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Default Trying to make the liquid in the Elixir of Life recolorable
After reading this thread, I decided to take a swing at trying to enable recolors of the liquid in the Elixir of Life. Since there are two subsets for the liquid, liquidtop and liquidbottom, and they use the same TXMT, I tried using tsDesignModeSlaveSubsets to slave one to the other. The resulting object works, and is recognized as having two subsets, but the liquid only shows in the "master" subset. (The attached image shows this with "liquidbottom" set as the master subset.) What more do I need to do?

Also, SimPE is stubbornly and steadfastly refusing to recognize my edited GMND. If I clone the Elixir with all boxes unchecked, it shows me the GMND from the CEP, not the edited one from the CEP-Extra. Any ideas on why this is happening and what, if anything, I can do about it?

ETA: This doesn't seem to be something that can be done. Mods, please delete -- it won't let me do it.
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