ( already done you can take a look at.
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@simmer22 I tried replacing like you said above, but it didn't work for me, I don't know why. Thanks so much for your help though. I'm still trying to figure everything out, as I don't understand what is connected to what, my experience is very limited. I'll have a look at the file Chris gave me, maybe I'll understand more.

@Chris Hatch. Chris, thank you so much, the file works. I looked through the SimPE files, but I have even more questions now. Even though the Eat and Salvage functions worked (I didn't test the pet options and the kick thing because I don't have allmenus at the moment), I don't understand why your file doesn't have BHAVs, BCONs, etc. I guess I am simply not ready for this kind of task yet. Animations do work, but there are more GMDC than there used to be (I don't get why). Another thing I noticed is that the bin is not recolourable for some reason :c I looked it up and found a guide. I'll try it tonight, hopefully I don't break anything

Thank you so much for your help and the file. I'll use it until I figure something out, but I think there's too much to learn for me before I can do that. I can perform very simple tasks, but not something like that
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It is recolour-able but I forgot to change the GMND to prevent conflict with the CEP. I just updated it so if you re-download it the recolours should work for you now.
It's not an object, just a mesh replacement so it doesn't require any of the object components like BHAVs, BCONs, etc. As it's not an object it can't get caught up with uploaded lots. The extra GMDCs (meshes) are; the LOD15 mesh is the low poly mesh used when graphic settings are set really low, the LOD90 mesh is the one seen from neighbourhood view and from other lots.
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@Chris Hatch, I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much and everything you do for the community.
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