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Default Object has no Build/Buy Mode Preview Thumbnail
I have to place the object (a bathroom bench from BlueHeaven) and then use the design tool to edit it because there is no preview thumbnail. How do I fix the package?
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#2 Old 9th Aug 2019 at 11:04 PM
Well. You can open the package in SimPe, go to the CRES, select the thumbnail from the drop down and delete the line (array) in the box if there's anything there. That will "reset" the thumbnail and you can ctrl+right click it in game to get to show up. (Which will be a permanent fix if it can be done.)

Also sorry if this is kind of confusing - I can't open SimPE right now and I can't remember exactly what the thumbnail line in the CRES is called. But it would be in the drop down.
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