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Default SIMPE Career Problem
Hi everyone. I need your help.
long after the last creation, I created a new career using SIMPE. I did everything I usually did: changed the names, changed the hex codes, but when I try my career in the game I can't find the career with the name I gave him, but I get the name of a basic career (see the image).
at the same time I can't see the descriptions and the names of the correct levels
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Ok, coffee finally kicked in, ignore the previous unclear comments.

I've seen this behaviour where a mod was made in one language, but the game installed in another. What do you use to select the career? The object in question seems to know how many careers there are, but without an entry for the language you play in (Italian?), it repeats the last one available. How are your careers made language-wise? Did you clone all of them from Sport, and edited only one language of many? After several similar problems, the first thing i always do is click Default language only.

Another thing: have you run the Hack Conflict Detection Utility? Is it possible there's a doubled resource?

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Thank you for letting us know! Glad you got it figured out.

In future, it may be even easier to let everyone know that your problem is solved just by changing the category on your OP, to "Solved." This way everyone can tell at a glance without even needing to come in the thread that you're all good now.

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